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  1. Yeah, I'm that skinny fat too. Well, when I was skinny. So yesterday's data surprised me. I missed a nectarine at breakfast and a couple of bites of beef jerky I shoved in my mouth behind my back and total calories consumed yesterday was 2,446. Less the 800 calories from my 5 mile run and that puts me at around a 1,650 calories net. In terms of protein, fat, carb disbursement, only 75 grams were attributed to Protein. So that's a possible red flag. Though on non-weight room running days, I prefer a diet with higher carbs and some protein. Today's a weight room/running day so I'm gonna have to ramp up proteins two fold. This morning, I was already 2 lbs lighter. So I must have been subconciously binging on food or eating too extemperaneously. I guess while the conscience is away, the psychosis shall play. Gonna need to put a muzzle on that mouth of mine. Today's Diet Batting Line up: Batting Lead-off for Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper, 1/4 cup of mashed yukon gold potato (no butter), 1/2 cup of ground beef, 1/8 cup of peas, 1/8 cup of carrots, 1/8 cup of white 'shrooms with a 8 oz cup of coffee (black). Total estimated calories: 620. Post breakfast weight: 221 lbs. On Deck: a medium sized banana. Lunch: lots of protein Snack: Apple Excercise: 45 minutes of weights, and 3.5 miles of light running Post weight room snack: a protein bar of some sort. Dinner: TBD Post dinner dessert: Drumstick? (310 calories....hmmm, maybe not) Hey Joe, In your opinion, about how many calories would you say is burnt during an honest all out 45 minute weight room session. assuming 2-3 minutes of resting in between sets? Is 500 about right? (probably not, looks more like 200-300)
  2. Back from my 5 mile run (at an 8:50 min/mile pace). Well this is my first day of tracking calories since I hit this plateau so I can't come the same conclusion as you based on a single day worth of data. So maybe I've been eating more than I realize. Sadly we shall never know for certain because of the lack of data. I will say unequivocally that my diet hasn't been anywhere near what you ate back in your fatty days so I'm going to partially conclude that you probably have a higher metabolism than me. One thing I know for certain is my 221 compared to your 221 is probably fluffier since you have had a more discipline weight room routine over time. I've always been "skinny fat" all my life. I'm defining that as not being able to bench press my own weight. Let's try two weeks of data and I will do as you previously suggested which is daily (not weekly as I proposed) accountability. Hopefully, that'll be the ticket to winning this war.
  3. I didn't read most of what you said. You had me with "Do you see how stupid it is to explain behaviors via functions? LMAO. I think you can use the functionality stacks as a tool but definitely not as an absolute for understanding human personalities. Human beings are way to unpredictable and complex to rely on a simple scientific set of rules. Cheers to your observation. Agree
  4. Not many Extroverted "I's" are absolute "I's". Same goes with introverts. Because of function stacks, there's elements of being a sensor in all Xi-doms. Specifically: If anything, their tertiary and quadrary sensor functionalities enhances their ability to be visionaries by either connecting their visions in real time (extroverted sensing or Se) or by applying experience to their visions (introverted sensing or Si). So yes, extroverted I's are prone to seeming like sensors primarily because an extrovert show their thought functionalities outwardly to those around them thus revealing their Sensor aspects which come more in focus than say an introvert who tend to be better at concealment of expression since all the real thinking they perform predominantly occurs inwardly behind the veil so to speak. I notice that extroverts are more inclined to reveal thought in body language, facial expression or spoken tonality at a greater frequency than introverts.
