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  1. Some new incense and essential oils.
  2. My apartment is completely clean. I am forcing myself to get completely through a boring and uninteresting personal obstacle. Enjoying my hot cup of tea.
  3. Math... and procrastination
  4. Math...
  5. English breakfast tea
  6. Concerned Leader, 90% Confidence https://www.pdna.com/report/tnmcc/tfIiBiTADrthEiT-OF-ABCDD-8453
  7. This reminds me of a graphic art position I applied for about 5 years ago, at a Whole Foods Market. I was put through 3 phone interviews and 4 panel interviews (between 8-10 people on each panel). I brought all original art/design work, and prior to the 4th panel interview I was asked to do an original design for a "theoretical" advertisement of a product sale. In that 4th panel interview everyone was passing around my personal portfolio and someone took pictures of my work. I asked why they took pictures and was informed that it's just for the record of the interview... They insisted that I was to receive a call back with confirmation that afternoon because they were "incredibly" impressed. They also insisted that it was standard procedure for them to keep the "theoretical" ad that I had designed for that interview, and being put on the spot I stupidly let them keep it. I completely regretted that, but at the time I was lead to believe that I practically had the position. That evening I received a call informing me that they had decided to go with someone that was a store employee... I was so pissed that I had been put through all of that for nothing! Needless to say, out of my own suspicion I walked through that store a week later and saw my design on display advertising a sale!!!! I was livid!!! I tried to get a manager and confront the issue and was completely dismissed.
  8. Pizza.
  9. Water, and i'm about to drink a beer.
  10. Went out for pizza this afternoon.
  11. Preparing to work on writing an essay.
  12. Talking on the phone with my mom.
  13. I was able to work out at the gym for a while this morning, sat out on my patio and enjoyed sunshine for a bit, and I am happy that my semester has less than one month left.
  14. Sitting at my favorite coffee house, writing a paper.
  15. I was in one of my classes.