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  1. I don't understand what did I said? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2478068/Elton-John-says-modern-singers-processed-performers-lack-humanity.html well, at least Elton John agrees with me in some parts...... My mother said to me once, I was telling her that my ex husband doesn't like Maria Callas, she responded that some people cannot deal or accept the divine, it bothers them. I will add that some people cannot deal or accept that today we name mediocre as great and great at perfect, I guess American Idol and X factor singers got so much praised that people got brainwashed that they were beyond amazing and people believe they have something of a higher value. It bothers them that I slap to their face, no my generation and today's generation has failed to give birth to anything above "very good". Around the same is with music as well. There is no divinity either excellence. There is good, ok, funny, great, very well, pleasing, entertaining. There is no exquisite, stupendous, marvelous, amazing, astonishing, astounding, eye-opening, fabulous, miraculous, portentous, prodigious, staggering, stunning, sublime, surprising, wonderful, wondrous, incomprehensible, inconceivable, incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable; extraordinary, phenomenal, rare, sensational, spectacular; singular, uncommon, unique, unusual, unwonted; conspicuous, outstanding, remarkable; impressive, smashing, striking; mind-bending, mind-blowing, mind-boggling; energizing, enlightening, enlivening, exciting, galvanizing, invigorating, stimulating; alluring, bewitching, captivating, enchanting, enthralling, fascinating. Yes I did search google and I found all those words by dictionary and some of them I didn't knew and I had to look them up. I guess I personally took something from this thread of value, I learn new words. I thank my self for starting it.
  2. and one example of music superiority over the movie, because of the song I watched James Bond believing I will see some decent plot and it was crap. So boring.
  3. exactly, that was my secret masterplan, you got it! you have unmasked me.
  4. because if you cannot understand the melody and the wording difference between Bee Gees, Abba, and like 1000 songs which they were first names in their time along with a bunch of other brilliant musicians, and between modern music of one Direction and Beyonce, you are lacking something I m not, there for because Im not a professional specialist to show you off my titles and position at a college or something and here in this forum apparently for some people means something, I only have my brain, my experiences and the music I have heard in my life and my critical thinking skills, thus you think I don't posses something special that could make my opinion legit, but you are still failing to understand the melody differences between the past and today, Im sorry why are you replying to me keep insisting to respect "opinions"? this title thread like envirodude said was wrong, I post the video because even if Paul supports or not cultural marxism, he has a point about the vulgarity and huge degradation of music,, so my problem that I wanted to discuss was basically this, you guys don't believe it, but the title about marxism make you come to this thread, I don't know your political beliefs, but so far this thread have attracted people that I cannot make not even a decent disagreement, and if I take by some's people critical skills this thread is indeed boring and uninteresting. Not because you guys disagree with me, as you can see I cAn handle very well disagreement and even though I have a small number of posts, I rarely would go into big fights here, but because is one after the other replying to me with the same boring reply respecting choices ...... yeah, because today we have music like this: like in those hidden soundcloud files that almost everyone failed to share with me, there are melodies of this value that only some special people have access to and I never heard of and that's the new normal and nobody has any problem with that? Yeah, you guys are making HUGE sense! There is a reason why some people are called musical geniuses, this means some people can write music better, thus it is NOT about musical taste. what makes you people think that is all about taste? this is why we have music critics that are professionals. So music can be criticized it is something that exists and I use this part of my mind, why are you and others don't respect that? and you sound like it is the first time in your life that you will hear about music criticism. Did I came from a different planet? or a different dimension? since when I cannot criticize? I mean look at the other member, he went to find MOVIE and GAMING music to have something decent to show and make a kind of a list! why? because the pop list is ridiculous uninteresting and boring and those are the people are making millions, enjoy! music can either