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  1. tactical sekt - "genetic mistrust"
  2. feindflug - "truppenschau"
  3. wow! i was at ibm's watson research lab and a presenter there mentioned that the average grandmaster can typically think about 12 plies ahead. if you're not already a grandmaster, you can probably become one! this is an interesting idea too: not just mentally seeing the location of the square, but actually associating different themes to them. i'll have to incorporate this too in my studies, thanks.
  4. hmm, interesting. do you see a clear 2d board in your head? it also sounds like you "grow" a mental chessboard in your mind when you want to visualize things, if that makes sense.
  5. 2300+, very impressive, atamagahen! question open to anyone: how did you learn to automatically attach the names of squares to the squares themselves? what i have in mind is simply saying or thinking "c7" for example will conjure up the board and the c7 square visually in your mind. i think i'd need this skill first so i can play games in my head, and it would be helpful with calculations during games. was there a special technique used to train yourself, or did it happen through sheer repetition? maybe the more general question here is: how did you start to play mental chess effectively? been busy with other things and haven't really been playing/studying much chess lately. even lost one correspondence game on time when i had two days on the clock to make each move.
  6. did you know they sell giant 5 pound hershey bars? your diabetes awaits you on amazon.com (around $34 per bar).
  7. skinny puppy - "rodent (ddt mix)"
  8. grendel - "void malign"
  9. i sometimes wish i studied biology instead and focused on experimental drugs to revive the dead. one day i might even experiment on myself and wake up dead if the drug works, and then i'd be a cadaver at work working on cadavers to continue my research involving cadavers and how they work.
  10. some people are just selfish and aggressive on the road (and life in general). they are broken and you can't fix them. just listen to some music while driving and chill.
  11. maybe the part that took some time to realize was:
  12. what an awesome little girl! this belongs in that hope in humanity thread!
  13. @Exelone take your time, and thanks for doing this!