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  1. Aww. I really hate smoking. -_- Both my parents are over 50 and still doing it.
  2. Interesting... I would have never thought of making herb drinks with this.
  3. Because there are more men in the world and perhaps men in general are more likely to want sex to that extent whereas a female has more risk in sex such as the possibility of getting pregnant by someone she doesn't even know and therefore risks a lot more than males who can generally use a condom to not only avoid pregnancy but also various STDs the women could be carrying. You could argue that some of my points could be used to counter the concept of female prostitution and you'd be right... It's very risky and widely frowned upon by many governments. Or maybe women are just not dumb enough to pay for sex with someone they don't know and risk their body.
  4. So I went to meijer to do some shopping as I normally do but accidentally bought coffee beans instead of grounds. Instead of returning it like a logical human being, I used this opportunity to buy a mortar and pestle to 1) gain the experience and 2) see if the coffee tasted any different/better. Shits not as easy as it looks. I bought a marble one and seasoned it by grinding rice for a bit only to find out that the reason you season is to remove the dust particles out of the stone, which frankly I didn't care much for and didn't do a 2nd batch of rice and instead moved onto my coffee beans. It's a strangely satisfying activity, preparing your coffee, as you usually do many other things in your head.. Speaking of which, it's a nice time to think while you work. What do you all think of this tool? How do you use it? Any tips for me?
  5. Welcome to the forum, kitty.
  6. Oh. I didn't realize you were being literal. Very interesting. I should convince my heavily religious father to try that.
  7. How were you hypnotized?
  8. Apparently you have a comprehension problem. The answer is so simple, it's almost irrelevant.
  9. Look dude. People can believe what they want but I believe you support each other. It's illogical to rely on one person for financial support because what if you break up? What if he breaks a leg? What will the wife do then? And if by biological you mean pregnancy, of fucking course the wife will need to be supported more but that doesn't mean he or she should support the other more throughout their life just because of gender.
  10. Scorpio said it better than I could have. Didn't really need answering, I think. It's obvious.
  11. It's not about fucking gender. You support each other.
  12. With Ni a lot of the things you say will be countered with 'dude you don't know me wtf'
  13. Virginity is a highly misunderstood and overly exaggerated term. Men, particularly young men, are constantly tricked into believing not being a virgin is best, some going to the extreme claiming it's shameful to remain as one. Give me a fucking break. You wanna know what being a virgin is like? It's not giving a shit about what others think, it's telling your gf, if you get one "yaa, I didn't really care to just get a gf to fuck her and lose my virginity..." because guess what, dude, that says a lot when most guys thought are just sex sex sex sex it sets you apart. It's being given all of this free time without a relationship to actually get to know yourself, you know, the most important person in this world. It's knowing yourself so you're actually mature through self-knowledge and ready to prove it to someone. It's not having the likely terrible teenage relationship experience that is so common. I think if anyone has a problem with it, particularly a women I happen to be with, they can walk away... Cus I wouldn't want anyone with that mindset. I don't really care if anyone is/isn't a virgin. It would be interesting to pair up with a virgin to learn shit together, but that's a unfair requirement that would limit my opportunities way too much.
  14. I don't really like his choices. Not only should he have stayed away from the girl but asking that question when he's knee deep into her is way too late and shows a serious lack of foresight or planning. If he ignored the warning signs going of in his head then he's a stupid fool who happens to be in love, again. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: What does he do? Swallow his mistakes and continue the relationship. Let's say he started that committed relationship at 16. 7 years later he will have been 24. Even if he started at 14 or 15 and ended at 21 or 22, that still gives him room to spend another 7 years with someone else and at that point he will be 28-30 and at that point if he's not ready to commit he should have a serious plan laid out to get that shit done by 40 which seems risky to me.
  15. When you have the inattention version of ADHD... Yes, I do it and it pisses me off.