lower or make higher your IQ, basically there are millions of young people who are lowering their IQ every time they are listening Bieber, and that's a problem. I have the critical thinking and I cannot respect retardation, when modern POPULAR, not weird, not exception, not the minority, but popular year after year has become in comparison with the past in melody strength complete retard there is not much to talk about. is not about showing ass, I don't care if they go up there naked, I want them to freaking SING! Janis Joplin went and did a photoshoot naked, yeah..... SHE CAN SING! RIHANNA CANNOT! it insults my intelligence when she is making millions with musical FARTS and she made more than Barbara Streisand, in the future someone will go at the top 100 best selling artists and because the population is bigger today you will end up with a list filled with rihannas and one direction and biebers!!!!! Janis was never big selling artist but she was highly influential, I want to see what kind of influence Rihanna will have in your children. this is not an opinion, this is reality! if you cannot see it, what can we do? so please people stay on the topic you do know well which is marxism. ...... added to this post 53 minutes later: I was thinking, this is a list of female singers (im not making with males not to become too big and it is not needed to make my point) of high importance throughout generations, not only they reached perfection, they are schools of singing each one of them. Each of one of them are masters. Maria Callas 50s Janis Joplin 70s Mariah Carey 90s Barbara Streisand 60s-70s Celine Dion 90s Gloria Gaynor 70s 80s Donna Summer 70s-80s Whitney Huston 90s Aretha Franklin 60s-70s Edith Piaf 50s-60s Ella Fitzgerald 50s-60s Billy Holiday 40s-50s Tina Turner 80s (this is when she show cased her best vocal abilities) Cher 70s-80s Nina Simone 50s-60s Patti Labelle 70s Mahalia Jackson 40s Bonnie Tyler 80s Shirley Bassey 60s-70s and of course there are many many others who have something special in their voices and they are amazing. Each has covered at least a decade of musical brilliance and talent. AS you can see almost since the recording period started with good microphones obviously, we have excellent voices in each decade and I didn't even add the males either I added many other singers who were wonderful. Please name me one singer of the last 17 years who is at the level of only the above. Please don't tell me to look at sound cloud to find the next Maria Callas and she is hidden somewhere there........ because this is getting annoyingly stupid. The more the world is getting bigger in population the more we lack exquisite talents. Bad DNA is multiplying and it is bad. It might be also a contributing factor of the low quality. Beyonce? not even close, she doesn't have the vocal chroma either the power to not even look at those singers. She has good singing ability, she is better than others TODAY, but she has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the above singers. So no I disagree with Distance when she is telling me that products existed always and it is "normal", yes they existed but also they existed the masters who weren't hidden in pubs and piano restaurants, they were at the top charts being embraced. There is a HUGE difference. RIhanna? Anguilera? nope! Aguilera is a strong voice but she lacks again in color and sensitivity, her voice is too harsh and after 5 minutes it gets annoying. Anastacia? nope, not that big of a voice. Very good but she didn't create any schools that followed her steps exactly, she did what other have done before. Adele? by far no..... very good, some nice songs, but Shirley even at the age of 78 slayed her at James Bond night. I know all of those singers and not just one song, I have spend years since I was 5 years old listening to all of them and I started with Nana Mouskouri, also a huge seller at least in Europe. I have spend 30 years of my life listening the biggest musical talents and voices. Im telling you, if in 17 years we haven;'t heard anything good and influential, there is a problem! lack of talents? voices? lack of musical creativity? lack of strong personalities? lack of integrity? marxism? conservatives? liberals? God? Satan? DNA? I don't know, maybe all the above. This is why I end up hearing about the weird guy with the weird marxism stuff and I posted it here, and people almost burn me alive like Im a witch! Im sorry if I insulted your political knowledge and ideals. I mean look below people how they comment "Nerdsmith"...... yes, now I know with what Im dealing here! So, people here might not be that interested of my opinion of worries and doom, and that's fine. It goes beyond my personal taste in music. And if you want my personal taste (subjective) I despise Rolling stones, the singer is getting on my nerves every time I see his face, I avoid videos with his face in there, bliah, but I admit (objective) that he has a decent voice and a couple of songs that are good for rock.
