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    "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." - Rumi
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  1. Jesus, you people sure do love ENxJs.
  2. I second this. I dislike it severely in men. In fact, there are few things I abhor more in men. I tolerate it more in women. Unfair, I know. I can tolerate a tendency to be over dramatic in everyone but the object of my affection.
  3. Nah, it's good to pick your battles but this is one of those things that, if you already have a history of checking in with each other, it's just common courtesy. Not only would I not hesitate to voice my concern in not being notified of my S.O's safe arrival, I wouldn't hesitate to be plainly indignant about it either, to let him know this is serious to me--because I care. Conversely, if my S.O were to get upset with me for not checking in, I would find that wildly adorable
  4. And do you like them? I think it's fun to take the test this way rather than being asked multiple questions about what sort of partner I like. I normally "get inside their mind" by pretending to be them and intuitively moving quickly through the questions, choosing what feels right. ^-^ Sometimes I surprise myself when I realize the answer I'm choosing means they are more feeler/etc. than I realized
  5. www.16personalities.com
  6. This one might not be for the less imaginative ones, but the challenge is to take on the mindset of your ideal mate and post the MBTI results here. I often do this for role play characters I create and play to get a better idea of them, and interestingly, I've tested as INTJ, ESTJ, and ENFP when taking the test through their mindset. My ideal mate:
  7. My playing style in an MMO is fairly reckless. I play either two handed swords or some kind of broadsword like a claymore. I love heavy two handed swords even though they are slow because they pack a punch. I never, ever use shields. I prefer heavy armor but in ESO I'm learning to mix heavy with medium and light armor since I'm mostly an assassin, a big change from always being some kind of paladin (although I'm also still paladin, lol) I guess that fits my mbti type pretty well, but probably more so enneagram. Now in stark contrast, I'm a meticulous adventurer. I explore every nook and cranny, have to get all the coins, find all the easter eggs, etc. I can't stand people who just blow through a game. I'm like, "omg you missed so much what if there's a hidden room???" That's very un ENFP like, methinks.
  8. I'm like that, physically drunk but mentally sober. I've just always been that way. I have a switch I can turn off and on if I want to use my sober mind or if I just want to relax into being drunk.
  9. Video games are definitely art. They are the most complex form of art in my opinion, allowing the individual to experience the art, rather than just observe or witness it. They combine many forms of art and take it to the next level. In my mind, it's like the jump from 2D to 3D. An entirely different dimension. Therefore, to compare it to other forms of art is useless. Anyone who has ever been lost in an immersive video game experience (or believed themselves to be an actual Dark Brotherhood assassin in ESO XD) will know, it's far better than observing any painting on a wall. And it all comes from someone's imagination. As to whether all video games should be considered art, I say yes, in the same way that all the garbage sitting in MOMA is considered art (I hate a lot of modern art >.>), one does not have to appreciate all types of video games to consider them art.
  10. You know, people always nod their heads when people say reality is subjective but people don't seem to grasp that it implies reality isn't real in the objective sense we all like to buy into. My reality isn't yours and vice versa. Its like we all live in our own reality bubbles, and we are able to interact with other people who's bubbles touch our bubbles, but no one can ever actually get inside our bubbles.
  11. Jesus, do you really believe this? :( ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: FYI, @MrFlaneur, I saw it on the news and felt nothing. I was like, "Oh. huh." I saw video of Momar Qaddafi being dragged through the streets tied to the back of a car and I felt really bad for him, like it broke my heart. You can't help what gets you and what doesn't. And please, put down your pitchforks, I'm aware.
  12. Holy cow, I am so sorry for that. :( 100% true, and pretty much my life's mission. This is true, when I begin to spiral the first thing I need (and usually lack at the moment) is someone strong to cling to, who will validate me and give me reason to look forward and march on. I know I'm supposed to do it myself but sometimes I just really hate that.
  13. Yo! How have you been?

  14. I have no idea why when I clicked to write a post on your wall, lil dicky's music video showed up because ummm I posted this on my own wall months ago. Random! But hey I'll post it anyway for your enjoyment XD Now what I was going to write, is why the hell are you always invisible? I want to see your pwetty face :p

    1. Whoops


      i love him! so thank you :nice:
      i just forget that i'm 'invisible'... it lasts forever.
      until one logs out. one second...