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  1. Thanks. The one I'm thinking of getting at the moment has more fancy gismos than what I'd want, but at least I know it's possible to get a challenging work-out on it, whereas lots of descriptions of exercise bikes on Amazon and other sites don't say anything about how tough their resistance levels can get, so it's impossible to know how good they are, which is a pity.
  2. Thanks. Sorry to hear about your illness.
  3. Thanks. Wow, you seem dedicated! I'm not one for enjoying exercise though; whatever can help me not think about the fact that I'm actually doing it is good. :D To me, it's just like a grudging duty that people just have to do if they want to stay healthy, if scientists are to be believed, in just the way that washing up has to be done, like it or not, if you want to eat off clean crockery. :D While doing both things, I like to have as much of my attention as possible elsewhere, like on documentaries and other programmes about health and science and technology and other such things on the radio, or comedy programmes. :)
  4. What specific problems are causing you to want to shut your mind down? Just what is unhelpful about your thoughts? And what have you tried that hasn't worked? Techniques people have used to try to calm anxious thoughts have included getting absorbed in something that will be distracting, and relaxation techniques, such as imagining you're lying on a plot of grass in the sun, and that whenever you breathe out, your thoughts are flowing out of you with your breath, flying up to the sky and blowing away on a breeze. And some people try to reason with their thoughts, to remind themselves that they're likely to be inaccurate for various reasons, such as if they're probably overly pessimistic, or that they're just worrying speculations that don't have any hard evidence that there's a real possibility of the worries becoming reality. I think some people try a combination of those techniques.
  5. Thanks. I think I'd like something rather less adventurous though. :D I like my home comforts with me when I cycle, being a couch potato kind of person. I want an indoor stationary bike. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Thanks. But no spinning for me - I don't want to pedal fast. There aren't many things in life I like to do fast. :) I just want something that takes effort to use, within very easy walking distance of the fridge and the kettle. :D I think I've found something now that might be good, just within my price range too. And I'll definitely use it. I had one till last week that I used quite a bit, but I gave it away, because I want one with more resistance. I've discovered one with over thirty resistance levels now though, so I'll be surprised if none of them are a challenge. :)
  6. LOL Thanks. But when I said I wanted a 'fairly tough' work-out, I meant one where it takes a bit of effort to push the pedals around so it's decent exercise, not one where it takes some effort to learn to ride, or to manage to stay on the thing. :D
  7. I want to buy a new exercise bike. I'm not interested in anything fancy, like different programs, or a heart rate monitor, or fat analysis, or goodness knows what else; I just want a simple, fairly cheap thing, but with high resistance levels, so it takes quite an effort to pedal so I get a fairly tough work-out. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks.
  8. You might not need to worry as much as you think you do, because as long as skin cancer's caught early, it's one of the easiest cancers to treat, because it's easily reachable. I had the most deadly form of skin cancer recently, but thankfully, they caught it early enough that it hadn't gone deep enough into the skin to have been likely to have spread to other parts of my body, so they just chopped it out, without me having to have chemotherapy or anything. I had skin cancer once before that too, but it was a less aggressive kind. I'm still not that worried about going in the sun though. :) Maybe I ought to be a bit more worried than I am, especially since cancer nurses have advised me not to go in it much. I don't enjoy going in it as much as I did though, knowing it's trying to kill me. :) But still, it can sometimes be quite nice. I do use factor 50 sun cream most of the time when I do though. The thing is though that everyone needs a bit of sun to get vitamin D, unless they take supplements. My vitamin D levels were found to be a bit low when I had skin cancer, which is bad, because studies have found that low vitamin D levels make it more likely that skin cancer will spread. Thankfully mine didn't. But it shows that it's best not to avoid the sun altogether. The thing about skin cancer though is that there are different forms, and the majority of them aren't actually that agressive. Lots of people get skin cancer, but the majority of types of skin cancer will actually only spread to other parts of the body in a small minority of people, mainly people with weakened immune systems. Mostly they just grow where they are, and can cause some damage to the tissue there, or even the bone, if they're left there long enough, but they won't spread to other parts of the body, or at least, not for quite a long time, so there's likely to be quite a bit of time to get them cut out after they're first noticed. You should probably get a medical opinion if you're worried about the dots on your arms, so a doctor can tell you what they really are. But also, you can find out what kinds of skin blemishes to watch out for on the Internet, and then check yourself regularly. It'll be worth you wearing factor 50 sun cream a lot of the time too. Try and get one that blocks out UVA rays as well as UVB ones, because UVA ones are the ones that do long-term damage, whereas UVB ones are the ones that give you sunburn. I think that's the way things work anyway. But don't be too scared to get any sun, because you need the vitamin D it helps your body make.