  5. Im not abandoning my position that today there is a problem with pop music, marxism no marxism in all honesty I don't care, the problem is still there. Yes, what you say it could be true for almost any other decade and we could argue between Abba and I don't what ? Bee Gees? we could argue between Mozart or Beethoven, or Bach, Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor, Janis Joplin and............ there is no equivalent of Janis Joplin sadly.........Maria Callas and.....same as Janis. yes we are talking about normal kind of music not prepared music recipe to make people drink more and more to be able to dance to this stupidity and pretend they have fun. I was at a club 2 summers ago, the lyrics of a specific song were : sex sex sex sex sex............ and the beat wasn't even sexy! I mean you are talking about sex, try to have some sexual melody in there, nope, it was bit bit bit bit pressing the same note like Mr Bean....... yeah, Im sorry im so demanding to ask at least something sexy in there that could say something to my brain. I m failing to see how this is the equivalent of Tom Hanks who at least he made an effort to actually act! either I am very demanding in music or you people have completely lost it. There is no other explanation!
  6. yes, I googled it, well, my friend didn't warn me about it and I watched it believing that some will come and kill them all and save the people and it was very bad, like it hurt me a lot I don't even know why I went through that torture....... the next time he said he had a movie I asked him if it was "culture". I avoided many culture stuff out of fear seeing again shit.
  7. woman! Forrest Gump? nope!!!! I hugely disagree with you on this, he was perfect! he made me cry and laugh at the same time!!!! it was one of the most amazing movies I ever seen! I still don't understand what happened in matrix, I will re-watch it. lol the good and the bad and the ugly I don't remember it I was like what? 5 years old? I don't know about the seven samurai, but now what you are mentioning movies that you hate, I watched with some friends a "culture" movie and it showed in WW2 Germans and Italians abducting girls and boys and making them to eat shit and have anal sex, I was yelling at the whole movie, and all my friends were telling me to stop yelling because the TV cannot listen to me, I couldn't stop! I was SOOOOOOO upset! I will never forget it and the end was upsetting because there was no justice! this movie hurt my feelings and my friend told me that this movie was nominated for some crappy stuff! OMG!!!!! I hated back then the word "culture". I love fight club, I adore the actor Edward Norton, most girls liked Brat Pit, I couldn't get my eyes of Edward!!!! SW don't know it. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: see the movie with the eating shit and then you will appreciate the majority of all other movies......
  8. how am I cherry picking? I just wrote few examples, the garbage movies I don't even know their existence! where is their fame and their money? please write examples that got super high ratings at IMDB and it was shit! what would you say as a garbage movie? my first thought but I haven't' watched it is 50 shades of grey and Im not interested to watch it. All of the movies that I have watched the last 10 years I only turned off one movie and that was Watchmen. Only that one for me was a complete waste of my time. ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: the movie industry quality wise is much better than the music industry, when they will start in the movies to show farting asses for 90 minutes and get 9 Oscars then I will agree that the movie industry is shit, so be very grateful with what we have today because if the movie industry takes the example of the music industry, we are officially doomed! so far from modern famous actresses I don't even know the shape of their asses and that is good enough qualification for me to give a chance and watch the movie.
  9. are you talking more about movie stars? or singers for example? or something else? because I think modern actresses are very good and nice, maybe for some they are not that great as the old I guess? I like them today the way they are. I don't think the movies and tv shows are bad, actually I found many of them really good with nice story and ethical choices and etc Im satisfied to be honest in general, and of course there are those movies who Im not interested to watch, which it comes down to a personal choice I guess and maybe some who are crap. Now that Im thinking about it I really miss a good comedy. But I am more of a superhero movie fan, I like seeing human beings flying in the sky fighting and the whole hero act, I think the theme and the message is good and Im happy they get so much popular. I don't watch too many tv shows, so far the ones that I watch and are popular are great for my personal opinion. other arts like painting I like some things but I don't have lots of knowledge about that either, oh wait, I like mechanical arts that move by air, I kind of like those stuff a lot, I think the creativity level is good and satisfying. My point is, while yes, there is a certain level of grooming, but the result and creativity in other artistic fields doesn't insult my intelligence. Lord of the Rings for example doesn't insult my intelligence, X-Men doesn't insult my intelligence, Bones doesn't insult my intelligence, and those got huge fame and money, I think you get the point. Could they be better? we can get into details and according to many people movies are not like the books, for some people the movies are not as satisfying and "degrading"?, and I will not argue with that, I think they know more than me! right? I would be an idiot to go into an argument about something I really know not much about it because Im not a huge book reader, I like better image, I only read their views and I think and I keep it to myself, something that many people don't do obviously. and blah blah, but some of the modern music that gets popular insults my intelligence and my brain hurts from listening boring melodies and watching video clips that I need to turn it off and go back to listening to Led Zeppelin immediately so my IQ will be back in line and my brain to get feed with something of value. Some people are music-eaters, some people are book-eaters, oh well!
