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    Sup. I really like funyons. I also enjoy watching and making people nervous.
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    Life and the pursuit of happiness.
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    "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Edgar Allan Poe

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  1. Soooo, did you do it? Did you unleash your creative genius? ;D 

    1. holdyourhead


      I didn't get around to it. Though I figure the further we are from Valentine's Day, the bigger the surprise. Right? :laugh:


      I am going to do it though. There's some meaningful stuff I want to get across.

    2. waterlibra


      Hahaha! Awwwesome!! There's nothing like being in love and expressing that love to that person. 

  2. Hmm, I'd counter that it's all in the context. I've ADHD and can't help interrupting people. I don't do it because I'm a dick extrovert, I do it because I can't help it. It has absolutely nothing to do with me being an extrovert.
  3. Hell to the yes, yes! I love Costco. I go at least once a week. What I buy depends on my spontaneity. They've the best chicken potpie. I'm so stocked up on pads and tampons I could open my own store. They sell these San Pellagrino sparkling fruit flavored drinks, so good. They've cute clothes sometimes. They've good deals on movies. They've nice furniture. Best prices on fruit, meat, tissue, paper towels, laundry soap, dishwasher pods, everything really. I don't leave without spending at least 150 bucks. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: I prefer Costco better. Perks with the 100 buck membership is if you go frequently or just spend quite a bit, you earn 2% back. If you don't spend at least 2% (???) they give you back $50 to pay for the standard membership.
  4. It is a lie! I got Infp. Also said I was 29. Oh
  5. KK, I gotcha. I just didn't know if you'd announced it and I missed out. Congratulations!
  6. Meh, I'd still imagine them naked. :shrug: In other words, you'd still have people like me around. #fyourgenderrules
  7. @CacaoPhew!! You scared me. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Hahaha, that's what I thought but I didn't wanna speculate.
  8. @holdyourhead Happy Anniversary! Do you've printer paper? You could always make her a card. Jot down how much you love and appreciate her. It would be more personal cause you made it versus spending 3-8 bucks on a cheesy card that'll probably be tucked away in a drawer. @Holli That actually sounds like so much fun. I've recently been wanting to get into Legos again. I really want the Cinderella Castle! ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: @Kprog Double dates are fun! Have you always had a fiancé?
  9. Should we warn their government now or now? ....
  10. Happiest of Valentine's Day to you, Jerry! Hope you're doing well. :) 

    1. volleyballjerry


      And the same to you waterlibra! :bighug:

  11. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you're doing well. ;D

    1. JuxtAposE


      Thanks, I am!  Life is good :) 

    2. waterlibra


      It sure is! 

  12. No lies were told!! Hahaha. I wouldn't call you a Grinch at all. I definitely agree with you. Lucky girl. I wish my parents taught me. Then again my mom has the patience of toddler which wouldn't work out for either of us. I think it's awesome that you're getting her exposed to the different weather. When I learned, I drove in the snow. Almost killed my instructor and myself, but I learned! I'm pretty picky about my seasonings and it's pretty tasty. It tastes so much better too versus that dog shit they sell at Taco Bell. Hope you enjoy your dinner. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Sounds fun! I've never heard of that movie or the play.
  13. 1) Assholery somehow mixed with sweetness 2) Confidence just about hitting the arrogance marker but not quite. 3)Passionate, passionate, passionate! 4) Sarcastic 5) Sick and twisted sense of humor 6) Sexy smile 7) Deep, mesmerizing eyes 8) Will call me out on my shit 9) Embraces that they're a sex fiend 10) Isn't a dud
  14. For me, it's just one more extra day of expressing my love and gratitude to my loved ones. Every day's Valentine's Day in my head. Are you teaching your teen? Tacos sound awesome! Have you tried the Taco Bell seasoning? It's soooo good. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: LOL! Embrass the temporary suckage.