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  1. I'm passing and saying hello :wave:...and at the same time do not take wrong what I said before because it may sound out of context lol

    Sometimes I take everything in a bad way I have a little problems recently but I'm calm and I hope you and relatives are well.


  2. If they are being endearing and it's pushing your buttons, tell them so. Who cares if someone cops some feels. The point is you air the issue, determine if they are worth your time. Particularly if it's playing with your head, given you don't frequent their company often. Their reaction should make it clear whether they make your Christmas card list.
  3. Blessings... For starters haven't you already had an intro thread prior to this? If not, my bad. Direct your questions to the Dating/Relationship thread. Foot traffic relating to specific responses are more inclined to be answered in that thread. On the topic at hand, directness to tell him "it's not him it's you"...may prevent a storm in a tea cup.
  4. Blessings Jessica.... Welcome to INTJf...The extroverts here don't always bite. Enjoy!
  5. Quite true of the ENTJ. Alot of mature INTJ's morph into extroverts when the situation is called for, we're good like that. Blessings Guessed.... Welcome to the mix!
  6. Blessings Wyatt..... Being Indigenous, culturally I lean more toward the spiritual. I don't approve of any religion being force fed down people's throats, particularly the young. I look forward to your blog, enjoy your time here!
  7. ^^agree. Yep the first child is notoriously known to result in a longer labour. My first child's labour was 16+ hours....my husband and my twin sister looked how I mentally felt. My husband started losing his shit at the doctor's to do something (at this point I was crying silent tears, the exhaustion was getting the better of me) and my husband went into "top gear" and got incredibly vocal at the specialist. So the labour was "artificially" brought on and it was all GO from there. I did have an epidural about an hour after the doctor's intervention as the labour was accelerated and I felt less in control as a result. Unfortunately for me the epidural slowed down the labour process...so I was told to rest a little and proceed from there. *Yay....I'm high and tired and still no baby! The moment our baby was crowning, the epidural had worn off (husband is still traumatized at the size of the epidural "needle") and my brother-in-law walks into the room. I tell him "take a front row seat, it's not like you haven't seen this before!". My twin sister had an emergency c-section with her first child, so that front row just needed the paparazzi. Our mid-wife went to cut the umbilical cord and like a rugby player in a scrum, my husband "bumps" her aside and I hear him chime...."move aside, I got this!". He cut the cord for our next baby and delivered our last baby. I love this man!!!! My two subsequent births were more about going with the flow and as a result felt incredibly empowering and that's not cos I'm a baddass, it's more about my husband stoically holding my hand, looking into my eyes when I doubted my strength and ultimately being mutually blown away by what we had created. C-sections take waaay longer to recover than natural births. I was out of the hospital the next day, where as my twin sister who had only c-sections with her 3 children, was laid up in hospital for under a week and even had an encounter with infection of her stitches. Best wishes, Cak
  8. Blessings Sakimi.... Creating your own blog is free *thanks Jez (BOSS of the forum). Your post count would have to be over 15+ to at least view existing blogs...so I'm guessing that's also the requirement for creating one also. Enjoy your time here!
  9. @Nemesis LOL! Blessings Ed, Hope to see you around more, enjoy!
  10. Blessings... Welcome and enjoy your time here!
  11. Blessings....KWeaver Stroll on over to the Personality threads, you will attract more responses. Enjoy!
  12. I relish, my space. My husband understands this only too well *bless his hol-ey socks. I love riding public transport, particularly trains...not so much when it's crowded, but it's a reality at peak times....I will always give my seat to someone heavily pregnant or the elderly....otherwise it's business as usual.
  13. Blessings, Fledgling.... Welcome and enjoy your time here!