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    Retired surgeon, formerly specializing in the field of separating conjoined twins.
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    Greater Suburbia
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    Experimentation on surgically attaching people together in my basement laboratory.
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    Don't believe anything you hear, and only about half of what you see.
  1. Pretty much a selfie.
  2. We have always been thrifty. Before the recession, I was making pretty decent wages. During and since the recession, I have been working more, in order to maintain our lifestyle (Housing). So, we haven't changed our spending that much; rather, I have taken on more work to maintain it. Factor in the fact that our kids moved out of the house during this time, which means our expenses should have decreased. That tells me that wages have decreased and/or inflation has continued or increased.
  3. I think I have been triggered.
  4. And how exactly does that affect me?
  5. Your level of selfishness is 25% Low level of selfishness. Your profile reveals a rather contained level of selfishness. This probably means that you are a person who likes to help others without neglecting their own needs. Selfishness is not a bad thing in principle. Indeed, sometimes it is a key feature to keep an emotional balance. You cannot always think of others before yourself. In a world as complex as ours we are obliged to take account of some of our (many!) individual needs. A healthy level of self-interest should be around 20-35%. Lower values ??suggest a altruism that is excessive and insincere, while values ??greater than 50% show a level of selfishness that is unhealthy. I actually thought I was more selfish than they give me credit for.
  6. My guess is he is having difficulty dealing with it and has shut it out of his reality in order to avoid being overcome by emotion. You may be spelling out what emotional support you need clearly enough for you to understand, but he literally may not understand what you are asking from him. You may need to explain what you need in several different ways before he gets a clue.
  7. I know you are, but what am I? (Kind of weak, but I'm trying to live more in the moment.)
  8. INTJ 41% INTP 59%
  9. Interesting perspectives. The truth is, over the years, I have become bored with my wife's company...However, she possesses incredible qualities: I can trust her to be faithful to me until death. I trust her not to spend us into the poor house. She tolerates my horrible INTJ-ness. She is the hardest-working person I know. She is the epitome of the word "RESPONSIBLE." While my wife may bore me in regards to conversation, I am not willing to lose her most excellent qualities. I could not deal with being in a relationship where we were constantly evaluating each other to decide how much longer to stay together.
  10. What your cat does outside... https://www.facebook.com/HeyHoldMyBeerAndWatchThis/videos/915126518629769/
  11. Are you sure about that?
  12. A sound philosophy creates energetic music that matters.