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  1. Blessings.... I reckon INTP. Welcome to the mix!
  2. Blessings Luna! OneLove to you too
  3. Blessings...Kant! *Giggling* cos your username, spoken in a New Zealand accent, means something entirely different. Welcome to the forum, kudos to you for harnessing the registration drama.
  4. No offence taken *we good* I can't speak for everyone, but I'm BLESSED. I almost died at birth, survived a car crash, had THREE kids when I was certain I wouldn't be able to have any. The list is vast. If cynicism creeps into my life, I try to have a positive spin. After all...my kids look up to me and it's my duty to empower them any way I can. I rarely do *pity party* If life gets hairy, I at least have my kids & my adoring husband to remind me to "SORT MY SHIT OUT!". Like I said prior, MBTI doesn't factor into everything that I am. Being Indigenous (NZ Māori) helps me tame the ego that creeps out, concerning my INTJ-ness. I become more "WE" instead of "ME". Which is clearly more healthy. ^^^all the brain boxes can flex their emotional intelligence and kick start that awareness to the greater good of EVERYONE. Just sayin'
  5. "Your still a Fucka.....To Meeeeee!"
  6. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later:
  7. @Janus 911 I see you have reached your allocated number. If in the future, you decide to do more readings, by all means...I'm keen to be added to the list. Blessings
  8. My tastes are eclectic. Too many favourites to mention. @Madden I enjoyed your selection also. Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Proserpine: Jean-Michel Basquiat - Scull:
  9. Blessings Lonetree.... Welcome!
  10. re: movie pics... yep, that's what i was thinking too, though more the "chains" thing, and just didn't feel like contributing

    1. zeroemission


      i probably won't be around much after wednesday night. i just told my internet provider to stick it after they raised my access for $40 to $57 and when i cancelled that, they thought they were going to raise my barely used phone from $20 to $55 and i told 'em to stick that too.

    2. Neoaves



      Hope it's not too long, Z!!! :cry:

      That sucks man...I hope you find a new IP real soon!!!! 


      :tears::tears::tears:Suck, suck, suck-eeeee :heart:

  11. 1930's Vision of the Future:
  12. Blessings..... Welcome and enjoy, KC!
  13. Blessings..... Welcome, scissors!