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  1. Wholeheartedly agree... it IS boring. All those useless limitations forced upon us... At least one still has their mind. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: So you recommend getting an adrenaline rush o.o. things one already knows the outcome to ? Don't tell me life isn't very predictable in most ways...
  2. Since I'm generally opposed to any fluid exchange between humans in public for as long as it is not CPR: Ehm.. Thats a nice lantern you are standing infront of. Wonder how old it is. Hmm the light is flickering (Should I contact the caretaker ?)[I don't mind it as long as it is not a "let's kiss till we have numb lips"-thing, but still might be uncomfortable with it] Well. As they say: People prefer what they like emselves like. Kissing for me is hidden from sight only please as it is vulnerability (and I don't see how people other than the person I permitted to do so should be allowed to see that). As for the men-men part: *I* don't mind... but for as long as I don't take the time to prime my brain otherwise: It'll prob. be repulsed (quite unfair of you brain)
  3. Who can relate to this ? Like: Take the others (perceived) traits. pros. cons. and just imagine it. Rather than actually feel an urge to *be in one yourself* (Feeling trapped as soon as someone wants to apparantly move in that direction)
  4. What is it if an INFJ gave birth to an INTj ? Complete failure ? (Also let's not forget that ol Nietsche had an INFJ mentor... now that is odd) Well, as for me the only answer I have is: - To think - Thats all. If those thoughts will have any positive influence on anyone, will have to be seen, but other than that, this is the main reason. (And this is coming from someone that whishes he could stop thinking sometimes...)
  5. And why ? I can only list my old psychology teacher. She was objective in a way that she knew she could never be. Quite good enough already in my opinion.
  6. Short: -no- Long:
  7. Not that staying undetected isn't second nature to them INTJ's in general xD
  8. It's said that INTJ's and ISTJ's are quite feely aswell, that is if they allow you -and more importantly themselves- the luxury of it. I wouldn't say that xxFx's are inheritly more feely. It depends. Saying that would be a brash overexaggeration. (What I might accept is the notion that Feelers have an easier time understanding others and probably their own emotions. )
  9. Well I'm a Capricorn... but then again, I never really saw much in the Zodiac. Even this Numerology thing is a turn off. Can't see a definite Zodiac<->MBTI correlation. P.T.Barnum would probably be laughing in his grave whenever he'd hear of things like Zodiac (and subsequently... obviously the MBTI aswell)
  10. I heard death is a solution aswell, but don't quote me on that. No one survived to tell the tale. But seriously. Dancing lessons ? Anything that requires sensoric coordination ? Can't say for sure it'll defnitely help, but then again as the buddhists see the brain as highly trainable, why not ?
  11. Well, Feelers that are still in child-mode. So they are the most likeley ones to be. However aside from the F, It can be any type for as long as they are: *Easily hurt, *Stressing their point just because, *Involving their ego in any argument The again, the only person to ever bother me in that regard was a person that -ironically- did *not* argue. (Which was in hindsight way more annoying. How do you disprove someone that doesn't even have the guts to lay out their opinion ?) In general: People who just are too limited in their view. You can't be expected to see a picture as whole when you view it through a magnifying glass.
  12. *Looks guy in the eye* Just give me a minute, I gotta poll some ppl. However, I think: "Check whether he is actually aiming the knife at you and not just carving some wood figurines" might be the right answer.
  13. That is a thriller-esque movie I presume ? Never heard of it. But if an ENTJ is in there it might be fun... not. Or is she fun ?
  14. Booster: read your diary (if you don't have one, start one) and see what you solved that you had struggle with for the longest time. (Not the biggest boost, but at least it shows you are getting forward) Decliner: Remember a person from your past.. which you have sworn to forget, but apparantly still can't. Realize how powerless you are in some regards. Mope for 30 seconds. Move on.