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  1. http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2016/11/04/lena-dunham-faces-criticism-after-posting-video-extolling-extinction-of-white-men/
  2. Black coffee, as usual.
  3. If i'm out at a restaurant I will order iced tea or tap water, but to the best of my abilities I will always drink filtered water. I have a good water filter at home, and fill up a water bottle that I bring everywhere with me.
  4. I live in an apartment complex, and all of my closest neighbors are nice enough. The young woman above me was kind enough to run downstairs and knock on my door at 11:00pm to warn me that my car was about to be towed away. There is a small family that lives directly next to me, a couple in their mid 30's with a baby. They are friendly, but I try to avoid running into them because they will always trap me in an annoying conversation... they are potheads, sort of goofy, and on random occasions the wife will go out into the courtyard pool area and sing annoying songs very loudly while dancing. I get annoyed by the loud singing, but it's really my only complaint.
  5. Early morning black coffee while enjoying my little patio garden, the company of my cats, and i'm not far from the end of my semester.
  6. Coffee. Also a protein and fruit smoothie.
  7. Daydreaming for a few moments...
  8. Go into the avatar thread and request if someone can resize your old avatar.


    If your able to Google search the image and find a relatively bigger version of your old avatar...someone "manning" the avatar thread, will resize it...

    if you don't know how to do this on the forum, to (upload and resize) from your profile page.


    Just saying....

  9. Heeeey Tabi...

    Haven't crossed paths in awhile. Hope ya being blessed all the way over there.....



  10. Wow... I don't log on for maybe a month or so, then once I log in tonight EVERYTHING is changed on here completely! I miss my old avatar! :(

    1. Famouskate


      I miss the old site, too. But glad to see you're back!

  11. Just passin' through...

  12. Do you climb outdoors much? It has become my primary motivation for travel lately.

    1. Tabitha Nichole

      Tabitha Nichole

      I haven't in quite a while, actually... But I certainly love to. Recently I have been mainly sticking to just hiking. I need to get back out and do more climbing again soon...

  13. Primary Type: Innovators Secondary Type: Experiencers The US VALS Framework Your primary VALS type means that you are most like the Innovators consumer group. Your secondary type—the group you are next most like—is Experiencers. Your primary VALS type represents your dominant approach to life. The secondary type represents a particular emphasis on the dominant approach.