  9. Scary stuff! Pooping through the mouth must be incredibly rare though, and there would probably be a lot more signs that something was wrong than a touch of constipation or sluggish digestion to warn a person that something was seriously enough wrong for a thing like that to happen. If your baby's no less contented than normal, and has only gone for a little longer than normal without pooping, it's very unlikely there's anything to worry about. After all, you yourself might not be as regular as clockwork, so there's no real reason why your baby's regularity should be governed by the clock. Reminding yourself of things like that might help ease your anxiety a bit.
  10. Journalling might help, where you have a private file on your computer, and when you're stressed, you let off steam, and think things through more systematically than you might otherwise, by writing down in it what happened and how it made you feel, and what you think of the person who you've just had the argument with, and whether you can think of any different ways you can handle similar things that happen in future.
  11. I once told someone who said he was an empath that if that was the case, he ought to be more sensitive/empathic to someone he was criticising. He said that wasn't the way it worked, but it was just that when people said they felt ill, he felt ill himself. Something like that. Who knew!
  12. The fact that you do that suggests that you're scared that just having the thoughts might make those things happen for real. But they won't, or at least, not just because you thought them. So you don't need to worry about having the thoughts as much as you maybe think you do. Another reason you don't need to worry about it as much as you do is that having bad thoughts and feeling guilty about it isn't anywhere near as bad as having them and liking them so much you want to have them some more. You could always just try to reason with or laugh your bad thoughts out of your head. For instance, if someone gets sick and you wish they'd die, maybe you could just think something like, "Oh really, how's that going to solve the problem when I'll feel guilty if they do die now I've had the thought; and wouldn't it be better to resolve the problem with them anyway if possible? That's what'll really make things better." You could even think of it as the reasonable part of your brain having a conversation with the bit of it that's causing the thoughts, telling it it's not being sensible. You could even think up images of what the two bits are like to amuse yourself, since it might relieve your stress by making you stop taking them so seriously. For instance, maybe you could think of the part of your brain that thinks up nasty thoughts as being like a snappy ill-tempered little talking dog, and the reasoning part of your brain as its wiser owner, who tries to calm it down, and tells it off sometimes. And you could draw pictures of them both, maybe in different situations, like with the owner's hand on the dog to restrain it or something.
  13. People need to relax before they can think straight sometimes. Maybe you need to take a few days out to do your favourite hobbies, sunbathe on a beach, or whatever you think you might enjoy, and not think about work at all if you can help it, before you start planning for what to do to change things. Stress can temporarily damage the memory, so once you get less stressed, it could well get better.
  14. It sounds as if you need to take a holiday for a few weeks so you have time to relax and think and plan. During that time you might come up with ideas that make things better. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Also, are there not some duties you could delegate to others? For instance, a secretary could maybe handle most enquiries and just pass onto you what you really need to know and deal with yourself, which would cut down the number of interruptions you get?
  15. Crikey, some people don't seem to have much patience! Maybe she's busy! I remember someone getting all anxious because I didn't return his Facebook messages quickly. I was freaking' moving house at the time! Alternatively, if she isn't that interested, she isn't that interested. So find someone else.