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  1. I like people but that doesn't mean I like going to parties. I only like parties when everyone's having fun. In my life, I've been to about maybe 10 truly good parties. Comic.cons, conventions, training, meetings, most stadium games, funerals, church processions, and any public gathering where I have to pay more than $5 just to walk around and get in lines.....they're disgusting to me. Being around people like in a park or just walking to work is usually ok to me as long as I do not have to specifically interact with anyone. I really hate engaging with strangers. I like to observe but not necessarily feel the need to converse. I hate people who just "in the moment" start talking to me. That happened the other day, I was in the elevator just minding my own business and some social fuck tries to be cute by asking me, "is there food in that box for me?" I guess she thought she was funny. I ignored her for about 2 floors while going up on the elevator and the dumb fuck was still looking at me waiting for me to laugh at her punchline. Didn't the stupid bitch realize I had headphones on? That kind of random spontaneity makes me wanna punch walls. Occasionally it works but that person has to be extremely charismatic and there aren't many of those out there in the wilderness. I was once at a concert, the Fray. By myself. In that moment, I was very happy to be a part of the crowd. I bought my beer and headed towards the stage when this very attractive blonde girl got in my way. I'd go to her left and she'd go there; and then to my right and she'd go there. I guess she was trying to be cute and flirtatious. As pretty as I thought she was, I dismissed her as some clueless ovulating slut on ecstacy. Why the fuck would someone wanna socialize with me, a complete stranger? She's just a user like everyone else. Can't trust anybody in a big city. Not even the cute ones.
  2. I think the general thought process of deciding to abort a fetus is disgusting not to mention the actual process itself. Yuck! But I also think the idea of a woman be forced by law to give birth to a child seeded by a rapist is just as disgusting. It's really a shitty debate. Whichever side you take, you're the asshole. I'm neutral on abortion and that makes me an asshole for passing the buck.
  3. The USA Lags behind in Olympic Ping Pong as well. I mean, we're good a lot of things, but the rest of the world is good too. Can't be the best at everything. Why rub our heads in manure over manufacturing? Culturally it makes sense. Americans are "free"...Manufacturing is a slave concept so finding an American work force to work like a slave is gonna be culturally undermined by the American worker. Remember how our cars sucked? We've always sucked at manufacturing.
  4. They're actually pretty awesome. Because they're logical, although they lack feeling, they "get it." So when it comes to dating, their mindset is along the lines of: "I'm a girl. In order to reproduce I have to get laid. Therefore, the first dude that who walks in here and shows a reasonable amount of interest in me, I'll mark, give him eye contact, initiate conversation with him and try to give him the confidence have the lay of my land. In order to entice him, logically, I must dress like a slut. Seems pretty easy to me this whole courtship thing. Worst case scenario, I hate him. We get divorced and I get half of his money."
  5. I don't think it should be a dealbreaker. Keep in mind, even if you wind up with the best dress, made up, dolled up female, eventually you're gonna live together and you're gonna see the harsh reality that she could potentially be an utter slop of a mess when not in the public. Yup, and you're gonna have to see her sitting on the toilet seat taking dumps you didn't think a female could even be capable of doing. There's a couple of other bloody surprises I could share you but I don't want your gag reflexes to take over. Once you accept that all human beings eventually have to become filthy at one point in time or another, then, it's obvious that personality compatability far outweighs how good someone presents themselves in the pretentious, over rated limelight.
  6. You're being honest so there's no big deal about you worrying about sounding like an objectifying asshole. Clearly all people whether they admit it or not have standards that they apply when determining who their potential mating partner might be. She's dressing like a slob primarily because she might not have "finding a boyfriend" as something on her wish list. Perhaps her focus is her education or some other more significant aspiration like being a part of the next woman's international soccer team. You'd have to agree that accomplishing goals are way more important than having a girlfriend or a boyfriend anyhow, right? What if she's just not all into that boring "relationship thing" that everyone around her seem to think is such a big deal? If that's her core belief then, why the hell would she waste time dolling herself up to men gawking over her when she clearly doesn't even want the attention. It would be a major inconvenience. So I guess she under dresses to sort of fall below the radar. Looks like she's almost accomplishing her goal, until you came around.
