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    Middle English yes, yis, Old English gēse (adv. and noun), probably equivalent to gēa ye
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  1. Every peek is both ascended and descended.
  2. No lazier than the OP, I suppose.
  3. Well, now you're just shifting the question to match the answer you want to get. Is there any surprise that if you limit the matter to those that ask out of curiosity, that the answer is "to satisfy their curiosity"? I count three assumptions here. The first was stated explicitly: That you assume the purpose of life is an activity. The second is that seeking the purpose of life is to ask "What should I do?". The final assumption is that gathering knowledge is the only answer. If you were to ignore these assumptions, if only for the sake of argument and experimentation, what conclusions would you draw?
  4. Is it? Or is that just how you see it?
  5. You should repost this request but with better SEO in mind, if you're looking draw in someone willing to do it.
  6. Looks great. Do you usually measure the internal temperature of what you're cooking?
  7. This was both informative and insightful, Ambra. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
  8. Extension? We're have way through June. No time for extension. So, May Iron Chef winner: @MsChristine, by virtue of promise. June & July are yours.
  9. Up the Downstairs and Lightbulb Sun have great songs, but I wouldn't say they make great full albums. That requires a certain chemistry between the songs, which they don't deliver. True. I enjoyed the live version Anesthetize much more than the studio version. But I'm not that big a fan of their later stuff. It was the least musically inclined era of PT, where Wilson's focus was more on trying to deliver social commentary than producing quality music. Although there's nothing about prog rock that lends itself to concept albums moreso than other genres, it has a much higher quantity of such albums than they do, I think.
  10. Oh, I know, but I won't skip out on an opportunity to vent about this miserable lens.
  11. I don't know if I should be excited that two people have already posted Porcupine Tree (and one even listed Riverside! Damn), or disappointed that neither of them listed Signify or In Absentia. Come on, guys. Fear of a Blank Planet? Really? This younger crowd, I swear! And since the only Pink Floyd album mentioned so far was Animals, let's start this off right. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd - The Wall Pink Floyd - Meddle David Gilmour - On An Island Porcupine Tree - Signify Porcupine Tree - In Absentia The Beatles - Abbey Road Supertramp - Crime of the Century Dire Straits - Love Over Gold Queen - A Night at the Opera Jesus Christ Superstar - Soundtrack We haven't had too many good full albums since the 70's, huh?
  12. I need a better camera. My phone doesn't capture good close-ups. Or good far-outs. Or the stuff in between. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: I need a better camera. My phone doesn't capture good close-ups. Or good far-outs. Or the stuff in between.
  13. It's actually a George Carlin quote, I think, and it was created for Comedic impact, not to be sound.