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  1. I'm not bipolar but I have a disorder that's similar and I don't like it. Either depressed or manic you're not really in control. It feels like artificial happiness which just makes me anxious and panic more than I would have before. Manic episodes normally just result in me having intense anger or frustration before crashing hard. Plus most of the things that make me happy when I'm manic are things that I wouldn't normally want to do like excessively risky behavior which just adds to the feeling of being trapped inside your own emotions.
  2. I think I messed up the whole "doing it to prove you're not gay" thing because now I have a fiancée. Where did I go wrong? Seriously though I just want to connect with people. Doesn't matter if it's romantic, sexual, or strictly platonic I enjoy getting to know people one on one. Plus you can have new experiences and get outside your comfort zone a bit which I like as well.
  3. There's no lesbian Grindr because nobody would ever send the first message and even if they did they wouldn't ever get a response back.
  4. Doesn't really have an effect one way or the other unless both of them are hot then I'd think it was attractive. Same goes for women kissing each other, women kissing men, and any other gender combination.
  5. My girlfriend and I just stare at each other across the room like cats before they fight. First one to break eye contact loses.
  6. We turned to face the gods as equals in our arrogance and as such they have abandoned us.
  7. That's really fair. Plus it doesn't have giant spiders which is a huuuuuuge negative in my books.
  8. I'm sure you've already played Inside but the atmosphere of that game was better for me IMO. Held my attention for much longer. Anyways my favorite game is Fran Bow. It makes me feel things no other game can. I just hear the music to Mr. Midnight and I almost fucking lose it every time. It's such a gorgeous, creepy, ambitious game and I love all of it so much.
  9. You seem like you use too much tongue. Just my intuition speaking. Ok hope you don't mind that I have a tendency to stare people down for 30 seconds first like I'm in a YA romance novel.
  10. Do men kissing other men just have to headbutt? Hmm looks like we're going to need some research conducted. Any volunteers
  11. Wow thanks for your opinion, champ
  12. don't lie y'all are just feelers in denial
  13. make sure it's dairy free and we're good
  14. hi
  15. actual photo of me, the winner of evolution