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  1. hey I might be a loser but at least I'm your loser
  2. Personality disorders aren't very well known, and even those that are (ASPD, BPD, NPD) are often misunderstood by people who don't have a background in dealing with them or studying them. I have one and when I tell people about it they always are shocked because I don't seem like the stereotype that we're often portrayed as. For as many people who struggle with mental illness you'd think there would be more education on it.
  3. I had a boss that was diagnosed OCPD. He was... Not my favorite person.
  4. Oh for some reason I thought they were teenagers. Seems more fitting tbh.
  5. Seriously how old are these people?
  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences

  7. I also got serotonin syndrome from it when they increased my dosage from 150mg to 300mg. I legitimately thought I was dying and I started to hallucinate worse than usual. I had to get my fiancee to come get me in case I needed to go to the ER because I couldn't stop sobbing and I thought my legs were falling off and my brains were falling out. So yeah to anyone here don't take Effexor it sucks really bad.
  8. Effexor is a SNRI but yeah that's what I'm on. 300mg dose and the withdrawal from missing a few days is terrifying. I was in the car with my partner going to get my meds and I felt like I was splitting open inside.
  9. I know a lot of people on here have played it so I wanted to start an official thread. Just restarted my game. Using the forest farm map and going to romance Abigail.
  10. fun, pines, win
  11. Sucks. Do it slowly or you will regret it. I'm on a pretty high dosage of SNRIs and I missed 2 days and I had terrible mood swings and shaking.
  12. The man in this is honestly not something that can be dealt with since you don't know him. You can try to call him out on it (or your friend can) but from personal experience it'll probably backfire and you'll both end up with more trauma and blaming yourselves than you already have. What you can do though is work on healing for both yourself and your friend. First off, blaming yourselves for the fact that you're hurting isn't going to help anything. There are things that you could or could not have done, but that's irrelevant now. It happened and no amount of reshaping your mindset is going to change that or the pain it caused. She should figure out why she wanted her virginity preserved so bad. Was it that she didn't like sex? Was it that she wanted more value in the eyes of a future husband? Was it out of fear of getting hurt? These reasons matter because they can help her deal with the underlying motivation for prizing her own virginity and then how she will feel now that she isn't a virgin. It sucks, but this is her life now. The only thing you can do is try to gain self knowledge from this and make sure that things that happen in the future are more in your control and centered around what you want for yourself. I'm not saying any of this out of judgment either but what helped me to heal from things that have happened to me. It's important to evaluate yourself after the fact and see what you can learn because otherwise you can ignore it and keep a pattern of toxic relationships due to a lack of value for yourself. To clarify I'm not condoning his actions or placing the blame on her, I'm just trying to see a way in that she can deal with this the best she can.
  13. Whoever wins the duel at the wedding. If we go the traditional way (swords) I'll win but she might get tricky and pick a battle of wits or Smash Bros.