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  1. You became confident in yourself and happy alone. That made you more attractive and now you found someone of higher value than previously.
  2. Don't feel like you have to do everything alone. Don't let your pride keep you from achieving your goals.
  3. Men psychologically care more about female appearance than females do about male appearance. It only makes sense that therefore, women care more about their own appearance to win over men. Sure, it sucks that we live in a reality where impressing others is human. It causes stress, but it's only the truth. There's plenty of things that cause stress in one's life that actually leads to good things. If we lived in a world where our value was determined entirely by ourselves, then we wouldn't survive as a species.
  4. It's simple. Stealing from others is wrong. Communism steals everyone's wealth away from them. Therefore Communism is morally wrong.
  5. I agree.
  6. 2. Yes, money is needed for stability because without it you'll be more worried about surviving than you are about building a healthy relationship. Relationships take work and effort and if all of your time is dedicated to simply surviving then that takes away from the relationship building part. It's much better of money isn't an issue. 3. That's just going to make you paranoid. Humans have evolved to have certain sexual strategies. If I were to go on and explain all of this it would only make you paranoid as some people do things that they aren't even aware of. 4. To me, true love is when you love someone without any strings attached. A lack of resources (money) for example would test the relationship for sure but ultimately through trial and error, true love should hold true. 6. Yeah, cynical to the traditional views on love that we used to have. Life isn't a fairy tale and not all men and women find their match. It's up to you to find/create your own happiness and the fact that women are more independent are noticing this more and more everyday. This is why we see an increase in women who are willing to make the first move. 7. Well, it's a huge issue with a lot of points but for starters its taught people to find others with similar views as them as opposed to the real world where you're likely to encounter people with a variety of viewpoints on life. This has led to an increasing number of people who are literally unable to back up their worldviews with any sort of factual evidence. You'll see it plenty here on this forum. I will say however that the internet has made the intellectually curious more intelligent and knowledgeable. So in short, the dumb got dumber, the smart got smarter. This ties into mate selection as well because people who are more agreeable tend to be more pleasant to be around. Of course there's a limit. There's a problem with people who are too agreeable. I think people should be cautious of others' behaviors regardless. Better safe than sorry right?
  7. 1. Love 2. Yes 3. Does she expect you to pay for every outing? Is she overly concerned with your possessions? Does she talk bad about others who are less fortunate than you? etc. It's all behavioral. 4. If it's true love, then money shouldn't effect it at all. 5. Gift giving, personal acts of kindness that involve money etc. Nothing serious. 6. In some respects money has become more important. In our current economic state, it's supposedly more difficult to survive as a family on one income. This is from a purely financial perspective though. In terms of love, I don't think the importance of money has increased. In fact, I think it's decreased now due to the fact that women are more financially independent than ever. 7. The internet has done a number on people's ability to communicate with one another.
  8. Crap, you're right. Sorry. I meant to quote Cak. I fixed it now.
  9. ??? That wasn't towards you. I quoted Cak. I don't think you're pushing for racism. I think your solution does. I'm saying your solutions will result in unwanted consequences. I'm attacking your ideas, not you.
  10. @Maiohmy @NSchet Ah, I see. No. I didn't take any of these tests.
  11. Honestly, I have no idea what test you're talking about I just assumed it must be some sort of racial discrimination test.
  12. I didn't take any test. However, the fact that any one race alone should take a particular test works on racism.
  13. @Holli It's up to people like you to provide evidence to support the claim that America is some inherently institutionalized racist society in which whites are the solely perpetrators of this unknown racism. Affirmative action, the fact that men are dropping out of college at higher rates than women, the fact that whites are blamed for every single minority's issues are proof enough that it's actually the opposite of what you say. "white fragility" heh. If it's ok to point crap theories like that then we might as well talk about "black fragility" too. pshh. Plus, the guy isn't even white. I disagree with the premise that America is a racist society today. That's complete bullshit. Alright, nice talking to you.
  14. Whoops, fixed it. Thanks.
  15. @Cak Yeah, I'm not taking it personally and I know you don't mean to offend anyone but the content of what you posted is working on a very racist premise and I hope you know that. 1) Ok 2) That's called an opinion. I have one too. I'd love to hear your prescription to fight racism. 3) Obviously it was never your intention. You're backpedaling. You've made so many claims that you can't defend so now you'll play it off as "I don't need to prove anything to you". 4) Your evidence is a book? I get the feeling that the contents of the book actually contradict what you say. Making the claim that unconscious bias effects a person's actions is near impossible to prove. If you were really educated on the topic then I'd expect you to cite at least the gist of what the book supported and what the evidence was. Anyone can say "go read a book on...". 5) YES! That's exactly what I'm saying. We just have different beliefs on how we do that. I don't think that pointing out racism where it doesn't exist is helpful at all. Can you argue anything? Particularly with evidence to support your claims? You've got a couple to prove already: -Unconscious bias dictates one's actions -There is widespread systemic racial bias against everyone not white So far you're 0/2 Racial differences are irrelevant. Race is a social construct. There are no actual biological black genes, white genes, etc. Only variations on human genes. Preaching "racial differences" as if they're truth is counterproductive. Is an Indian different from an American? Yes, but not on some fundamental biological level that's distinguishes us ideologically. It's cultural as you've said. I'm all for more cultural awareness but racial awareness is a load of crap and we shouldn't be teaching future generations to continue the cycle of discrimination.