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  1. I chop it up each morning. Recently I've also been buying the ingredients fresh that morning. :) And yes, the preparation can take up to an hour.
  2. *Notices it hasn't been ended yet* My typical breakfast. Nothing special, but I realized it fit the requirements, so I'll submit it anyway. Ingredients 1 Cucumber, seeds remove, diced 2 Tomatoes, diced 1/2 Green pepper, diced 1/2 Red dnion, diced Parsley to taste 2 eggs, scrambled Olive oil
  3. I like your new avatar.

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    2. yes


      Ahh, okay. Keep me updated. I'll plan it around your availability. I'm hoping to keep it to before July... Last year's meetup was great, but I'd rather have one before the humidity sets in. :p

    3. AesSedai


      I'll keep you as updated as I can, but it depends upon my mother, and she sucks at keeping ME updated!

    4. yes


      Well, you tell her that I'm waiting on her. :irked:

  4. You strike truth by phrasing things properly, and never, ever, extracting yourself from the statement. If someone said "Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain", it would not be true. But if that person said "Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain I know of", well, that's spot on.* All experiences of the world are subjective, by their very nature. How can anyone make an objective statement under such conditions?
  5. It's called having a boyfriend, but being so hung up on a previous relationship that you are letting it define the term "boyfriend" at current, despite it belonging to the past, and thus infecting your current relationship with the plagues of yesteryear. My advice: Realize that the term "boyfriend" is not objective; it is relative, though not to space and time, nor even to you. It is relative only to the relationship at hand, independent from relationships past and future. Accept the label, and allow yourself to move on from the problems of previous relationships. You are doing yourself no favors by carrying around the baggage.
  6. Well, both. Choices don't exist in a vacuum; they are powered by the situation at hand, founded on context, history, and a multitude of details of all sizes. To extract either approach to meaning from these situations, and discuss them on a higher level, we rob them both of any value they may have. It's a bit like choosing a room's color. If we are to simply ask "beige or yellow?", then we are looking at an arbitrary choice. It can be discussed, but to what end? It is only when we add in the finer details (What kind of room is it? What atmosphere should be invoked? What is the tenant's preferred color palette?) that the options starts to take shape--and we may find that it is not a choice at all, but rather a clear-cut decision; the only option, really. Though it may have been a different option were the situation different. So I find it impossible to compare the given options, because how can we judge whether a life should seek meaning, or take solace in meaninglessness, without an understanding of the life itself?
  7. No. I might want to have children someday.
  8. People that love lamp, of course. The lamp people are everywhere.
  9. It's not a safety finger, it's a stabilizer. It makes it easier to control the glass's movement when making maneuvers. Like barrel rolls.
  10. Those that break the law don't deserve to be protected by the law. It doesn't get any more complicated than that.
  11. You're thinking about it wrong. It's not a 50 minute session. It's 3 15-minute sessions back to back. Prepare it as such. Break down your lesson into smaller units. Give each unit an introduction, body, and opportunity for QA. And accept that the first couple of weeks are going to be awkward for everybody. That's every class, and doesn't typically go away with experience... Unless you're one of those TeacheRico Suave types.
  12. Really? You log out of chat as soon as I log in? :stare:

  13. Actually, that would mean I win.
  14. Send it to me. I'll wipe the drive and accept the donation.