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  1. I am 51 and my SO is 30. We've been together a year and a half. At first I was flummoxed, but he genuinely doesn't see why age matters. As an INTJ he has little use for social norms. I also raised 4 children within 24 years of marriage. My kids like him. He doesn't want children. I'm wise enough to know that might change, but for now we are very happy.
  2. Well I definitely feel like I'm married to my phone. And gay marriage is as logical as love is. And will we have to full on divorce our robots, or can we just trade with our neighbors when we covet their wives?
  3. In my experience, yes, communication about the relationship is very important. I easily share my feelings. Him, not so much. I don't ask him how he feels because it just seems so awkward, so I make relationship decisions based on limited knowledge. I realized in past relationships I always relied on my mate to initiate relationship talks, or to say I love you first, because I just don't really like to talk about that stuff. But if neither one of us initiates that convo, it doesn't happen. Then there's possible misunderstanding and hurt. Also, I'm not good at communicating my needs. I mean, you are needy if you have needs, right? *shutters* The vulnerability chokes me, so that's another area of feelings that should be talked about.
  4. Ok, and that brings up another point! Can you marry something you own? The article specifically said marriage between humans and robots. And what happens when you need an upgrade? Is it like a Verizon contract? I mean, in some ways I see the benefit of this thing, but is there any logic in it?
  5. @Macka, a lot of good points! And I totally understand relationships, even love, with robots, but marriage? What could possibly be the actual point?
  6. My experience has been when you think it's waning, it's probably still waxing. INTJs are slow as molasses in relationships. The long distance has not been a hindrance to us. Traveling is fun and the weekend visits are extremely steamy. You definitely have to be patient and comfortable with long periods of silence at the beginning.
  7. I love the pairing. We balance each other out very well in the ways we want balance. He helps me think thoroughly through issues before reaching a decision when I am apt to reach conclusions prematurely in order to cross them off my list. I help him with communication and interpersonal dilemmas at work and in social situations. On the practical side, I interact transactionally with people so he doesn't have to. He challenges me with stretch goals and staying the course. Where we seem to suck is talking about our relationship and, of course, talking about our feelings. We really need to work on that. Other than that, there has been no down side.
  8. Yes, I think this is absolutely true. My SO is 20 years younger than I am, and we are very suited to each other. He has said he doesn't have the patience for someone his own age - not enough real world experience and too needy. He is definitely more mature than some men I've been with, yet is filled with adventurousness and curiosity. Very alluring! Because neither of us are particularly taken with pop culture, we don't have the disconnect I've heard many typical age gap couples have. As far as historical events that I've lived through without him, he seems to know more about them than I do. So I agree with your assessment that the intelligence and insightfulness of the younger intj add to the relationship's success. I feel like we are ageless when we are together. We have been together a year and a half.
  9. Right?! But what if the robot is in the form of a child? Or dog? Or attack helicopter? We all have our preferences. Is there a moral or ethical limit? And what if I fall in love with your robot? Is cheating a thing?
  10. Celeb mashup: Ricksterling I'd be so proud! ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Golly gee whiz, @Locked Doors, I thought it sounded swell!
  11. So in OP's mind the only reason she could be seeing an older man is daddy issues? There are some here who would disagree.
  12. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/humans-could-start-marrying-robots-as-early-as-2050-experts-predict Could you love and marry a robot?
  13. Oof, let it go. He knows you were drunk since you admitted you didn't remember sending it. It's not important what the text said, obviously, or he would've continued the conversation. I've sent and received drunk texts, and I think universally they are not taken seriously. Also, you asking about it might be construed as interest, and a relationship with an instructor is rarely a good idea.
  14. It's not about visually beholding; it's about seeing that person in action. How do they react when they are angry, jealous, slighted by another? How do they respond to other people or in social and pressure situations? How much of the real you can they handle at one take? How do they react to you in the reverse of all those questions? Love is so much more than sharing secrets, bonding and talking everyday. I have been an LDR with my SO for a year and a half and we have certainly bonded and I am crazy about him. We have compatibility like I have never had with another. We have seen each other every few months or so and the chemistry is off the chain. But when we see each other it is rather superficial, right? It is not like seeing him day in and day out with all the mundane and messy parts of life in the mix. Even though we talk on the phone for hours every day and share our fears, passions, and dreams - that's very cerebral and emotionally-centered, but doesn't reveal the physical manifestations of our reactions to life's curveballs. Sometimes I think I love him, but then I remember - I don't really know him! I haven't witnessed how he treats others, how he reacts to surprises, how his values are meted out, how he responds to his family, etc. How can you truly love someone you don't know fully? I believe attraction is irrational. Absolutely. I have been attracted to people and been terribly confused by it. But love? I believe that is a much deeper thing and involves a choice. It is quite rational.
  15. OK, am I missing something here? You have never met him and you are in love with him? I would be freaking out if I had an online relationship with you and we never met, but you declared your love for me. You only know what he has let you know about him. Your feelings are not based on reality. In what ways do you feel very loved by him?