  10. not bad at all NSchet!!! now the artists are more than 27, good job! for music about movies this is also quite good, I still haven't seen the movie though, I was being intellectually lazy....... ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: yes, this is what only matters and will always matter till the end of the universe.........
  11. I don't understand why you are replying to me with a tone that I supported the thing about marxism? I was neutral, and what does it mean moving too fast? this thread was created WEEKS ago, so my advice is to LOOK for CLUES....... and someone put it again on the surface, so it wasn't actually that fast, I grew out of this many days ago! I only asked if the degradation which I think is something real has anything to do with a political/social ideology that can effect our choices and even our creativity, and to get opinions, and actually this should be a compliment for you guys that I trust some people here a lot and respect them like Monte314 and many other members, that I was waiting for opinions who will be logical and challenge the video, and I got lots of great replies from people like Kirsanov and of course he used the word Panegyric, anyone who uses such words are high on my book! I am humbly grateful and a searcher of the truth and to make my self better and better and more knowledgeable. But there is a difference mocking someone for asking and assuming the worst and attacking and to play it too high to even to respond while I still have the emotional level of a 4 year old and I show it in pretty much every other reply, because I think lowly of you because I dared to ask my mom, so some people got what they deserved, nothing personal, and a difference to make your thesis and simply disagree and move on. ohhhhhhh cultural marxism.............. the next step is to take torches and hung me from a tree....... ...... added to this post 1 minute later: now I know how to make people be pissed of at me, I will mention cultural marxism! this is brilliant! I always wondered what the Mentalist said on people to piss them off in secret at one episode and I always wanted to have one, know I have my own secret weapon.
  12. marxism? marxism is old news now, we got way passed that!
  13. yes, I don't disagree with you, but you are naming one artist, the problem that I see today is the massive explosion of artists who get not only reputation/fame with bad work but also lots of MONEY, money means power, and power means they can have certain control over the arts or even political control etc.... while we don't have the equivalent of people who will make decent music, we don't have "musical geniuses" of the same fame to counter balance the crap, they get lower and lower and less fame. I haven't heard music lately that will blow my mind and I will say OMG what an amazing artist, my mind is in ecstasy right now from this wonderful characteristic music like it was few years ago. something that older artists were able to do this to me and I don't mean the 90s, other decades as well. Popular Music is not an art today, it is a business, in my opinion there is the recipe Madonna created, which is, sex/shock - catchy beat - fancy videos, good body and a nice face, lots of promotion, lots of photoshop, and super fashion clothes that people are envying. This is pop music today. I see absolutely no artistic value in this. It is easy to make, it makes lots of money and people simply don't care to work to create something worth listening or to have this higher ideal to make something that will survive the ages. There is no real ambition! So what exactly do we learn from those artists that are in covers of magazines non stop and get promoted all the time looking absolutely happy and content having everything (but talent)? making so much money that easily? that it doesn't take that much to make loads of money and live the dream having people adoring you and get likes non stop on facebook that feeds your ego into a literally Matrix kind of reality as long you preserve a good ass in your 40s like Jennifer Lopez. So yes, I am worried about the future, because those people are multiplying making money from the masses, who is giving them power? they make money from somewhere! and what do they do with all that money and time they have? making beautiful music on the side that are releasing even a little? no...... they make themselves to look gorgeous and perfect with the help of scientists so people will envy them even more.
  14. because you know ALL the artists of my country? especially those who have won the Nobel prize? write right now the best artists and poets of my country and if you don't know them, EXACTLY my HALF POINT! and you should know which is my country, yeah, you make great points, it makes lots of sense!
  15. I need time to search the person you said because I don't think I know him, and I have other things to do. If get time and check it I will respond to you.