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    I'm from Chile. A latino INTJ. Evil and sassy.
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    Thinking a lot, working out, eating.
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  1. Last I checked humans are omnivores. So... nope. No social construct here. Although, personally, I'd have a hard time killing something just to eat it... that is sorta primitive and excessively violent to me. So I'd probably die off...
  2. Well I guess that would make things easier... :)

  3. Too lazy to read whole thread, but I'll give my two cents. Empathy and healthy self-esteem are defining traits of alphas. After that comes your personality. Are you outgoing? Feel the need to constantly voice your opinion? If your answer is no, then Im afraid the only thing youre after is childish recognition. Alphas are generally born, not made.
  4. If I got this straight, you're saying I'm acting out according to what I've learned from the media? Problem is...I don't think anyone is beyond this. If we were all full-fledged individuals, then society would have no consistency. Everyone would just do their own shit. There would be no society. Most boys learn how to act like their fathers, most girls like their mothers, some act like people they see on TV.
  5. I don't drink any coffee actually, so I don't know what I could be withdrawing from... now that I think of it, I did stop smoking about a week ago. This sounds awesome, I've always felt more Sith than Jedi anyways. Except for the mass murder thing. You might be able to keep the volcano out of control, but I have a hard time doing it. People like us are plagued by insane amounts of energy, and sometimes I find it hard to channel it all. This makes me do stupid crap, like drink, smoke, vent my anger out on things that don't matter... etc. I do agree that rage is for little kids though. See, this is what happens when you start thinking about something as complex as the rules of the universe that give shape to our current sociological paradigm. George Carlin said, "life is NOT that complicated, you get up, you go to work, you eat three meals, take one good shit and go back to bed". But then again, he's dead, so he didn't figure life out either.
  6. This might actually be it. Although I don't really believe energy to be positive, or negative, but I see what you're getting at. Then again, how do you define what is positive or negative? Is destruction considered to be negative? Why is it then that the universe constantly destroys things? Are not we part of that universe? If we partake in the destruction of things, lives, ideologies, etc, are we not behaving in a similar way? Aside from the fact that these emotions will eventually kill you, maybe, just maybe, you're playing the game by the rules... maybe you're meant to be an agent of death. (Evil laugh) I don't speak for myself. I'm talking about the dictators of the 20th century, insurgents, and people who generally promote fascism, religion and/or violence. They played their part, sure. We judge them like they were the worst that mankind had ever seen. Yet, most of this judging is rooted in deep religious morality. Let's think outside the box a little bit. I think most girls will agree with me that man lacks empathy. Maybe this is the reason I fail to understand some things, like... why it's intrinsically bad to enjoy someone else's pain, as an act of revenge or something. Shit, there's even a scale out there that gives emotions rank and progression. Is this factually accurate? Is this backed up by years and years of research? (This is a real question... I've no idea). Even STAR WARS has been drilling into our heads that the universe is about finding balance in the force. The Jedi are portrayed to be wise, tranquil, yet somewhat useless in the grand scale of things. Sith, on the other hand, have star destroyers and armies, and follow no orders. There really is no in between. That's why it's called Star Wars, as in, the constant battle betwen light and dark... meaning balance is achieved through permanent conflict. It has been like this in real life. Look at humanity's greatest achievements, most of them are blood-stained. Fire? Cooked meat, lethal weapons. Split the atom? Incredible energy, atomic bomb. I dare not say what may come next. Higgs particle, black hole? Now it's LIFE WARS.
  7. I don't think it would be really hard for me. :) I speak both English and Spanish in a somewhat average-high level.

  8. So yeah. The title is pretty self explanatory. Recently I've felt a lot of pent up anger. I don't know if it's built up frustration or something, and almost everyone close to me tells me to simmer down. But, why should I? Why should I calm down? Hell, I'm notorious for being a self-driven, fiery tempered person. But then again, this has ALWAYS been my default temperament, even when I was little. I feel like people are telling me to stop being myself. Society works astoundingly well when people are capable of governing themselves. After a while they might become Switzerland. Paradise... Enter USA. As fucked up a society as it is, it's full of wonderful people, incredibly talented and brilliant scientists, athletes, powerful economy, etc. I mean we're talking about a country with the most advanced space program, military hardware, AI, an incredibly diverse society full of different cultures, religions, theme parks, casinos, entertainment... A country as chaotic as USA thrives on people who keep things civil, and people who are badass enough to do what they want, when they want, how they see things should be done... and then DO IT. Productive sheep and shepherds, if you will. One's life is long, tranquil, a bit more conformist but nonetheless necessary, while the other is just an explosion of poor analytical skills and pure badassery. Together they form the most productive and incredible teams. I know it's not as black and white as I make it out to be, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys on how temperament might actually be your DEFINING factor in life, how you get stuff done, how you treat other people, and what your role in society might be. Hatred, fear, anger, rage... why should we label these emotions as something negative? I've NEVER heard or read about anyone who funded space programs through the power of love. I think these are all necessary emotions that make human beings leap towards the stars (corny but true) and govern our other halves. If life is about finding balance, we need to acknowledge ALL emotions. Watchu guys think?
  9. It is though it sound really harsh. And it is quite hard to learn. Especially the pronunciation! :)

  10. Welcome! And yeah, duh.
  11. Haha, go head and rant. It's actually refreshing to have someone follow up on your conversations. :)

    You hit the nail on the head. I have a hard time connecting with others because at least here, in Chile, people are very basic. They seldom question anything, which makes this one of the worst countries for INTJ's. My ex was probably one out of a million, but she turned out to be a lot more attracted to my family's material possessions than to my insights.

