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  1. Blood red oh sorry Blood Orange and Coffee
  2. Where is your avatar. Did a unicorn stole it?

    1. envirodude


      ?? my avatar is the same as on the old forum ?? you're the changeling!


    This is a lot to be drinking at once ;)

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    2. UnicornMagic


      But it's late and I hate staying up late. It's bad for my beauty sleep


    3. UnicornMagic
    4. Brandugh


      I love staying up late...it's getting up early I don't like.

  4. I haven't tried that Brandugh but the coffee in the Tiger tastes like Rasta Are American Indians for real? I thought they just liked the zoo and wearing high heels Horses have bigger doodles than most animals and people Except for the sticky lady finger bananas and butter checken and noodles McDonalds is not something kids like Ronald McDonald is from Iceland
  5. That sounds like Opera Aok. Do I know you ?
  6. Be careful INTJ's are so serious they have 10 friends and sleep like babies. Actually you sound really interesting
  7. reckful you must be a maori or an aussie they are so dumb They hate Tim Tams and brownies Possums and crocodile dundee is great Life is meant to be so serious
  8. No let me guess your Lebanese Canadian or American Irish or South African Your a Maori Definitely not in Kingston or New Zealand
  9. You must be Ani Di Franco
  10. Such a sweet poet you are.

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    2. UnicornMagic


      Give me a hog


      I'm a Rasta

    3. UnicornMagic
    4. CerealElm


      I can read you all day and not get bored once. 

  11. Mick Jagger Sorry has anyone heard of NASA I think it's an American thing War must be great for Disneyland. Imagine the costumes Someone has to answer to the vampires
  12. Sweet milk or Milo Western Africa Octopus are the dumbest looking tunes
  13. Can you eat God. Oops that was Ida Amin he hated the Scottish. I saw it in a dream or film or something Give me a spider or snake any day It's the English Tea Bless that Queenie Where is Space. Can someone tell me I might go to a pig-farm tomorrow