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  1. Silly discussion we are omnivores. Just look in your mouth...you have teeth for chewing and tearing and grinding. You may find social reasons to be a paleo or a vegetarian, etc but you are constructed for eating pretty much whatever is available.
  2. There is no winning or losing a debate. One side or the other may be compelled to change their position, or not. If you are on the changing side you have grown perhaps...if you are not then maybe not. I would rather learn something new rather than be compelling.
  3. non sequitur. Why would it not be possible to be intuitively sensual?
  4. always on time. INTJ (polarized). Multi-dexterous ( some things lefty and some things righty).
  5. Really not much to go on here...age of son? Any extenuating circumstances not listed, etc.
  6. Because men are demonized. Nothing to do with interest, more to do with how we treat men.
  7. diplomacy is sugar coating. You just need to understand that what you find as an acceptable means of data intake is not what others find as an acceptable means. Will you talk to people the way that they will understand the best, or the way that you talk because that works the best for you. Good communication requires at least two people dedicated to communicating effectively. This means speaking in a way that the receiver will find receptive.
  8. if the universe is a hologram...whether simplistic or not, then what we see as dimensional is only the manifestation of a projection on a flat surface. If the surface is flat then so to would be the things contained therein at their base. If it is not so then they should not claim that the universe is a hologram. There are all kinds of things that people have rationalized that they hold as beliefs that are perhaps not true. Back to the argument concerning what is fact and what is not.
  9. Well, if the universe is a holigram, then yes, the earth could be considered to be flat....its a good party argument
  10. If they trust you they will ask, and if you are not embarrassed, then they will not be either. Open communication about facts, social norms, behavior, etc. I think as has been stated, that you need to correct any information that they may have received from their school, peers, etc, if it is incorrect or misleading.
  11. It was a long time ago.... I was always on time or early when I went to class if I went to class. I read all of my books from front to back and then back to front at the beginning of the year/school period. So, was usually really bored in class and kept an ear open just to be able to answer questions without being caught off guard. I was the one reading a book other than the one appropriate for the class I was in. Doing homework in class for the previous class, knowing that it was a silly exercise that you were expected to complete. Never had trouble making grades and was liked by most if not all of the teachers. Didn't volunteer anything if not asked directly. I was liked by most if not all of my peers, but was considered outside of their groups. I could usually mix with any of the groups or cliques. I was not ostracized by them, and at the same time was not considered part of them. I participated in whatever sports, music, etc that I was interested in and was considered a team member, but probably not a friend. I read allot especially on any bus going anywhere for a school activity. I usually only participated in things that I felt I would be able to excel at if I exerted the effort. I found out after several reunions that most people perceived me to be observational and dismissive. The statement was made that I would observe someone or a group, seem to come to a conclusion, and then become completely disinterested in the person or group which was perceived as dismissive. Many years later I was told by many that I was considered the fixer. Most of my peers felt comfortable coming to me and telling me their troubles apparently because I would listen and only ask questions afterward and would not always prefer advice. I wore whatever I felt like wearing that was comfortable and would adapt if my friends or peers thought that it was not fashionable but never tried to stand out. I dated and had a small circle of friends, and could hold a discussion with almost everyone in the school. I would sit with anyone or any group at lunch although maybe with my friends about 50% of the time. Had allot of underclassmen say that I was very unusual in that I would talk to anyone is any grade without treating them differently. I was voted most likely to succeed even though most were not certain what I would succeed at. I had the third highest GPA in my class even though I skipped allot and didn't really care about my GPA. I read so many books from the library, that by my Junior year, they started giving me lend lists from the nearby libraries. My brothers called me Spock. My parents understood very little about me...and still don't. I lived on a farm in the country with the nearest neighbors about a mile away. I often camped on the other side of our property on the weekends and didn't return until Sunday afternoon. I would fish, and maybe bow hunt, and would take a couple books and some writing material and usually slept in a primitive shelter. My parents eventually realized that I didn't care why they wanted me to do something. I usually did not agree with their reasons, but was certainly willing and diligent in completing whatever tasks they felt I should do. I was not from an affluent family and my parents were divided about my future. Both felt that we could not afford college though and suggested a trade school or factory. I chose college anyway and worked 30 hours a week to make it all work, and I never looked back. I was that guy that was pretty introverted that got that A on the test and maybe all of the bonus points, but never let it be known. I was known for finishing the tests way early and writing poetry on the back or in the margins.
  12. all good...matcha and oolong both good. Advice on good water temp is also valuable.
  13. https://www.teaforte.com/store/gourmet-tea/tea-collections/tea-tasting-assortment/ with fairly reasonable shipping
  14. Tea enjoyment is highly subjective. If you are only spending 30 to 50, and the person has a good tea kettle or Keurig, then a tea ball and loose leaf tea is probably the best option. If the recipient is tea knowledgeable then you probably need a hint at what they like. If they are not tea knowledgeable to can get a variety pack of loose leaf that would cover most of the highly popular types, such as darjeeling, earl grey, etc.
  15. convection ovens work well for many things like potato chips or wedges and whole chickens, etc. Alternative to the deep fryer with less oil component. Generally take less energy than your oven, and heat up your house less in the summer.