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  1. I have always been attracted first to personality and intellect when selecting a partner. Sure, I pass attractive women all the time wherever I am out in public but a cute figure is a dime a dozen. They are everywhere.
  2. Keith Richards and Mick Taylor for the brief time that they worked together seamlessly were able to switch off lead and rhythm guitar roles in the recording studio and even onstage during songs. Quite magical, actually! In romantic relationships, the very best ones are ones where man and woman can trade the role of leader. Interestingly, I would rather have both of us wanting to lead on a certain issue than neither of us. I will chose contention over apathy any day.
  3. If you're a virgin who is so because of severely malformed social and relationship skills, I will not date you. If, however, you are a virgin because you set a very high moral standard for yourself and are committed to saving yourself for marriage (assuming that is the ideal), then I will absolutely respect that 100% and will have no problem going out with you. Obviously, I would not be considering anyone under the age of 45 or so, um, yeah, I will assume we will be discussing each other's respective pasts only to the extent that it impacts our relationship in the present. The idiots in Hollywood and the media glorify the hookup culture while steadfastly overlooking its consequences that the CDC is bursting at the seems trying to remind us of -- and that is in several U.S. cities in the last 10 years or so, the advances made in the 1990's and 2000's to get STD transmission rates down are being reversed especially for chlamydia, antibiotic-resistant syphilis, HPV and several others. You can thank Tinder for that.
  4. I wonder if there is an app for that. If not, I will write one.... :)
  5. The second guy needs to keep his mouth shut. If he really cared for you and not just himself he would not tempt you with fantasies about the two of you being together at some point in the future when he already knows you are in a committed relationship with someone else. He will continue to "hint" until you firmly tell him to stop. Because he is not doing you one damned bit of good. Not at all! This is difficult for you because what your post says is that you might not be 100% sure about what you have right now. That is normal. It is human! And you seem to be fiercely loyal, Andromeda! But the best chances of a relationship succeeding is when both of you are free to date. That means single, unattached, and recovered from past hurts. What Guy #2 should do is focus on finding someone for real instead of fantasizing. Relationships that start because someone stole someone else's girlfriend virtually never work. So, yes, I'm sure all of us have gone though the "grass is greener" phase. But when I have seen someone act on it, they break up with their current S.O. (or divorce), and then later the new person dumps them. Because the only reason for their interest is wanting someone they could not have. And then they end up alone. Guy #2 wants you only because someone else already has you.
  6. Talk. Texting does not count. Email does not count. Fucking Facebook IM does not count. Talk. On. The. Phone. And Face To Face!
  7. Your husband is fortunate beyond his dreams.
  8. I personally love women that are fighters because I am one! What or who they are is different from the manners that you show to each other. One reason I will graciously hold the door for a woman is I want to make sure she's got my back if we are going into a tough bar! :)
  9. The same as male chivalry. Pretty much the Golden Rule. She holds the door for me (or we alternate). If we are taking her car, she unlocks and opens the door for me on the passenger side. If I'm carrying a load of groceries, she runs ahead and unlocks the apartment, etc. And we ask each other how our day went.
  10. Welcome to the dungeon, Lonetree!
  11. Unless I misread the title of the post -- 1. past trauma does not always manifest itself in kink 2. Kink is not necessarily evidence of past trauma
  12. When motivation is a factor with INTJs, my experience is that everything they have around them is beneath their intelligence level. If I ever date another INTJ, I'll make sure she is adequately challenged to keep her motivated. And interested!
  13. This is absolutely wonderful information. Even though I am an INFP, there are many INTJs here who might run into other INTJs simply because of common interests or common profession. And if you decide to have kids someday with this man - boy - will they be fucking smart or what?
  14. I've never known INTJs to be habitually lazy - ever! If you observe procrastination I think it might point to INFP, INTP or ISTP. Just my $0.02... Although I do not have time to procrastinate. I'm too busy putting things off into the future....
  15. I have dated 8 INTJ women over the years and my experience as an INFP is that what you have is a very good sign. INTJs especially early on are not particularly emotionally expressive (but INFPs like you and me gush like a fountain! ) If you are direct as you were to this guy and were clear about your feelings and he was completely uninterested in you, then he would have greatly reduced or completely eliminated contact with you. Instead, he is relaxing, and you are talking more frequently. And he said yes immediately to spending time in New York. He knows you are romantically interested in him. INTJs never lead people on or play games like that. All these positive signs indicate he is interested in you too. Now where it goes from here is anyone's guess. But continue to have fun getting to know him and if there is a purpose for the two of you long term, in time you will come to know it. Good Luck!