  7. that tail end part is where you just sprint man. Just kill it cause you already did the hard work. *Thumbs up!*
  8. Is the ESFP a man? If not, I wouldn't worry about this. ESFP females will get offended that you don't give them the attention they're trying to manipulate out of you to satiate their sense of esteem. But if you continue to ignore them, they'll only internalize it (introverted feeling) and will probably be toxic around others in their life. You're not a sex toy, so if you're not feeling the same way, just do what Dione Warwick once sing aloud: "walk on by....."
  9. It's that 10% extra water in their body compared to us sensible males.
  10. That makes sense prioritizing your attraction to a female based on her outward appearance. You do this because your DNA coding has sounded off the alarm that you need to reproduce. So your attraction to females is more instinctive. Pretty much outside of your own will and control, your mind sees an attractive female and the following alarm signal goes off in your brain sending the message: "Big tits means fertility, therefore, my dick must penetrate her." That's pretty much how humans and most animals operate. When you were 16, it was probably even more primative, the thought process. As you age, wisdom will marry the brain wirings you possess and you'll be able to creatively come up with some pretty deep explanations for why you find a specific female more attractive to you than the remaining 3.5 billion females simultaneously existing. It's a learning process figuring out the best female for you. I'd say focus more on the one that mentally, emotionally, and intriguingly stimulates your mind the most and let her figure out how to make herself look her best version of herself to please you. In the end, you'll find the best looking woman for you in that manner. If you go by your first attraction, you may miss out on the one's in your peripheral who actually have better game but need to learn how to show it...kind of like how you need develop a better version of you to find that right female for you. I wish you the best and don't get to hung up over it. You're still only 25 and have a long life ahead of you.
  11. To me it's because they know when I am really paying attention. So if my mind is on another thing while I'm engaged with someone who "knows me well", I instinctively know they're wondering what I'm really thinking about. I usually laugh because it's private stuff that I don't want them to know about.
  12. It depends on the context. If it's a catcall with non-verbal gesture that suggests the person calling her "beautiful' wants a piece of her.....sex; then yeah, that's harrassment. If it's just a shout out to get her attention, I don't think that's bad. In the Southern US, everyone calls one another beautiful, or hun, or darlin' and the intent there isn't sexual; the intent is more like a pleasant cheerful greeting.
  13. They're pretty dominating, even the passive ESFJs. They usually have an agenda and it's just their agenda right or wrong. You just have to out talk them which is what I'm learning in my work group where there are 4 of them out of 14. They all have strong opinions and always want to chime in. My best approach is to manage them like an incessant fire. Let them burn a little to make them happy but redirect their heat to an area that will prevent an all out metaphorical forest fire. As long as they have a platform, they tend to be happy, so satisfy that need and you'll be able to keep control over them; and ideally, you'll have them acting as your emotional muscle which is what most ESFJ's role typically in group dynamics. The biggest nightmare in a group setting is two domineering ESFJ's with differing strong view points. They can really derail the productivity of a meeting if you don't spot them in time.
  14. I have eye contact issues with people I'm closest too. It's like I know they can read me so it's embarrassing for whatever reason; and if I engage in eye contact, sometimes, I can't even keep a straight face and will find myself laughing. If the person's a stranger, I'm pretty good with eye contact.
  15. Your mindset is proper. Selective equality even if well intentioned is fascist too; in fact it's just as ugly as oppressive neo-Naziism. I support all Nazi's right to protest their views. Once they cross the line with violence, then you can kick their asses, but until they cross the line, you're in the wrong if you attempt to oppress them by attempting to take their voice from them. Have you heard about that story in Germany about the peaceful anti-Nazi March protest?