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  1. I recognise myself in this post. As long as it is an immediate/succint sort of sensory experience with a quick "visible" result, I'm up for it. Ex: I can see ways to improve my garden, but I couldn't go on revamping it myself because it would be painfully draining and I would end up not finishing it. :) ---------- Post added 07-17-2016 at 10:20 AM ---------- I understand what you mean. In my case, I would say that my practical hobbies DISTRACT me from my evergrowing intellectual appetite, RELIEVE me from the tension created by my intellectual pursuits, and give me the opportunity to EXPAND my skills set. I definitely enjoy intellectual pursuits more, and I could spend days/weeks at home analysing and re-hatching theories, ideas, informations that I have discovered. During those days, I do the practical subsistance work (cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping) by default, because I need to keep my body alive. During the time when I feel a lot of stress/tension or emotionally overwhelmed because of what I've been studying/rehatching, I go for painting, writing, film, music to "escape" from this situation and "rekindle" my imagination. I ONLY do Team sports. For me it is the best way to sharpen my social and cooperative skills through something very much goal-orientated. It is also good to improve my tactical and problem-solving skills in the short-term. Now DIY is different: I look at it as a quick learning venture because I suck at following through the details of long term hands-on projects. So being able to create/fix something by my own means is very fulfilling, intellectually and practically. So I guess leisure time, is not quite the straightforward recharging/healing procedure for me... ~__~ ---------- Post added 07-17-2016 at 10:24 AM ---------- You have summed up my post above in these sentences. Optimisation of myself is the key word. Even in the choice of my hobbies. Which makes me wonder: are these real hobbies in the end?
  2. Oh, I've never heard of this DISC before. I'm off to check it out...
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to find out whether forumers here are more of "practical" or "intellectual" people. From what I've read on the internet, the stereotype is that the INTJ person prefer to spend time reading/on the internet/discussing and arguing when he/she is not engrossed in his/her work. There is also this insinuation that your typical INTJ doesn't like to attend to hands-on tasks such as sports/cleaning/cooking/gardening/farming, unless it is in line with his/her work. How well/badly does this generalisation apply to you? I've personally always enjoyed "sensory" types of activities. As a child in Africa, I grew up building backyard shacks from timber with my brother, improvising sporting tournaments with our neighbours, while also spending time cooking with my mom, and painting/drawing by myself. As a teenager in Europe, my brother and I would spend our free-time either browsing the internet, playing online games or tearing apart our personal computers to replace/repair/upgrade their parts. I was regularly enrolled in sporting clubs/associations, although on my own, I would be reading, or writing or drawing. As an adult, I find that I'm still into sports, arts, and cooking. I also have a growing interest in DIY sort of things like fixing my car, doing repairs around my home, decorating my rooms and, sometimes, gardening... Do you enjoy practical hobbies or prefer intellectual pursuits? Or both?
  4. Your post is the precise and ultimate reason why some ISTPs are AWE-SOME. That is much clearer indeed. Cheers. ---------- Post added 07-15-2016 at 09:22 PM ---------- It is pretty sound to me. I find the categories "authoritarian" and "strategic" greatly summarise the division between close-range and long-range perspectives . Also, my other way of reading your graph is that an Adaptive Analyst (INTP) tend to work on a single level (ideas), while an Adaptive+Strategic Analyst (INTJ) would work on two levels (ideas AND realities). In this case, INTJs adapt their ideas to reality through contingency planning. Same as an Adaptive Driver (ENTP) pushes his ideas through individual actions, and an Adaptive Strategic Driver (ENTJ) pushes his ideas through collective actions. Here ENTJs adapt collective actions to their ideas through leadership skills. Though, I'm still pondering how to adapt this reading to the ISTP/ISTJ and ESTP/ESTJ divide (Use of data? Use of people?), and the others by extension... Hmm. I think I just caught your thinking bug. ~_~
  5. Good landing here. The thing with "understanding" some work of art is that there are and there will always be multiple meanings. This is because we all have different experiences, judging tools, moral compasses, aesthetic preferences, sensibilities to the truth, yada yada... I once watched a film about a "Monkey pen" with an ISFJ friend. At the end, she asked me the question: "Did you understand it?" I gave her my interpretation, which was very fantasy-like, because I like to dwell on the meaning behind real events, and I am child-like at heart. So the more "metaphysics" in the world, the better for my imagination and brain. She answered, very softly: "No, that's not it". And then proceeded to give me a very literal, down-to-earth, conventional meaning of the story. The kind that you will read in a TV magazine, basically. I think it was great that we discussed it: I felt enriched by her view because, although I had considered that option at some point during the film, I dropped it pretty quick in favour of my own musings. So it was good to have someone else develop that "alternative" perspective and share it with me, succintly and for free. I've seen/heard people argue about Inception, Da Vinci Code, The plot against America, The Life of Brian, etc... Any major piece of Art DESERVES to have its meaning torn apart. That's how you create "Classics". :) In Grossomodo, people do understand stuff, but at different levels and/or in very different ways. Ps: What is your native language, if I may ask? ?_?
  6. As someone said earlier on, it wasn't an insult per se. He was probably thinking out loud when he said that. Ne does that to people. :) The point is: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Punto. ---------- Post added 07-15-2016 at 02:27 PM ---------- Hahaha! That is priceless! Your quote just made my day! Hahaha...
