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  1. There seems to be no easy direct answer to this one. Better ask uncle Google, or someone who knows a thing or two about human biology, genes, and evolution.
  2. This exactly. It counts double for me since my hands are almost constantly cold. Next question...
  3. I've been tinkering with this idea a lot. Yes, if I had the option, I would take a cybernetic body anytime. Keeping my current looks minus some flaws.
  4. Just spent 15 minutes writing a post to start a discussion here, and as I finished, my computer died. Well, what do you know? I hate my computer. 

    1. Alth


      Now that can make a person angry.

      Maybe do something else to cool down, then try again later?

      When I write something longer, I usually do it in some text editor first, saving on a regular basis. Then just copy it over into the forum post.

    2. Girl in boots

      Girl in boots

      Managed to post the content. Finally! 

  5. * waves hand *

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Alth


      Important question is - Would you be able to live on your own away from your family?

    3. Girl in boots

      Girl in boots

      Well, I can certanly support myself, that's for sure. But I don't want to hurt my mom, she had to go through a lot of sh*t herself. 

    4. Alth


      Now that's a dilemma. Does she support your choice?

      Then there is another important question, and some already mentioned it in your thread - He is an exchange student, are you certain the relationship can last?

  6. Quote

    I gave it a second thought. If I could have just one beautiful valkyrie I could love and live with till the end of times, I would do it full time.

    1. Valhalla


      But, but, but.....valkyries are off quite a lot, guiding all these warriors to the Hall :laugh:

    2. Alth


      Oh hells, here I was hoping I would be able to strike a deal. Guess I will have to wait for Ragnarok then... And just embrace my new position, The ISTJ Genius, in the meantime.

  7. But do you have a geiger counter?
  8. I suppose this is limited to the US? Big bucks doesn't mean the same in every country.
  9. I never read the manga, but I've read that she did have a boyfriend:
  10. I won't hold my breath. We'll see. She's supposed to be Bi.
  11. At this point? I would say yes, yes we are. It's already widely used on international level. And I actually find it crucial to have exactly one common language if we ever want to unite smaller segments - countries - into bigger wholes in the future. I think about this a lot as someone who lives within the European Union. Open borders be damned when there are language barriers everywhere.
  12. I'm the cutest.
  13. 29. I have positively no idea. Been trying to answer this question since I was 12 or so.