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  1. No, actually I make a lot more than him. No children.... he never wanted kids.... though I did at one point. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: Yes, I am into him... he is a good looking man & fit for his age.
  2. Yes, he is great with anniversary, birthday etc.... This has been an issue our whole relationship, where it was OK for him to speak with ex - girlfriends, but I had to stop speaking to anyone I ever dated before. Though we were still friends. I try.... but it is almost like he is not interested. I am... LOL Maybe he is just not that into me anymore?? We used to have a great sex life, now it is like I have to beg for it.
  3. Yes, red flags are a warning. When we met I was 17 years old. Not saying he is a bad person, but I have a feeling he is not loyal to me anymore. When I bring it up, he says you know I love you. Not sure, if he loves me or what I can provide to the relationship.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. Ok, so my Husband has this habit of saying things to other women on Facebook, that I find disrespectful to me. Like calling women babe or talking about the way they look. Aka flirting. He does not have himself as married on his profile either. I actually had one girl message me and say, we need to talk, I did not know he was married. Stated they lived in the same neighborhood together when they were younger. I found out he was having chats with her and she was sending him nude photos, videos and talking on the phone. We have been together for thirty years and I sincerely love him, but his behavior makes me feel horrible. He says he was finished with her, but I continue to see odd behavior. Staying out all night at hotels etc... I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression, so I know this is not good for me, but I just don't seem to have the guts to end it. We are like best friends and with the years together, it is making it very tough on me to walk away. We did split in 2013 for eight months and he hooked up with an old girlfriend. I had no relationship with anyone during that time. I feel like I am frozen....
  6. Never went to a prom either. Funny how many of us have not! Nor, did we care to.
  7. Stuffed Peppers & Mashed Potatoes...
  8. I treat my Dog like she is my baby, so I treat her better than I treat most humans. Even my Step Mother says I treat my pets better than her. Sad, but true... humans tend to exhaust me and drain the energy out of me. Not all, but many.
  9. Mojo Pork Roast, Black Beans & Rice, veggie... snicker doodle bars for dessert.
  10. A Cannoli w/ powdered sugar and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.
  11. Roasted Chicken w/ gravy, scalloped potatoes and some type of veggie.
  12. G2 Gatorade - Grape
  13. Captain Morgan & Diet Coke
  14. Warrior, your Wife must be a good cook. You always have great dinners. I am making bacon in the oven now. Going to make bacon & cheese omelets tonight.
  15. I think it also has to do with us being INTJ's, so we tend to think faster than most can comprehend. Not sure about others, but I also have a vivid imagination. Factor in being an only child... well that explains my talking to myself.