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  1. Does this concern your primary harddisk? Disabling indexing for that disk is indeed recommended. If your media collection is stored on the primary disk, then that's the problem, move it to an external device and enable indexing on that drive only.
  2. Drugs were culturally embedded, so they're naturally entangled with historic people, at best this means that drugs equals to history, not that drugs equals to greatness. I see the temptation to validate behaviors upon historic patterns. However, the rules have shifted, using drugs today makes you either a very ordinary person or a breathing redundancy. Drugs may still serve us, particularly to kick start young people, but drugs have become a small token, the novelty has washed off, now they're another industrial produce without any luxurious attributes, unless the privilege to intoxicate your body is deemed a luxury.
  3. If cleanliness is a concern, then you're probably stuck in a life-hacking loop, tinkering with yourself until you've wasted so much time that the world moved on and you're left in debt. You can only achieve "hygiene" through occupation, working. This thread is an irony, because the phrase "mental hygiene" is a befouling of "sanity", conquering dirt with dirt.
  4. I'm truly INTJ by a measure of 1847 posts, and from this very point, I'm furthering my fatality with each upcoming post. I'm graciously frying in devil's advanced kitchen, construing apparatus beyond your imagination. You on the other hand, you're wrestling the mud. I comment; MBTI has spoiled you, and only death can purify. You have invited a demon inside your crevice, her name is Isabel Briggs and she has a sledgehammer, destroying all your youthful wonders and rewriting them with hexadecimal corruption, a reward for your ivory dedication.
  5. Would I dare to ignore your challenge. Anyone with a ravish desire to bulldoze stuff, their powerful spine is under-utilized and needs a special outlet. They're hereby banished from the cave and reassigned to bulldoze stones in the frying desert, building a pyramid, a sphinx with my face, or something.
  6. The test relies on word frequency. To see the baseline personality, use this text: Apparently a hyper-masculine ISTP age 1 is used as the baseline.
  7. @Doob @muddyglass German stems from "gir", an old european phonetic for "begetting". Its well manifested in this old Dutch etymology: Evidently Caesar observed the northern population as a rising threat when he spoke of "Germans", something with a treacherous appetite, no mistake. "Deutsch" seems borrowed from Greek "Deuteros", means "after", "later". Also see doze, which confirms how Romans thought of Germanic tribes; foolish and squandering. They were right, they're still right, Hitler was particularly praised because he renounced the status of Germans as aimless tramps, covering it with a layer of cement inscribed "Das Reich".
  8. I suspect that "columbus" is bastardized from Greek "khole", which means rage or berzerk, but Wiktionary suggests "colombo", which means pigeon. It would be ironic that a bird relates to an explorer, but phonetically "colombo" doesn't sound like a bird, but more like "crucial" or "fated" as does "column".
  9. So daring, so chivalrous, who is this infringer? Nevermind, I'll crawl back in my cave now, before the hallowed sunlight burns my skin.
  10. You eat evasion for lunch, more garbage for your library, acquired in the most uncunning manner, good for you again.
  11. Perhaps you may realize that posts aren't suited for one taste, they're addressed to any reader that comes by, and overly explicit "scientific" material doesn't work. To write a redeemable post, you must disown it — create something perfect and defile it only one moment before release. Also note that "rival" isn't synonymous to "assault", but it means "coming toward", "adapting the same course".
  12. Lets name them A and B, both are energetic characters and excited by change, but B is more resourceful than A, hence A delegates the plebs to see how they reflect to B, like throwing a rock in a pit before going in it. Person A isn't ready to estimate this autonomously, and must rival B to "see", at B's displeasure "there comes another vulture wasting my time".
  13. These dynamics were recorded way back in the old testament, so indeed they're real by a measure of 2000 years. It boils down that each decision adds to your reputation, and reputation is symmetric to responsibility. People are gathered under the authority of the most responsible people, like historically people were distributed under the authority of priests, people with the strongest foresight, in biblical context those who are "in-tune with god". Some people remain deaf and don't recognize the priests' authority, hence a warmonger is born — an indubitably adverse personality. Ironically the priest and the warmonger are related, both at the wrong place, wrong time, and destined to meet.
  14. They often arrive with an ADD stamp, and they're especially loose canons if not on medication. Their mind needs excess stimulation, and setting people against each other is the key, manipulating the brutes to attack anyone they perceive as authority. Each great achievement, everything that creates distance between you and others, it backfires, bandits dragging you down as their "prize". You can't do anything about it, this is the murderous hell that you created for yourself, now you must stand the heat.
  15. Lack of generosity is the greatest toxin, and its already in you. You should attempt responsibility for the people in your surrounding, strictly within your purpose. If you assume to be lifted from harm, then you're not, because your rivals want to know why, envy stirs them to identify their greenness, which can only be done by challenging your lack of greenness. This is a case of humans logistics that you cannot control, of course you don't desire people pulling your leg, uncomfortably begging to know your secrets, hence the word "toxic" emerges.