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    I really like funyons. I also enjoy watching and making people nervous.
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    Life and the pursuit of happiness.
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    "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Edgar Allan Poe

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  1. I'm a woman, not INTJ but attract them like a moth to a flame. Just be honest and be yourself. Your profile seems try-hard and it lacks that much needed personality. You can sense your insecurity when you read it. Any man, INTJ or not, will pick up on it and either a) move in on you because they think you'll be easy or b) move on because they're bored. Be authentic. The least of your worries should be other women. Don't think about it too much. Just be you and you'll have better luck.
  2. Nope. She's frickin useless. I had her set as a British guy but his accent I could only stand for so long. It's nice being able to have her send or read a text while I'm driving but even then I can't stand her voice for too long.
  3. Wow. I feel so bad for you. I can only imagine the pain and hurt you feel. I'm so sorry. One thing that's kept me going with my very sudden impending divorce is no matter what, life continues to move forward. You either move with it or get trampled under it. It doesn't stop because we have bad days. It doesn't move any faster because of a good day. It continues and will always continue. None of us will ever get any younger and life has never been promised to any of us. Live your life it in a way that makes you happy. Bad days will always come and go, just don't let them consume you. While I personally wouldn't go through with all of the steps you're planning on taking, I think it's important that you seek closure. If doing this is a way to get that then by all means do it. I just would hate to hear you'd gotten your hopes up yet again and she shuts you down. You can't force yourself on her, you can't force her to take you back, and ride away with you into the sunset. If she doesn't want to continue then you'll have to accept it and move on. It'll be her loss in the end. If you gave it your all then that's all that matters. I absolutely wouldn't recommend mentioning the ring. You'll only cage her in and nobody likes that, man or woman. Definitely don't bring her mom into this. It's none of her business to be in either of your business. I understand you were close but if it were me, it would only piss me off more. She'll feel even more obligated to get back with you if mom is also pressuring her, and if she doesn't want that then it may only make her even angrier. Definitely tell her before showing up. She may feel ambushed and it may not end well. Don't pressure her. Don't make her decisions for her. Your actions while not meaning to be selfish, are. We can't make anyone love us. I think it's very admirable that you are so committed and willing to do what ever you need to to get her back, but don't set your hopes too high. Expectations ruin everything. They ruin relationships and friendships. Be honest with yourself and really think things over. Think about what caused her unhappiness. I think she owes it to you to explain what it is you did or she did so the both of you are able to work on it, move on, and prevent it from happening again in the future. Get your head straight and be a little more objective. I wish you well and hope things work out for the better. Please, don't change yourself for anybody! Change for yourself and yourself only.
  4. Confined spaces. I'm hyperventilating thinking of it now. Squirrels, snakes and holes, I'm terrified of them. The 'm' word. It makes my brain tingle, my breathing shallower and I feel like I'm gonna either shit myself or throw up when I hear it. Awful, disgusting word that I shall not repeat. I'm pretty sure that's it.
  5. I thought you meant the shoe, you know, flip flops... If he has a nice body and grooms himself, I don't have an issue. If he's built like Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin then that's a big, fat no. I think swim trunks make asses look better but whatever floats your boat.
  6. The tools around here race me more especially if they're in a Jeep themself. Everyone attempts to get in front of me and don't. I get compliments on her all the time but I don't think anyone treats me differently. Guys will always stare. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: I think it definitely has an effect, though. I see it all the time with people who drive more premium or luxury cars. It's in this thread. When I drive my friend's Macan around I feel like people assume I sell drugs or I stole it.
  7. Yup. I think the same could be applied to women as well with 'feminine'. None of us are special. Our parts sure as hell don't make us anymore special. I despise gender roles and the stupid terms that go along with them.
  8. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Welcome to the forum!
  9. I really don't know. I like the conveniences of bigger cities, I like the hustle and bustle, but I also like the quiet and comfort of smaller towns. They're more intimate to me.
  10. To me, it doesn't mean dick. It's absolutely nothing of importance besides identifying a male as male. It was coined by society as a means to separate and make male snowflakes feel special and superior.
  11. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: The lyrics get me every time.
  12. M, I always miss you. Even right after talking to you, I still miss you. How? You've made the clouds and downpours that surround me bearable. On these down days that come every now and then, I think of you and instantly feel contented. Right when I think I'll sink deeper and give into the pull of the maelstrom, there you are, saving me. I feel your spirit and your love wrapped around my me, and I feel at peace. I feel free and stronger now more than ever. You always make me feel the most beautiful, wanted, and cherished. I'm so thankful that you were brought into my life. While our situation isn't what either of us wants right now, I know we'll get through this. I don't deserve to have someone as special as you, but somehow I have you. And you're all mine! I'm never letting go. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being you. Thank you for choosing me. Don't ever change! Don't ever stop loving me. A xx
  13. Hugs, snuggles, soup, sex, sleep and repeat.
  14. == Results from bdsmtest.org == 99% Exhibitionist 99% Experimentalist 96% Voyeur 95% Submissive 93% Rope bunny 93% Switch 91% Non-monogamist 81% Brat 81% Masochist 80% Primal (Prey) 77% Degradee 77% Slave 67% Sadist 58% Rigger 55% Girl/Boy 45% Dominant 43% Ageplayer 39% Daddy/Mommy 38% Master/Mistress 36% Brat tamer 35% Owner 35% Primal (Hunter) 33% Degrader 20% Pet 18% Vanilla