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    Retired surgeon, formerly specializing in the field of separating conjoined twins.
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    Experimentation on surgically attaching people together in my basement laboratory.
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    Don't believe anything you hear, and only about half of what you see.
  1. Interesting perspectives. The truth is, over the years, I have become bored with my wife's company...However, she possesses incredible qualities: I can trust her to be faithful to me until death. I trust her not to spend us into the poor house. She tolerates my horrible INTJ-ness. She is the hardest-working person I know. She is the epitome of the word "RESPONSIBLE." While my wife may bore me in regards to conversation, I am not willing to lose her most excellent qualities. I could not deal with being in a relationship where we were constantly evaluating each other to decide how much longer to stay together.
  2. What your cat does outside... https://www.facebook.com/HeyHoldMyBeerAndWatchThis/videos/915126518629769/
  3. Are you sure about that?
  4. A sound philosophy creates energetic music that matters.
  5. Sound can be neither created nor destroyed, so what does it matter?.
  6. Is it the acoustics in this thread, or am I just seeing an echo?
  7. Well said.
  8. Only hearing your side and not your wife's, I am hesitant to side with you, especially since a marriage counselor seems to side with your wife. My thoughts on the matter: You (NT) state facts (I don't like porn because...), and show you care by action (made her a pie for her birthday). She (NF) wants constant verbal affirmation of your love (I don't like porn, because they can't compare with you...Once you've had prime rib, baloney is no good). She wants to feel valued (What clothes do you want me to wear?). I think she is acting out because you are not fulfilling her need to be smothered in romance. I think your relationship changed after marriage because you no longer needed to court her. Marriage can be summed up as "I would rather you have it than me." Or, preferring your mate before yourself. There are 3 stages of marriage: 1. Honeymoon. 2. Warfare, in which you try to change each other. 3. Acceptance of the other as they are, and peace. You are in the second stage. Again, these are just my thoughts based on the little information you shared. I wish you the best.
  9. She is a train wreck waiting to happen. If you have to quit your job to get away from her before you are seduced, do so. 24 is way too young to allow your future to be destroyed. Looks like the unanimous advice thus far is to run away from her fast.
  10. What has not been mentioned was the harm that Reconstruction did to the South's attitude. Putting ignorant freed slaves into positions of government with power held by Union military did little to help repair relations. I think our current racial tensions are more the result of Reconstruction than of slavery or the war. Growing up, I remember "Yankee" had some negative connotation, but "damn Yankee, scalawag and carpet bagger" were serious terms of hatred. Then again, I am speaking of my experience of the 70's, it is not as big a deal these days. TV has somewhat homogenized our country culturally.
  11. My Grandmother told me about when the Union soldiers marched through our town on the way to burn the county courthouse. She was relaying the eyewitness account she heard from her great-aunt. In the 70's, there was still very much a memory of suffering at the hands of North. The last Confederate widow just recently died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberta_Martin
  12. Before I became a teacher, I would call out people on being a victim. I would use statements such as "You poor victim," or "Excuses and explanations are a sign of weakness." Then, I would use their shock as an opportunity to ask them what their ownership in the situation was. These days, and in my current job, I encounter too many victims, and they are too highly esteemed for me to feel safe calling them out. (Notice my own victim-speak in that last statement?) However, when opportunity presents, I still ask them what their ownership in the situation is. (What could you have done? How are you responsible?)