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  1. I would choose not to play or engage.
  2. I realized by examining and accepting my inferior Fe.
  3. She sounds Amazing. Yay You! i find the best relationships happen due too happenstance
  4. Good luck
  5. I suffer Depression. my Recovery happened when I found acceptance In myself
  6. Wallowing in Self Pity is the symptom.
  7. Obsessions are Spectacular! I recommend them (How else will you learn anything?) {tragedy will be the cost, tho}
  8. In my Experience w/ Male INTJ: he may appreciate interest. but eventually reject the intrusive female if she is challenging him Men Pursue their Desire.
  9. @gasmaskman here's a flip side to chew on. What if your Disguised Ego is the Antagonist?
  10. I've noticed Sensors not iNtuitives have this Cluster B commonality.
  11. I Adore one that is a Mensa Genius.
  12. Observing. Remembering. Concluding. Aspiring. Challenging. Understanding.
  13. @Distance You disqualified your own Prior statement. Bahhahaaa.