  5. I think it's my portions since I'm not eating under a program. Let's track everyday for a few weeks (12 days) and see if that jump starts me. Starting now. Breakfast: 4 oz of 2% lactose free milk and 4 ounces of raisin bran and 1 oz of flaxseed; 2 cups of coffee (black) Did not hydrate at all (need to up my H20 intake) Snack 1: apple; still no fluids. Lunch: 1 fried egg (olive oil); 4 strips of bacon; 3 ounces of smoked salmon; 1 avocado, salad with tomato, mushrooms, spinach, in an olive oil, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar dressing with black berries a few sunflower seeds and other "healthy stuff" (like olives, shredded carrots, red onions....) Snack 2: Banana Dinner: To be determined... Dessert: let's drop the ice cream drumstick (a whopping 275 calories) for a pear and almond butter (150 calories) Update: Just did a calorie counter log and not including dinner or dessert, I'm already at around 1,500 Calories. I will get a 700 calorie burn from my expected 5 mile run so I don't have all the much of a margin of error if I lose track of snacking. Also, just weighed myself now, after lunch and I'm at 222 lbs. Gonna start hydrating like a Lion at a withering water hole.
  6. With a little adrenaline it's possible. I recall once driving 3 friends home and I was horribly wasted and driving in very busy traffic. I don't know how I got them home safely but while I was drunk out of my mind, I recall thinking three things that sobered me up as much as possible: 1) You are responsible for three people's lives here; 2) If you get pulled over, you will get a DUI; 3) If you get in an accident and someone dies, you may even do time. It's one of a handful of times where I driven people home drunk out of my mind and was very lucky something didn't go wrong. When I say I was drunk, it's at a high enough blood alcohol level where I could not focus on what was in front of me. I was sober enough to have the route memorized and just drove with a focus of giving as much space to the vehicles in front of me (god knows, they may have even been drunk too!!!). That night, I drove maybe a good 25 miles or so whilst drunk and keep in mind, the people in the car with me were also drunk cracking up jokes what not being huge additional distractions to me while I was cracking jokes and driving at the same time too. Two of them were ph'd students whose work involved finding a cure for certain cancers. And the traffic was pretty high but moving. Imagine if these bright minds had been killed in an auto accident that I was at fault for? Possibly others' lives would've been lost because of their work in cancer studies may not have been the impetus to some other cure? That's sobering enough just looking back at the in retrospect. Not proud of that, but must've had a rabbits' foot in my pocket.
  7. Actually I'm 6' 220 lbs. It seems like I'm swimming in a rip tide with all the effort I'm putting and not losing weight. But at the moment, I'm not too concerned because I feel pretty good. I've never hit the weight room as hard as I have been lately. My running load is at around 20-25 miles/week. Once I hit 30-35 miles/week, the weight will come down pretty quickly. Part of the battle could be the increase in my muscle mass as I pretty much started hitting weights hard about a month ago. I'm happy that my weight fluctuations aren't as wide. For awhile my weight was fluctuating from 216 to 225; lately, the fluctuation has been 219-223. After our long run last Sunday, I ate half a pizza with another 1/4 lb of ground bison beef on it (lol). I doubt that helped my cause. If I avoid pizza, I'm certain to be at 218 by next Monday. Just need keep at it. My long distance mileage on Sundays will gradually ramp up to: May 28: 16 miles June 4: 13 miles June 11: 18 miles June 18: 13 miles June 25: 20 miles July 2: 13 miles July 9: 22 miles If I'm not at least 215lbs by July 9th, I'll be a bit annoyed. lol.