  7. Haha, that's quite the melting pot of Ts, a lot for a single family. Adventures must be the crack for you all, it's a good balance of trouble shooters and daredevils... :p ---------- Post added 07-15-2016 at 02:18 PM ---------- Yes, for sure. I'm interested in YOUR MBTI portrait of the people you connect best with. We all know the stereotyped descriptors of types, I want to know YOUR personal analysis, from personal experiences, of your dynamics with other types. Cheers for your contributions.
  8. Great post. It's interesting to see personal perspectives, far from the "stereotypes" of MBTI types. Thank you! :) I do have a similar experience of ENFJs. They are sharply contrasted in professional and personal environment and are very inspiring and kind. But the J sides of us clashes in intense situations. Yes, ISTPs can be hard maintenance for interactions. For me, the interest is always one-sided. But they are brilliant, so it's great to talk "practical" projects with them!
  9. As I said in my opening post, I'm interested in the "people you hang around with". So my comment relates not to THE/A TYPE, but the ESFP and ESTP individuals within MY CIRCLE of acquaintances. When I said they "conspire for my approval", I meant those 3 people I know systematically poke/prode to get an overreaction out of me, but it never happens... ---------- Post added 07-14-2016 at 07:21 PM ---------- You are indeed lucky to have such a flexible and open-minded disposition towards social interactions. :) ---------- Post added 07-14-2016 at 07:25 PM ---------- Woah, that is pretty solid material here. 2am improvised trip? Hahaha! Ps are crazy! I can confirm that the ENTP-INTP interactions are a treat to watch. I have a few such students who entertain me with their flying-high conversations during our lessons... :) ---------- Post added 07-14-2016 at 07:28 PM ---------- I meant among the people you enjoy spending even as little as one minute with. Quality time people basically. I'm excluding romantic relationships and the likes. ---------- Post added 07-14-2016 at 07:33 PM ---------- I understand this. I meant, judging your interactions with people you hang around with, which are the ones/types that consistently provide you with the ultimate quality-time. I got your answers anyway, so no worries. ---------- Post added 07-14-2016 at 07:36 PM ---------- Hahaha. That is dead specific and exclusive. :) But knowing how it takes AGES for ISFPs to make up their minds about something AND put it in words, Cak is probably still pondering how to answer my question... :p
  10. This is enlightening. I didn't connect these two aspects. Yes, in a way, Governments in developed countries have successfully barred parents from sending young children to get the family's "extra income". But the parents have worked their way round it and, instead, they cash on the birth of their children through child benefits. Thanks for your input! :)
  11. I would definitely chuckle at the clumsiness and the double-take, because I know that the intention is sweet and genuine. Besides, I KNOW that I am beautiful in a non-classic way anyway. That's the kind of "faux-pas" that I regularly make when I want to give a heartfelt compliment but my brain sneaks into the process. Then I get a strong reaction from others as they scowl, and I have to correct myself on the spot to appease them. Is the said partner INTJ or ENTJ? I'm curious...
  12. Hello all, Would you mind sharing which personality types you PERSONALLY enjoy having around? I'm an INTJ with Strong Fi and interest in Humanities and Arts. Whether they are male or female, here is my besties' list: 1. INFPs: Instant connection, they subtly and gradually initiate 2. ISFPs: Instant connection, they overtly and immediately initiate 3. ENFPs: Magnetic connection, we simultaneously overtly or subtly initiate 4. ENFJs: Awkward connection, they initiate but we are wary of eachother Other notable interaction patterns for me are: ISTPs/INTPs: One-sided interest, I admire their minds. ESFPs/ESTPs: One-sided interest, they conspire for my approval. What about you?
  13. I would say I'm not. But then, apart from my father, I've probably known only 1 INTJ in my life, and he was also old enough to be my dad. :) I don't think the word 'intimidated* fits here because it gives a competitive undertone to the nature of attraction/relationships. You are more likely to come across as RESERVED or GUARDED. I also think Women are often either "not interested" in a man or get "bad vibes" from a man for them to ignore him. So you have to decide whether they don't "feel any connection" with you, or if you "give them the creeps". :) Personally, I have observed that when an INTJ (man or woman) smiles for the sake of Fe, it comes across as disturbingly cartoonesque (see the Sherlock "social" smile in the BBC series). Yet, it is far from the creepy-greasy smile that ESTJs can showcase when forcing Fe...
  14. Haha. I find it hilarious that you are trying to get him to see a different perspective. If LionBlood is an INTJ, he/she has probably spent countless hours rationalising why he/she PERSONALLY does not enjoy comedy. Your drive and commitment to sharing your ideal with him/her is inspiring to read. Ps: My comment is NOT sarcastic, in case you wonder.
  15. As I said in my original post, I interacted with a variety of women/mothers of various backgrounds/countries. The issue of government funding => I will have kids even if I am likely to run into hard difficulties is not the prerogative of poor or disfunctional families. This 'lottery mentality' is more often thriving in deprived areas (like my current one), but I have also observed it in "middle class" families. It is when the parents decide to have their 2nd/3rd/4th child quick-before-the-mother-can't-have-children-anymore" although their resources are already under strong pressure. This to me is clearly a case of becoming a parent because of available child support... ---------- Post added 07-13-2016 at 05:10 PM ---------- Interesting that you brought this issue of "accidental pregnancies". In my community where, I mentioned before, a lot of families have the "have children and let the goverment's money raise them" mentality, there is also a problem of accidental pregnancies, "alcoholic" pregnancies, "drug pregnancies". People are free to reproduce, of course. But as I said before, that is tightly linked to the responsibility of parenting. When one comes independently from the other, in my view, it is disturbing.