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  1. Anything that has the ability to be sorted in some way or fashion can and will be discriminated for/against. Even treating someone better is a form of discrimination. The word itself actually already tells it: discriminate (v.) Look up discriminate at 1620s, from Latin discriminatus, past participle of discriminare "to divide, separate," www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=discriminate
  2. How do you guys feel about them ? Yay ? Nay ? Imperative if want to get somwhere ? I for myself have an aversion against putting them on.. as I feel it is kinda... shallow ? Or that people I might other wise know might ask me about it ?
  3. I think it might depend of the severity of the breakup. And if the NT saw it as unfixable. If there were loose ends left to be fixed up, or you lost some puzzle pieces as you walked away, it might be they would want to apply those things... because ... that just how they are sometimes. Also there is that myth that the 3rd function of an INTJ might *actually* be an *gasp* emotion... And as emotions tend to be easily switched from NO to ON easily...
  4. Well... I found it TL:DR, but... (as I dislike reading peoples self written testimonies, especially on dating profiles and those kinda sites... ) However I think the WILL write back part might: A) Impress or B) Chase away It's a gamble, but I like it. As for the first few lines I *did* read : Looked honest and upfront. I'd say that might be the way to go. Later on it appears though as you try to slam a open up a door with a kick and unhinging it in the process aswell. (Might make some want to reflexively jump out of the nearest window) EDIT: Casting that whole "dating profile business"-thing aside: It is only an advert anyways. Most people buy because they were impressed due to other reasons. I think you can only influence so much, as humans are one heck of incalculable/random beings (NT or not is no matter there... we are all fallible in that respect). Should probably not waste too much time on online profiles. Might eat your soul if you do. I oftentimes wonder if people should abandon their date profile writings alltogether or at least keep it short and sweet, as the only thing that people might look like is the pictures eitherhow. Like: Hmm. A flattening-iron. Wait, is that permanent marker ? Oh look it's a panda shaped towelholder. (People are visual after all. And while INTJs try to not be... we still are [yes. letters have shapes... but they tend to take longer to process, and we dislike being inefficient... at least I do])
  5. Well.. Being able to do what you want to do, without being disturbed or interrupted. Not needing to fear for your existance ? While still getting input from people you respect. Basically "Maslows pyramid of needs" in a nutshell. And a little bit of the hedonic treadmill. As long as you don't mess up both you should be golden I guess Oh yeah, or just use one sentence. *Bows, smiles, leaves*
  6. That might make sense.. (however I'm quite sure I moved them along quite careful... the picture I attached should attest to that....) But it is good to know the page 2 is not related to results (what is it related to ... then ?
  7. Male - I - 77 I find that passage lovely: Although there are a few body language gestures that you still misread, for the most part, you are fairly skilled at reading non-verbal signals. With a little more knowledge and practice, you can turn this skill into a strength. You try to be attentive to both verbal and non-verbal body language because you understand the concept that actions can often speak louder than words. This skill will be very useful in your interactions with others and allow you to better understand and empathize with people. .. Gosh... should've turned my pc's speaker on... Not sure if it matters, but I took the "not sure if can be determined" option as a toke jopic... Further things to mention: - The limited options of answers make this test rather ... limited in assessing anyone ? - 15 questions don't seem like much, a bigger sample size would be neat (also: some people learn bodylanguage naturally, and just know *it*, and others learn by people watching. Would be interesting to see how this affects scores) - Oh and: We need to have a 50/50 male-female ratio in this thread by the end, so we can test that pedjudice.
  8. Pseudo Intellectual You may believe there isn`t a thing wrong with you. You think you`re intelligent compared to everyone else and you think you know what`s best for those around you, though you tend to be in denial. Social events, Government, Foreign Policy? You know better or more about things you might not be experienced with, you`re opinion is valid and important. From makeup to computer engineering there is always something you have a higher knowledge of than anybody else around you. You may be naive and righteous about things you don`t even know about, you might think you`re mature for your age and you believe yourself to be worth more than most people. You debate about anything for no particular reason, perhaps to show your intelligence or to stir things up. You are generally very helpful though, and usually know you`re boundries. Relax, you needn`t prove yourself to anyone. Hmm... thats funny... I like to call myself "Pseudo student" aswell. Neat. Maybe I can use that someday. EDIT: But... Erm... Makeup.. nope, sorry, That I truly know nothing of. xD *Starts google make-up session* See you guys in a few hours.
  9. Okaaay... ehrm... Complaint... (Like with all MBTI tests I took sofar). (1.) Filling out test with buffer (which means [][x][][][] OR [][][][x][]) => Rating as INFP [I like INFP people... thing is... I just don't fit what they appear to be...] (2.) Filling out test with NO BUFFER (which means [x][][][][] OR [][][][][x]) => Rating as INTJ) [Funnily enough I once took a test from similarminds.com that told me: Youare: INTJ | YouWishyouWhere: ISTJ| U-like: INTJs)] http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170110/q32rmpuy.gif #Note#: Obviously it was only possible to keep the 1st set of questions true, the second set changed (and I was too lazy to retake the test until it finally shows me the same set [if ever]). BTW: What does this "confidence" [less] stand for ? The precision of the prediction ?
  10. I for one can't help but *immediatly save* a good piece of effectively preserved information like this. Anyone here who feels the same ?
  11. Yes, but that's exactly what I mean, you "play it" your way. Therefore it has little do do with what most "do" (whatever it is they ... do)
  12. Isn't "not playing the game of life" what INTJs are all about ? Most of them follow their own rules and disregard societies norms n ideals when they feel those are unnecessary... Disregarding small and unimportant everyday matters makes you capable of doing things effeciently. HOWEVER: Regarding human relation they have a childlike belief system. Always taking people at face value just to get burned again... and again. Until they prefer mostly seclusion to avoid further disappointment.
  13. Well after not having s.o. in my life for about 3 years... I might have to admit that I "miss that person". Thing is I can't even pinpoint why exactly... but if a brain keeps reminding you of someone, guess thats a good sign... [Funnily enough that person is the only person I've met in the 25 years of being alive that might warrant a "miss you"... Strange... and somehow annoying when you are used to not caring about most people] ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: I think that's mostly social neccecity.
  14. This first of.. Besides... you don't choose your parents, neither do they you... While I actually am quite sure I wouldn't be with my folks much if we were not related by blood, I don't want to rip em apart...