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  1. too late, they've already calculated when to press the trigger after a series infinite scenario reruns that took about 3 tenths of the second with their brain wiring.
  2. A song I wrote: Too bad the millenium came to an end So rad the rainbow neon lights fade thin Degrade the farmer and the hen Teammates forever say "don't kill your friends." Today tomorrow's a part of it, Just like the reverse of anything. To say you're really a part of it, 's just ghast a ghostly rarity So glad I forgot the time again, On time I remembered to misplace my pen Sincere the edge of an urban cliff, Sometimes it's the only painless choice to make Try and rehearse that again and again again Today I borrowed a part of the routine drafted over and over again To say the very part of it's a fad (I couldn't argue any less) To walk the Esplanade again's, to lie for it can never be the same to fear the very heart of it's not the way I'm going to remember it...
  3. Gender study? How is it possible to make a course 100% BS free? Are the students chained on a ship side by side with five armed guards prepared to kill anyone that does BS? In such an environment, I'd be killed by week 2. I'm saying "no" on the grounds of saving my life.
  4. You INTJ's are so funny. Really? You gonna try and NT-alyze your emotions? That's like trying to think with your feelings. Don't try to think about how feelings work. You'll get nowhere. You're just as seeeeensitive as us feelers, just the frequency isn't as frequent. I pick on you but you NT's rightfully pick on me back for emotionally analyzing things when the answer is as simple as one plus one equals two. Keep crying and don't spoil this breakthru moment by trying to turn it into some sort of an algorithim . PS-You're only crazy when you try and rationalize your emotions. Emotionality is the anarchy part of the mind. Have fun liberating yourself from the need to always be quantitatively in tune with your state of mind's ambition towards perfect scientific harmony.
  5. can't really tell based on your soliloquy. ENFPs are the most "empath" of the NFs. The ENFJs that I know well have a deep worldliness about them and don't have too much interest on the details but do understand the inportance of details in the grand scheme of everything. Tell me about how you intuitize. How are you forward thinking? How is it that your mind becomes inspired to the point that makes you more of a visionary than the average person? That should help you figure out why you're either an ENFJ or an ENFP. Your lack of empathy makes wonder if you're a thinker with a strong fundamental understanding of how emotions affect the outcome of logic of anything.
  6. Not being able to shut up in a group discussion is derived from some kind of extroverted function stack. So plagued loquaciousness can be associated with either a primary introvert or extrovert. There are certain extroverted functionality pairings that gives way to a person who simply does not know how to shut up. Any primary Extrovert with introverted feeling can read outwardly when the person they're talking to needs to chime in or needs to end the conversation. Anyone with Fe whether extroverted or introverted often have issues with shutting up because they're so caught up in letting out what they're feeling they often lose perspective that those around them really don't give a hoot. ENFJ's have an amazing ability to utilize their Fe with amazing precision since they're gifted with that trait. The common pattern I recognize is that they have that never ending sentence. Donald Trump's a a great example. In his press conference yesterday, you could see how Fe can really fly out of control but also be used advantageously to quell a press assault on his character. He'll be asked a question and when a reporter tries to cut him off, he'll go into another gear and project over a reporter. I know Introverts who can't shut the fuck up, even INTJ's who don't even have Fe, but in their case, they have inherent social awkwardness because they think faster than they can project. So I'm not buying the argument that introverts are more mindful than extroverts which is what you're really trying to say. It's 50/50.
  7. Toronto aey'uh?
  8. You ask the question as if he has an intellectual grasp of his feelings. He's an INTJ...he has no clue as to why he does that. If he tells you it's because he has feelings for you or something emotionally suggestive or expressive...really engage with him about how he feels about it and I guarantee you he'll shrink into a tiny pebble of sand deep within the realms of his introverted intuition until you are a million miles out of his sight. So with that in mind, your best best is to not try and figure out why he does anything unless you want to scare him away. Just accept it but don't trust it. Give him a good decade before you allow yourself to trust him. I recommend a decade because that's the amount of time he'll need in order to determine that he trusts you. I notice that INTJ's divorce REAL easily. They need a LOT of time before they're truly committed to somebody at their core.
  9. ????????????? Whatever...I explain very eloquently why I think the holiday is stupid. But ok, I'll humor you. LIke the rule of women who PMS in the middle of the month. Valentines day is in such a scenario is equivalent to walking in a room filled with landmines.
  10. haha...no body. I just loathe the day. I'm a very romantic person mind you. But a day with unnecessary rules on how I should express my love? No. Fuck that bullshit.
  11. There's not much of a difference between being raped and death. I guess it all depends on how you don't want to be laid.
  12. That day must've been devised by lawyers. It provides impetus for a male and female to fight because, if one of the two doesn't give a fuck...it gives the one who gives a fuck a reason to be a jerk or a bitch. I vote: I hate valentine's day and suggest the inventor of the holiday be hung, drawn, quartered and then fed to hyenas with the excrement placed into a blender, made into a smoothie and deposited into a septic tank just to be safe.
  13. Get something that plays loud accoustically. I'd suggest a JC-120amp. As for fx's...skip pedals and spend $200 on an iRig with amplitube. Amplitube allows you to fuse up to 6 fx together and if you combine that with garageband, you can add up to 10 fx's on your guitar. That'll give you plenty of room to devise just about any guitar sound you need.
  14. You indicated that you have been extroverting more lately. In what way? In how you express your feelings? In how you think aloud? In how you absorb the environment around you? or in how you "read" the environment around you? It's very important for you to understand how you are extroverting. Is it that you like to be in crowds more? Is it that you find yourself more publicly expressing yourself? You gotta give me more a bone to chew on for me to help diagnose your personality changes. By the same token, how are you introverting? For every act of extroversion, there's an effect on your mind inwardly... How has your recent dates with extroversion effected your inner mind workings? On the conflicts with your ENFP partner...what exactly is it about order neatness that bothers you? How do you express your disapproval? We ENFP's are pretty much slobs compared to others' standards, though my ENFP best friend is neat to the point that he can tell me without looking how many drops of vodka hit the carpet and how many crumbs of pizza fell off of my mouth onto the ground without even looking. It's disturbing to me (my introverted feeling has issues with his policing of my food residue :( ).
  15. Lost my mom. It was brutal for about a year. Then, I came to peace with it. The key thing you have to accept is that 1) you are not immortal. Prior to losing a parent, one never really ponders their mortality. When you lose a person very close to you like a spouse, sibling or parent, the spirit needs time to adjust to that. The other thing you have to accept is that your mother's influence on your life means that she'll always be with you just by the mere repetition of teaching you how to live, grow up, think, feel and look at the world. It took me a year to figure those two things out. During that year, I found I was hyper sensitive to things, like sentimental things or things that trigger sentimental thinking like songs or movies. Any movie where someone's loved one died would naturally put me into tears very easily. Haven't lost my father yet, but I imagine losing him will be a tough for me to deal with. I don't think it will be as difficult as when I lost my mother. The hardest part for me in getting over my mom's death was that she'd never be able to have a conscious shared moment with me again. Fast forward a year, and realize that everyday, my mother shares conscious moments with me thru recollection, photos, memories or some other trigger that touches the coagulations within my mind that send a signal reminding me of the bond we shared. I can promise you that you'll come to peace with her death. First 6 months will be the hardest.