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  1. "Don't shove it in our face," is something I've heard multiple times recently and many times in the past on the subject of 'gay pride' events. It got me wondering. I've never actually seen anyone literally shove their junk in someone's face, and I've been to some of these events, unlike most of the people I hear this from, who I figure are expressing an opinion absorbed from their peers rather that direct experience. For example, There are far greater beerfests, art/music festivals done in public in my area (Portland, OR), yet I've never ever heard anyone say, "Don't shove your beer in our face," even from people who don't drink. So why the resistance to gay events in particular, while others are accepted? One obvious answer homophobia, though I also suspect it has to do with a kind of puritan fear of nudity and human sexuality in general, the idea of sin. However, sex and sexuality is a prominent feature in our media and is very, "in our face," yet I've almost never heard someone say that about TV. It is particularly homosexuality that needs to be tucked away, while heterosexuality is to a great degree allowed in public. So it seems the reason is more homophobia in particular than just a fear of sex in general. The ironic part about this whole situation is the only reason a gay pride event exists is to counter its resistance. If it were not for homophobia, there would be no grand gay pride events in the street, it would just be on tv like everything else.
  2. For me, when I try to "understand" feelings, it really just means I want to relate them to other people's feelings. I think it's natural to desire this kind of connection. However I don't think our societal structure supports it very well. So you're best off learning to thrive alone without it.
  3. I'm pretty sure the lesson here is, "Don't be ESTP on INTJf."
  4. That's shits deep, for real, but to me it's really simple. Examine any other living organism we know of, it tends towards that which it finds resourceful and avoids that which harms it. We are the same, our tendencies are geared toward that which has been resourceful to our ancestors. Are we happy? To some degree I think that depends on what we are programmed to interpret as quality of life. To another degree, I think no. At least, I do not think I am truly happy.
  5. I live as a woman by socially cutting off anyone who dares to wonder such things.
  6. I only read the first couple sentences and have decided that I shall reply: "Well maybe you're a fucking loser." But forgive me. You're probably pretty cool. Just fuck all those guys who don't respect you. The whole man to man respect deal in the US (assuming you are) is homoerotic in nature, so don't even worry about it. Just know deep down that you could kill any of them at a moments notice, and you have respect from me.
  7. welcome! back.

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  8. Lemons and wine.
  9. Perfume is disgusting. Honestly body odor is less bothersome than most perfumes.
  10. To my understanding, "snowflake," is a slang term used by straight white christian conservative men to refer to their anuses. Hence the debate at hand, whether it is appropriate or not to protect your anus.
  11. If this was the premise of a movie, I wouldn't watch it. If it really happened, I would say we just find a way to prevent undead babies from rising. Grind em up, burn em, I don't know.
  12. For me, when I don't want to engage socially, it's usually because I have little to no knowledge of the subject matter, and I don't want to appear ignorant, or I don't want to clutter the air with whatever unknowledgeable things I have to say. The second most common thing is just that I disagree with whatever is being said, and don't care to enter an argument (like confronting racism). In the first case, I like to listen to gain knowledge. Alcohol will help me not be so reserved and show my ignorance and ask questions. I end up gaining more knowledge by doing so. Other than that, alcohol allows me to tell people how stupid I think their celebrity crushes are. Some will like me for it and some won't. I guess it's better in the long run to identify who i get along with well and who I don't. It all seems to point to me wanting to get along and have peace with everyone, which ultimately just makes me less genuine in my expression.
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