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  1. I'm certain I could only ever date another introvert. Better for my mental health.
  2. Strange, over the last ~4 years, whenever I read about dropping rates of marriage, it's always men who get blamed for it. Almost every time going along the lines of "not being manly enough".
  3. Never quit it because I never used it in the first place. It never appealed to me, and with everyone jumping on the bandwagon like lemmings one after another, I was put off even more. Then over time, as my social circles faded away, I realized it would have been better if I was there. I even made an account recently just to see it, but it's pretty much of no use to me anymore, too late. Though keep in mind that this comes from a person for whom the internet is his primary domain. I don't think it's necessary for people who can easily connect with others in meatspace.
  4. Workout for strength - weightlifting and bodyweight. Can't really do much for endurance though.
  5. 4 to 6 times.
  6. Don't forget to tell us the time.
  7. Santa doesn't exist.
  8. Satellites aren't very bright, more like a small shiny dot. They also move rather fast, unless they are geosynchronous.
  9. Time and direction are important. From where I live, I can see Venus and Mars just after twilight to the west and Jupiter after 23:00/11PM to the southeast. I use http://www.stellarium.org/ to idenfity objects. Never had much of a problem with identifying them in the sky. Betelgeuse could get very bright if it went supernova. Even so much, that it would be visible during day. This is expected to happen anywhere within the next 100000 years. But if it did, the news would be completely flooded by such an event. The only other object in that direction I can think about is Sirius, which is brighter than Betelgeuse, actually the brightest in the sky. There are no planets anywhere near any of these at this time.
  10. Hope you're OK; checked in and you've not logged in for over a month. 

    1. Alth


      Doing OK so far. I did phase out intentionally as I wasn't getting much more out of staying here. So I steered myself towards the search for online community sites closer to home. I didn't have much success yet, but there is a slight chance for it to get better.

      I will be much more passive than I was before, though if something interesting or important shows up, I may reappear for the time.


      By the way, asnivy seems to be OK. I didn't talk to her for quite a long time now, but she does go online to play games almost daily on a game platform we both have. It still does seem like something changed on her end.

    2. ness2361


      Glad you're OK.

      Same here with me as with you: Especially since the forum change; I have to force myself to come on Board and participate.

      I know a big deal for me was the blog change so posts merge. I used it as my writer's notebook, but with the merge feature, it isn't the same. Even having no tiny fonts, other features, I can't personalize and get the most out of the Notebook.

      That, and so many new user IDs, so many oldies gone or posting little.

      And as several have noted, it's gotten nastier. A few others said it's not for socializing; it's a debate site, but like everything else, it isn't an either/or for everyone:

      Lots of people on here hook up for MeetUps, for dates, some get married, and a whole become real friends, so no, everyone here isn't into what passes for debate but is too often opinion and insult exchanges.

      I'll wrap it up at some point and be gone, low-key or no goodbye. When it's truly time, no point in coming back. For what? "Oh wow, I missed you!" Nah, if you wanted contact information, something besides an online, anonymous exchange, we'd have done that. 

      Be well, Alth. :-)

  11. There seems to be no easy direct answer to this one. Better ask uncle Google, or someone who knows a thing or two about human biology, genes, and evolution.
  12. This exactly. It counts double for me since my hands are almost constantly cold. Next question...
  13. I've been tinkering with this idea a lot. Yes, if I had the option, I would take a cybernetic body anytime. Keeping my current looks minus some flaws.