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  1. The cuddles. Also, endless conversations.
  2. A few thoughts from a nonpsychologist here. This might be my lack of language skills but what exactly do you mean by wanting to communicate insights in a compelling way? As every person is different, I guess it can be tricky to know how people will react in advance. The safer way would probably be to get to know the person you're working with first and to win their trust before proceeding further. In that way, in case you end up saying sth a little too forward, chances are they'll stick around as they have an overall good feeling of you. Trial and error is a good way of practicing people skills in my opinion. Closely watching how people react to different sorts of topics and questions helps with getting a good finger tip feel of in what way/how soon might be a good way to proceed or back off. There will be a bunch of people who will prefer a less touchy-feely therapist/psychologist, and you already have a good mindset in wanting to perfection your people skills and your approach to the ppl you'll be working with. Good luck!
  3. I'll turn your blue balls into bruised balls.
  4. I'll make you melt in no time!
  5. Playful Inventive Rhythmic (tumbleweed )
  6. Ehrm, I'll have to think about it. He probably knows a Swedish thing or two by now.
  7. So... Once you're done with Nemesis I'd like to invite you to some Swedish activities.
  8. Welcome, lurker!
  9. I'd think she is interested in talking about what love really is in an ontological sense. Depending on body language and how the question was phrased and other context related stuff I might also think a lot of other things.
  10. To my understanding depression often makes you feel less, not more, so in this sense successfully beating it (which is harder done than said) would typically give you a wider spectrum of emotions for your poetry.
  11. There are not many albums I've listened to in their entirety. A few favourites: Led Zeppelin's Coda The LP from the Hair musical Ajattara has several good albums but the most unusual one is the acoustic dark metal one called Noitumaa - (for those into the weirder end of the average spectrum ) And lastly the first "grown-up" music album I started listening to as a kid was a pirate version of some of the greatest hits of Bryan Adams bought in Tallinn (capital of Estonia) and it still has a special place in my heart
  12. Nah. It does speak to my soul though. So it definitely resonates with me.
  13. Viviane likes birds as well. Cool garden, many places to do some perching. You're getting a bbq for two by a chef.
  14. A sailing trip to an island inhabited only by birds.