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    Retired surgeon, formerly specializing in the field of separating conjoined twins.
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    Greater Suburbia
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    Experimentation on surgically attaching people together in my basement laboratory.
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    Don't believe anything you hear, and only about half of what you see.
  1. I am in trouble... Your score: 84 If you scored between 67 to 100 points, you are considered highly workaholic. This could mean you are headed toward burnout, and new research suggests that family members may be experiencing emotional repercussions as well.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYItTxqTc38 Institutionalized by the Suicidal Tendencies
  3. The Silmarillion...For the umpteenth time, hoping I can finally get all those weird names straight in my head.
  4. 94. Better than I thought.
  5. Now the soundtrack has gone to Don McLean's American Pie. Makes grading almost bearable.
  6. My default is to get stuff done asap (work before play). However, when I am very fatigued (like at the end of the school year), I have a hard time making myself engage in my work. Then I find my self being crisis-driven rather than self-starting. I hate it because I waste so much time in procrastination at that point. I guess it is my system making me take the break that I have been denying it.
  7. Listening to the Suicidal Tendencies while grading student's work online.
  8. So, uh...are you implying science and math are mutually exclusive? Just asking.
  9. As a teacher myself, I do see people having different preferred learning styles. It may be in connection with the specific topic. I am interested in the decades of insufficient research you mention. Can you post a link to it?
  10. I am an IntJ My scores were: Visual 4 Aural 3 Read/Write 4 Kinesthetic 5 I have a multimodal learning preference. Having taken online and face to face classes for years, teaching, and having to teach myself... I think it has made me flexible in the modes I can learn from. Working in a hands-on career for years also skews me toward Kinesthetic and visual. I have been testing this way on VARK for a while, so this is not new or unexpected for me. It did surprise the last instructor who tested us in class.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/funtrest.media/videos/952726321530707/ Ah, what college kids do for fun...
  12. @warmsnow I perused your original post, and I can identify with how you described yourself. We are all capable of behaviors that are atypical to our MBTI; Our MBTI is merely a set of our preferred defaults. However, if you do not clearly fall into one of the types, you are obviously severely mentally ill. This is cause to lose much sleep over... ...... added to this post 42 minutes later: Actually, I think you are an INTJ... From my observations, we are the ones who care about MBTI more than anyone else. I think it helps (with me anyway) categorize and understand an otherwise mysterious population we are stuck on the same planet with (the Normals). When I talk with most of the other types (ESTJ, ESTP, ESFP, etc.) their common response regarding the MBTI is "Oh yeah, I think I took that test once...I have a friend who is an INTJ and she talks about that stuff all the time..."
  13. Look at how this guy has made you feel up to this point. That pattern will not change. Do whatever is in your power to get past him.
  14. As a teacher, I decided if I can't be educational, at least I would be entertaining. Haven't lost my job yet. ...Yet...
  15. Back in college, us married students would get a bunch of paper napkins from restaurants and use them as toilet paper at home.