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  1. @Viviane Dallas & his homecrew are awesome. Kiwi music
  2. Good things on the horizon, My Love... We are going to S L A Y. You are my Champion. I Love You, T xxx
  3. My husband's beard is glorious, I lurvvvv it!
  4. You are not required to set yourself on fire, to keep other people warm.
  5. Putting your best foot forward and being the best version of yourself, helps accomplish *both*
  6. Awesome things have turned around for you. Hope that trip to the zoo is on the cards soon, great place for your camera.
  7. Blessings Ray.... Welcome!
  8. Blessings SChristoff.... Enjoy the forum!
  9. Blessings MShadow.... Enjoy and Welcome to the mix!
  10. ^^^Why are you using my Homies tagline @Neus Blessings EvilDave... Welcome!
  11. Blessings Auwren... Welcome to the fold, Enjoy!
  12. Blessings Heavy... Hit up the Sociology threads, you should find some threads that tickle your fancy. Enjoy & Welcome!
  13. Back at cha' Beautiful
  14. The L O V E R S are glad your staying put. Mwwwahhhh @Distance xxx
  15. It's all interpretation...who do you consider the rebel, enfant terrible in the harem @Whoops S P I L L itttttttttt!