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  1. Do people get banned for talking about specific banned people?
  2. i get your point, but it detracts from the main argument. what i wrote above was said against the ops statement: we ask the meaning of life because we are curious beings. that's one answer, but not the only answer. some people find meaning in life in satisfying their curiosity. some people find meaning in life in making themselves happy. this could be reciprocatory if happiness is found by making other people happy. some people seek for meaning of life in religion. some people don't have the time to ponder the meaning of life because their life is endangered. some people simply don't care. some people only ask the meaning of life when afflicted by misfortune. i'm sure for those people, the meaning of life is to be happy. in short, some people question the meaning of life because they feel they can't live without reason. (these people are compelled to question themselves.) others who don't need to reason themselves to live may not ask this question at all, but might reply if asked, that they live to be happy. i agree that humans are curious beings. but that alone does not sufficiently explain why people question the meaning of life.
  3. It's not worth spending money on. But i understand that for some people it means a lot to have a bigger breast.
  4. I don't see any correlation What you should be looking at first is the people who turn to online dating. Why choose to date online, with a total stranger than with someone you are already acquainted with? Why even bother to go look for someone to date with in the first place? Why so desperate?
  5. Are we all that spiritual? Don't some people seek for knowledge just for the sense of security?
  6. It means you have enough time, money and psychological space to think such questions purely out of curiosity.
  7. Where is brainstorm? Is there really a need to conform to the category? ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Its called humor with a tint of sarcasm
  8. Allow me to deviate In the country where I come from, especially nowadays, touching pets without the owners consent is usually deemed as rude and offensive. Parents usually raise their child under certain rules/standards, and the general consensus is that people from outside of the family should not interfere. (Might as well call it the process of grooming) In a culture where community values are strong (esp. older generations), and where there is the sense that the community as a whole is responsible for raising the child, the behavior such as the one you gave above might not be deemed as offensive at all. In case anyone complains about comparing pets to children, they are both members of the family.
  9. Saitama was not out in the media, or was he?
  10. Seriously? :0 I was taking good customer service for granted
  11. Never There is no such system in the country from where I come. I've always been wondering. What is the purpose of tipping? To praise the service?
  12. What do people mean by shit posts? Any ongoing examples to offer? I see a lot of weird posts by weird people particularly in the dating and relationships section In others I see very harmless comments from harmless people who, judging by their comments, probably don't give a shit about giving a proper response.
  13. Do you accept food from a stranger and eat it without a single care for what the ingredients might be? I call that naïvetee.
  14. i joined like, last year? was it that different before?
  15. i have not been a member of this forum for long, but since when was this forum a site for finding a tandem partner?