    Anyways, your guru summed up pretty much everything I think about, everyday, 24/7. His words are of pure wisdom, but the question still remains unanswered. Encapsulating truth while living the illusion... just makes life seem like a pointless task.

    The knowledge Acharya Shree shared with me can be seen on this video:

    I am actually living proof that these external forces are real. I almost went into cardiac arrest once as I tried to apply some of the techniques I learned from Fresia Castro, a famous Chilean mystic. My heart started to pound out of control as I focused all my internal energies into it... soon I was shaking, started to sweat cold and fear poured into me like I never felt before. I had done the exercise incorrectly. :p

    I backed out of spirituality for about a year, the fear of death very close to me.Time passed and now, the final test is upon me.

    Dun dun dun!!

    Dreams are very interesting. There is much you can learn about yourself by analyzing your dreams. What did you dream about that had a huge impact on you ?

  12. Misskat! I have to tell you this. Youre the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen in my life... I just want to pour honey all over your body, and for the next two weeks pretend I was a... hungry bear...
  13. P.S. The lyrics to that song, "Can you feel my heart" are profound and maybe universal.

    Each of us want to connect deeply - to feel that someone else gets us.

    What holds us back from that? If we all want it?

    Maybe it's screwed up value system - wanting approval more than connection - at least it is for me. Fear of getting hurt - so walls go up, instead of risking.

    There's so much more I could write, but I'll leave this rant for now.

  14. Yes, I rant all of the time. :)

    I like your ranting - it has been what I need - to consider, so thanks.

    That clip, Pet Goat - was very symbolic.

    It reminded me of a dream. Do you ever jot down your dreams - and consider possible symbolic meaning? http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/

    So, how did you come to have a guru? I'll admit that while I have never called anyone my guru, there were times I looked up to one as that. I thought he was almost perfect, and was very upset when I realized he wasn't. What is it that Acharya Shree shared with you that shook you so much?

    You ask a good question that I have yet to answer - how to maintain a healthy balance, while living passionately...

    And are we doomed to see the world in black and white - bi-polar (polarized) thinking?

    I was just reading something from my friend who was like a guru -

    "Overpriced! Over valued!

    I overvalued peace: Because I thought peace was more important, there are many times that I didn't fight for what I believed in. I have lost so much of what is mine because I over valued peace...

    I exalted Truth: I love truth. I love the search for it. But over the years, I found that truth has a way of leaving one "empty." This is fine, but life, (as we know it) is an illusion. The forms we take, the roles we play, etc., are all illusion. By exalting truth, I"ve disrespected so much of what IS. I've created self hate, because so much of me isn't truth. There are at least 2 sides to every thing. To dishonor one side, is to dishonor the whole. I am both, I am truth AND illusion. I am emptiness and form...

    I overvalued Thought: By thinking that thought was more powerful, I have ignored my feelings. Holy Shit, what a mess they are now. Also, I have kept my mind busy when maybe it needed some downtime. I don't know what to do with emptiness.

    One of the things that occur to me when I make a list of "exhalted" things is the bi-directional flow of energy. I can almost see the exchange between the form and the emptiness...

    Create a vessel made of illusion, that can "contain" the truth. Finding a balance, creates joy.

    There is so much of the "Illusion" that we cannot control. But there is perhaps nothing so controllable as our value system. So much of our pain is based over exalting certain ideas. IE: to over value Life can create so many issues. IF we over value Life, then we fear death, we smother those that we serve, we may even kill the spirit of Life if we get too protective. Never has so much power been made available to me by realizing that I can control some of my illusion by balancing my value system."

  15. You're so right :) Speaking of symbolism:

    I watched a video from Acharya Shree last week (my beloved guru), and his latest teachings shook me to the very core. It was like a massive earthquake just swept aside everything I believed in. Since that moment I've felt pretty much nothing. In my day to day, I'm torn between constant grief and a stubborn sense of hope. Most people feel as I do, which is why they choose to become automatons, so they stop questioning, rather they choose to blend in.

    Thus the question pops up. If human existence is about finding balance in the water, why even take sides?

    On one end you've got all these masonic Satan worshipers who use their influence for the betterment of their own lives, feeding off and corrupting the system that keeps civilization, well, civilized, and on the other you've got cave-dwelling meditators who spend most of their lives praying for the betterment of mankind, without actually doing anything visibly significant for other people.

    Are we doomed to see the world in black and white? If so, taking sides is courageous, and the correct thing to do... But then you're going against the whole balance thing. So if you try to aspire for balance, people will probably consider you a spineless opportunist.

    See? This is why I don't think as much as I used to :p

    I don't know if

    made me feel shitty, or me feeling shitty made me listen to emos.

    This is why thinking is a double edged sword. How can we discriminate between learning something useful and useless philosophical garbage?

    Piss off, brain.

    Rant much?