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  1. Nah. Just because what the man did was fucked up doesn't mean it was a crime. I wouldn't convict him of rape if I were the judge, but when I got off of work, I'd find the bar that 47 year old man was drinking in and would blow torch his dick.What would be fascinating is: Is it relevant as to whether or not she got pregnant?
  2. ISFP's are called artists. Mathematics is very artistic. At least that's what my Bulgarian friend (who majored in math) claimed.
  3. That's a very "P"-ish and Ne-ish thing to say. People with extroverted intution (Ne) functionality read situations a lot.
  4. Lance Armstrong had that trait and he's an INTJ. He knew he was wrong but was too stubborn to admit he was arrogant, selfrighteous punk who had an entire nation wrapped around his finger. Oh yes for awhile he master minded things to a tee. And was a genius. He thought it all out and had all his basis covered to hide the fact he was a fraud. But his world was a very sensitive house of cards that with enough pressure was destined to fall apart. Only immature INTJ's have that sort of behavior. Every type when not fully developed fall into traps when they over rely on their strengths at the expense of their blind side which encompasses reason and weaknesses. The good thing is that you recognize your cognitive weakness so that you can understand in the future how if utilized improperly could cause damage to those who care for, are close to or heavily rely upon you. Imagine if you were Lance's son.... Don't be that stubborn...always have a little space to make yourself a better you.
  5. Wrote this (untitled) to an ENTJ female who shared two beautiful nights with me. She's in Dublin now. Smartest spontaneous female I've ever met in my life. Maybe I'll turn it into a song someday. Untitled, written in September 2004 you know poems are all that this place can be consumed about. baroque choke, drunken blisses could just steal away like the pain of an absynthe struggle before cobblestoned wallls. I was brainwashed I used to write with straight lines in mind, now I just struggle to spell a word correctly without vomitting. I guess I willl just purchase another late ferry tickett back to Helsinki, I do not thinky. that would be too scottish or broomie of a thing to do. TallinnSunday morning, thank you for not shining, sunlight can die laughing drunk away in a Canary Island chatter.. .i love you, overcast morning skies, I realise it is hard to acknowledge the beauty of lousy weather. but, unless you've come to tallinn, you'd otherwise not understand. Epilogue written 10 years later Post sunlit, tall, another, darkness, bright in vibe, blind of wrong Even now, in dim, wine rains in glass, goulash, orange fangs smirk. below knotted cloves of garlic. embedded in simmering miss, condolence candles and other chugs of nonchalance. On a little hill, tombs and sprain stone, time bruises monotone, memory bombs, shadow maps, and liver damage. Oceans dialogue ironing the cacophony night away with chatter or the clutter of broken scenery, far, away, shuttered in 3am gallow breezes. Diminishing, disappearing fiery finger flying from the space of my neck and face a permanent stare became my hello, to a surrogate dream saturated in moving yellow flare of predawn. I slept but don’t remember waking up.
  6. Brown rice and zuchinni. I know that much. Not sure what the protein will be. Perhaps fish or tofu.
  7. All undeveloped types have flaws so I'm ok with that point. When I run into a "flawed" type, with the understanding I have of MBTI, it's easy to help them "develop" because they aren't keen to understand their third and fourth tier cognitive functions. If you put them in simple scenarios that allow them to, for example, in the case of an ENFJ, develop their Se or Ti, you could actually assist them in developing into that more refined and worldly ENFJ that everyone enjoys. If you engage in a conversation with a mature ENFJ, there's a great visual dialogue as if we're both orbs talking from atop a mountain looking down on the world and the history that created it that led up to the present moment that consummated our dialogue. I only know two ENFJ's. Both females. They have a very calming effect on me. Their Fe is so refined that they never come off as being invasive which makes them very comfortable to be around. What makes an ENFJ female fascinating to me is that because they are female, they naturally have more emotion embedded in their wiring (probably because of the maternal instinct) but because their personality is additionally wired with Fe as their primary function, they really have an incredible command of their moodswings because they have an instinctive understanding of how their emotions might effect them or their audience that give energy to their extroversion needs. When they are in their most comfortable state of mind, most likely at social gatherings, they really light up the space where they are confined and have a talent of raising up everybody's spirit around them. It's hard not to get inspired by them when they have a vision.
  8. (fish eye pudding lmao) I'll eat a lot and not mind. On my list of disgusting food: 1. a microwaved stick of butter 2. fruit salad with fruit combined with mayonnaise (ewe); I have had that for dessert at a couple of Chinese Weddings. 3. egg salad sandwich. I ate them as a child but now they seem to inspire my gag reflexes 4. bologna and ketchup. 5. leftovers over a week old Honorable Mention: I eat these from time to time and don't mind them, but theoretically speaking: hot dogs.
  9. What women feel about them? It depends on the woman I suppose. I guess they'd feel the same way if I walked around them naked. I kind of like walking naked in front of females while naked because no matter how disgusted they are, they still have that silly grin on their face when placed in that scenario.
  10. If you've come across a point in time where you had a certain song lyrics engrained in your mind for many years and suddenly realize that after all that time, you had the lyrics wrong, this thread is for you: 1. Indicate the song/artist 2. What you thought the lyrics was 3. What the lyrics actually is. My turn: 1. "My Sharona" by The Knack 2. Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one When you gonna give me some time, Sharona Ooh, you make my boner up, boner up Got it coming off o' the line, Sharona Back in the day, I recall loving this song and always felt awkward singing what I thought was the lyric. 3. Actual song lyric: Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one When you gonna give me some time, Sharona Ooh, you make my motor run, my motor run Got it coming off o' the line, Sharona In retrospect, that seems a little more sensible. I mean, why would a person want outwardly indicate that a particular person gives him involuntary erections?
  11. I have a friend who majored in Philosophy at Harvard. He used that skill to be an excellent admin assistant. Evidentally, he was a firm believer of the "money isn't everything" philosophy.
  12. That's $250,000 per punch from a Brazilian woman. I'm i the wrong profession.
  13. I joined here for the same reason (INTJ female). Now I just hang out here. About 1 week of interaction and you'll figure out the INTJ. They're a pretty straight forward type that your Extroverted Intuitive cognitive functionality won't have any difficulties interpretting.
  14. Still, for all practical purposes: liking=having no problem engaging in it. The fact of the matter is that because you have no problem engaging in it tells me you have the capacity to utilize small talk even if to confirm your abhorrance of it.
  15. To understand the crux of your dysfunctionality, we have to navigate deeper into your psyche where that introverted emotion comfortably lies in a hammock locked within the dungeon of your soul. Cause let's face it, that's where the solution is. You must also consider that the INTJ person who is pursuing you will not be capable of understanding the depths of that ill within you. His sole purpose is to seal the deal and make you his woman at any cost (INTJ's are purposeful when they have decided they want something). When you have those explosive episodes, have you considered that the aggression is due to penis envy? Before we delve into that, in your childhood, were you a bit of a tomboy? Possibly got betrayed by a very close male friend who confronted you with the fact that you are a girl and not a boy? Every woman I've known with an explosive temper only seems to execute such a temper towards males and never females. Which makes me ask: do you ever explode in the presence of other females? Regardless of the issue, don't be hard on yourself. The good news is that there is a solution. But don't look for the answer in the same methodology you'd use to solve an algebraic equation. It's probably more complex than that.