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  1. Blessings... Love the username! You've been through some shit but have re-aligned your focus....BOSS! Good luck with your studies and potential career in IT. Enjoy!
  2. Blessings.... No loss. You mentioned you get along mostly with all your family, except for your cousin. Like @toki says...move on...and just be you. Enjoy the forum!
  3. Blessings GreenRecluse.... Your Art Nouveau/Mucha-esque avatar is cool! I suggest checking out the Sociology thread...a diverse enough variety of anecdotes to soak up and study. Enjoy!
  4. Blessings.... Lots of material for your assignment, here on the forum. Enjoy!
  5. For you and the Boys....



  6. Yup. Concerning Dr Dre and Jay Z, the earlier stuff is more memorable to me and like Puff Daddy...I just think designer digs, not much else *shrugs Each to their own
  7. Butterfly P.....*for you*
  8. Jalex told me about this...and I loved it:
  9. Have you seen REC 2007? ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Moonlight This year's Drama Golden Globe Winner: Told in 3 chapters, the power of this movie is in how it strips all its characters of cliches, even if the situations they face have been seen in cinema many times before.
  10. ...... added to this post 25 minutes later: The following theme wise is so-so, compared to yours but it made me nostalgic for these two songs: New Zealand Rapper Scribe: (video quality is the pits but it's a classic from back in the day) Australian Hip Hop Artist Matt Colwell:
  11. I thought this thread was about WHY you needed a cold shower.... *saltbae showering the lurrv
  12. Blessings..... Agree with @El Cas The sociology thread will be useful also. Welcome, Fledgling
  13. Blessings.... @Aunty Dee Dee is on the money. A lot of other females here to engage with. @LongitudeThrust might be the new unofficial thread archivist, courtesy of the "Honey, I'm Home!" Committee. Enjoy!
  14. Blessings.... Awkward is like diarrhoea here, sometimes it creates a stink and a probable shitstorm is created....observe Political/Current Events *take popcorn. Enjoy the forum!