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  1. grades are pretty much useless at this level. As for different vs better the argument is specious. It implies that society should do what makes the majority happy in the short term. It does not address that education should be trying to maximize outcomes whether that is from gifted students, high achieving students, average students, or students with disabilities. For ever, we have sought to have one size that fits all even though we know that that panders to the average.
  2. allot of pap on this thread. Thinking that you need to express yourself in some fashion that is defined by others is self defeating. Find someone who can understand your emotional expression or that will at least ask what it means.
  3. Most teachers and parents have no idea how to deal with a truly gifted student. They often perform poorly in regular classes because they really don't care. It's like watching paint dry. Assuming that all people should be educated the same way is a fundamental flaw of the american education system.
  4. Dark, Bold, Dark Magic, Espresso, etc.
  5. separate anxiety from dreaming...teaching him lucid dreaming techniques so that his fears only affect him in that way during the waking hours
  6. even though I got excellent grades, most teachers told me that I performed under their expectations of my capabilities. I've never much worried about expectations.
  7. If you are smart you give them what they need and help them to know the difference between need and want. There is no reason to discard self. You either can be a parent and realize that you need to do the first and need to explain the second, or you shouldn't be a parent.
  8. always wanted many...only got two
  9. Talk to your wife about both of you getting some free time individually, and free time together sans child. Long and short is that in 3 or 4 years, this routine will probably radically change.
  10. Here is how much you scored for every type: Doer: 75% Analyst: 88% Orator: 25% Inventor: 88% Original Thinker: 63% For more details see the blue box below. Humorous
  11. Chicken and chickpea soup and whole wheat and ten grain crackers
  12. I would imagine it would depend on what causes the anxiety.
  13. nobody should ever be compelled to listen. If a person wants people to listen to them, they will behave in such a way that those people are receptive. Many times people just don't feel the need to deal with other peoples problems, and why should they. Are you saying that we should encourage the busy body?
  14. I would not be upset, I would just see you as needy and well I don't really continue relationships with that type.
  15. John Paul Jones