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  1. INFJ, and INTP when taking the test to discern INTJ/P for the lulz. (Funny enough, the people I know typed me as INTP when I had them use tests on me...)
  2. You should rephrase your question to "How can I identify you" Is the less taxing approach.
  3. Sure we're not confusing this with torture ?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unsolved_problems_in_mathematics Have fun.
  5. Ufff... don`t do that. (I can think of only a handful of people who`d ever talk to one again after this.. And those are mostly an emotional mess or absolutly uncaring...) Bring a rubber band with you. Put it around your arm. Whenever you have such thoughts, pull, so it hurts equivalent to the hurtfulness of your thought. Oh and: -Forget what *other* people think about this person... You`re trying to get *your* answer. Thats all. Good luck. And report back, so we can stop rereading this. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: The end goal should never be to offend someone. It`s ultimately wasted energy. Ignoring people is way more efficient in that regard...
  6. Seems too aggressive for the relation involved. I'd be more like "I know people who think this (insert ridiculously named bar) is unhealthy. I think otherwise" => She has to make a point. That should work. @Cak: Don't forget, that you`ll be doing them people who replied here a favor too. We dislike cliffhangers. We need to know the corny... erm nutrienty(?) truth. Or some people (including me) might develop food cravings.
  7. Yup: Ask her (How many "ask her"s do we need to gather I wonder ?)
  8. Then you have two choices: - Live in uncertainty and hope for the best [Faith] OR - Muster up your courage and fire away (little things like that accumulate.. in a year you might still think about it... and you will perhaps grow bitter over something that -from her point of view - might have been nothing) [Certainty] #Two more things: - The suggestions here are only valid if your input can be considered decently objective. (Have you had the tendency to overanalyze situations in the past ? F.e. blowing things up in your head, whereas they turned out entirely less grave in reality ?) - Usually any relationship one leads is ultimatively based on faith. Why should you distrust her on this incident alone ? If you got along well before then this is probably far less important than one thinks. EDIT: You wrote "this girl" in the opening post... So she's a random person you are barely aquainted with ? (I so hope you'll answer this with a no... else I'll have to wonder why this is such a big deal ......)
  9. I second the "ask her" idea: It's always the best option. (If it's clarity you want) ( I oftentime wonder why people don't always consider that the first option. The source is always where you find your answer, for as long as you can expect the other person to be upfront). You could also wait, and see if future communications yield the same result. (E.g. "strange evasiveness") Patterns are usually reliable. (If you want to play it safe)
  10. Ask Watzlawick, he knows best. => Simply put: People will make up stuff or downright lie if they literally "can't stand you". (Part of the reason why people bore me oftentimes.. I dislike fake niceness and beating around the bush) You two are not on that good ground it seems ?
  11. So... as I never feared spiders, and this morning woke up with one tranquilly dangly near my head. ("Hi, good morning human!) What "actually causes" Arachnophobia ? And why are some people immune to it ? (# Note: Experiments with coupling stimuly and well known triggers suchas spiders f.e., have shown that the time to "develop" fear of special threats is easier achieved if they were already present in our ancestors.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_conditioning) Possible causes I can think of: An amygdala response ? An overactive Lymbic system? A conditioned trigger ? Inherited ? Edit: Seems some questions have been halfway answered in other topics:
  12. Are we talking: "A date you orchestrated and the other person agreed" ? Or more on the lines of "Were asked. You agreed and the other person was a noshow" ? I have a hunch that some gender segregation will come into play... Ontopic: Never stood someone up nor was stood up. (Then again I only very scarcely feel like getting involved).
  13. Oh Internet... you've misled me. I was refering to this one:https://m.funsubstance.com/fun/106467/how-they-refer-to-your-romantic-partner/ "The one you don't hate as much as everyone else" However as you so eloquently put it: The correct meaning ineed is dick**** Ohmy... *Will probably recheck EVERYTHING till end of life* *sob*
  14. So ultimatively another question that is subject to ones own point of view. Neat.
  15. Judging from how you word it you probably only need to answer two questions: How important are those who employ you to you ? VS How effortless/taxing is the repetition of said course really ? (factoring in that it is at heart a repetition of something you`ve previously done). Hmm.. Statistics... The dread of many of my fellow students. How is it in your course anyways ? Do them people in your courses fare better in any way than in the parallel teachers courses ? About the "People telling you how much smarter you are": Have you ever wondered that, even if it is true in a way perhaps, those people will oftentimes just tell it cause you get stuff done (and they are too lazy to do it emselves?)