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  1. Kind of entitled lyrics but still like this as a song.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0HQ913L5I4 ^ Reminds me of Led Zeppelin somehow. Maybe the musical style combined with the intensitiy and devotion?
  3. I can't match that. When @Mikk's parents saw the social anxiety broadcast on national TV though they decided to switch countries in order to give him the chance of growing up as a socially sound individual.
  4. I'm thinking it'd depend on the size of the glass.
  5. I'd probably smile at him!
  6. Someone who displays a spectrum of preferable behaviours in well-balanced proportions.
  7. Ajattara has gotten back together. I didn't like the first song of the new album, but let's see about the rest. It'll be released in May. Here's one of their previous songs.
  8. Aha. And what are those "sensor sounding" first thoughts that you avoid stating and why do you aviod stating them?
  9. What are the things you identify with for each of these different types? I.e. state your reasons for why you think they fit.
  10. Aha. What are the types you have considered for yourself this far?
  11. ^ What makes you put the bolded sentence down to Ti instead of for example Fi or Fe? As for typing you, you seem like an interesting case but I have unfortunately only read a few of your posts so I don't have a 'feel' of you yet.
  12. Oh AND you're INFJ? This will be fun.

    1. GreyCrow


      Why does the INFJ make it more fun? :laugh:

  13. Could you elaborate on what you mean by 'ENFJ's, ESFJ's, INFJ's and ISFJ's are always uncomfortable and uncertain in these situations'?