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  1. Someone forgot to tell Plato.
  2. I just have a cabinet where they're all stuffed. I do want to get something more akin to a rack, though, as well as store them in my own jars, etc (sort of like how SY and Madden do it). We've been over this before.
  3. I don't see the Cod in pic #2, just a bunch of melted mozzarella. Not quite good enough a cook yet to analyze the pics efficiently, but I'm glad to learning from what others are posting here.
  4. Just binged watched the first 4.5 seasons. Waiting for the second half of season 4 to hit Amazon Prime. The show absolutely blew me away. I wasn't that happy with the mid-season finale (that battle was a huge let down, compared to both what they were building up to from the previous episodes, and what they had done with the previous siege of Paris in season 3). I did enjoy the time jump, and where it left everything. Very much looking forward to seeing the Sons of Ragnar in action, though it's a shame they robbed Bjorn of his Italy victory by giving it to Ragnar in Paris. It would have been fantastic seeing him sack "Rome", and fit in so well with how they like to write the show.
  5. Ahhh, there she is.

  6. Heh. I can relate, though with the opposite problem. I have big hands, and most computer mice are impractically small for me. I can use them in short bursts, but after 20-30 minutes my hand begins to ache. Nowadays, when I buy a mouse, I have to put more emphasis on it's physical size than on it's features.
  7. Eh, just find his supervisor. Someone up the IT staff chain knows it's alright.
  8. Have you asked the IT guys to remove that feature?
  9. Got to love 20th/21st century psychological research.
  10. My understanding was that the teachers were just a method of delivery, and that the students filled them out themselves. The grammar in that paragraph is fairly poor, unfortunately. If the teachers handled the assessment, the experiment is even worse than I thought.
  11. The article states that the questionnaire's questions specifically targeted self-confidence, perseverance, stability of moods, conscientiousness, originality, and desire to learn. Not solid subject areas for people going through puberty. For all we know, the "changes" could have already been done by the time they were 20.
  12. What is the profession "philosopher"?
  13. Knife on the left is standard for me.
  14. what time are you usually on chat? i go there every once in awhile but i never see you.

    1. yes


      I'm not often in chat nowadays... I've been having a bit of a Civilization renaissance, so my evenings haven't seen much INTJf.

    2. terraczy


      oh! i hope good things come of this

    3. yes


      To be clear, I was referring to the Civilization computer game. I am not, say, painting or doing anything like that.