  8. Last weigh-in 221. No change. Lately, my appetite has been surging and I find myself eating more. Seconds for dinner (some very good Shepherd's Pie), Ice cream (260 calories/pop) have snuck into my diet the past week. Not smart. On the positive, no signs of slowing down in the weight room. Rested on Monday after a 14 mile long run on Sunday. On Tuesday, after being beaten down on the weights doing 2 sets of 13 reps of a) dumbell lifts (35lbs/arm), b) lawn mower lifts (40lbs/arm), c) dumbell curls (25lbs/arm), and d) standing hammer curls (35lbs/arm), my ENFP weight training bud had me on the free weight bench press and wanted to see if I could press 135lbs on the free weights. To my surprise, did 4 of them with exhausted arms. Did 2 sets of 60 lbs dumbbells per arm farmer walk/shrugs (around 50 feet walked) and then he had me back on the free weight bench press. Did 4 more on dead arms. Who knows, I might actually be able to bench press 150 lbs. Suddenly, my goal of bench pressing more than my weight seems attainable with dedication. Pretty excited about that. Woke up yesterday sore as hell. After work, we ran 5 miles which included a good 2 miles of steep up and down hills (around 5-6.5% grade hills). Knees felt good during the run and feel good today :) On Sunday, we will run 13.5 more miles which will include a gruesome 9.5% grade 1/2 mile hill run that pretty much tears your soul apart. That hill run is preparation for the ultimate hill run that we're considering which is this ballbuster run that may not even be attainable, some 1 mile up a 10.5% Grade Hill. I'm not even sure we could do it. But we keep pondering it. The very worst is an 11.5% grade hill that's about 1/2 mile too. That one gets me nauseous even considering running it. Today, I will run 5 light miles and on Friday more weight room work followed by a light 3.5 mile run. No weight lost but no weight gain and I'm staying in shape. The battle of 220 lbs has been grueling but I have the pop in my soul to keep fighting it.
  9. If something specific's bothering you be direct. Don't dilly dally like ENFPs typically do. We dilly dally because we're shy when it comes to expressing our feelings. You can't approach an INTJ in that manner because they don't recognize what you're feeling unless you specifically indicate what it is. INTJ's can be liberating to ENFP's because we know how to express feelings but we aren't comfortable doing it. INTJ's give us plenty of room to allow us to drop that guard down slowly to be comfortable with being up front about our feelings.
  10. Pretty much a B+ in most subjects and like any class where the instructor is a good speaker and gives good notes. I find history, music, cinema and geography to be the most interesting. I have no idea what my mbti is. ENFP/7w6
  11. I have to admit that Kyrie was bad ass yesterday in the 3rd Qtr. He proved he's officially a great one.
  12. It pairs up with the fact us white people transferred our "tastes" to our taste in fashion, proper dress code and musical preferences. I guess the taste got away from us when all the non-white immigrants bought all our tabasco sauce.
  13. Your preferences are reasonable, for you. The problem is that others around you have a different definition of what's an appropriate amount of time to be around others. In all honesty, based on what you wrote, it's sounds as if you need to be in a convent or monastery. In such an environment, you'd have much more quiet time. My advice would be to chose a career that minimizes your time around people so that you aren't overtaxed when you come home to your BF. If you're taxed while in class, you will never have the energy even to manage retaining a BF. I think if you get a job like laboratory analysis, or a librarian or some other profession or career that limits you interaction with people, you will possibly less taxed when you come home after a day of work. This would allow you to have a healthy relationship where you could negotiate "alone time" at home with your bf. Ideally, you find a bf who needs alone time as well and then from there, you could devise a strategy where when you both are together, it's quality time and not forced pretentious time. As for your friend, once a week is too much time devoted and that's coming from me, an extrovert. I like 2-4 month breaks between interactions with most of my friends. There is one exception and I hang with him 3-4 times/week because he exercises with me.
  14. He doesn't seem like a thinker. He was rather lazy in college and even a bit of a romantic. I'll say INFJ.
  15. It's so cute how some INTJ's profess their romantic feelings by drafting up well concocted scientific essays. Personally, I would find it irritating as hell if I knew my loved one was studying me using scientific data, unbiased analysis and studies on chimps and reporting their findings to the peanut gallery here complete with a full set of footnotes to justify the references and conclusions. I'd feel like that frog in that introduction to biology class where young little 4th grades peeps are dissecting it apart (lol). But I have to step back and applaud your effort. It's not how I'd love someone, but of course, we're all different in how we approach the medium of love. Ultimately it's the effort one places in one's commitment to another that is truly romantic. No, it's not Romeo and Juliet, but it's just as effective.