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  1. "Sage", sounds like chagrin. They may be related.
  2. Maybe you were employed recently, refuting your genius.
  3. "Book smart" is to implement safe and proven methods. "Street smart" is to tinker with exceptions – the preliminary con-artist who accidentally makes new discoveries.
  4. Introversion crystallizes as extraversion, like extraversion crystallizes as spiritual death. As I proclaim often, personality types are transmutable, they shift with age. INTJ is the echo of your initial perception, from the moment where you discovered MBTI, INTJ is a dumb shortcut to preserve your real priorities. People tend to present their MBTI type like a timeless insignia, while its an origin that has washed away.
  5. Note that "gullible" is an ambiguous word; I mean perseverance rather than naivety, imposing a tax on others because "you are you", having resigned from change.
  6. If you specialize, then competition is not a concern. Expertise grants a sense of trust, even before you start a career.
  7. That would be complicated indeed, as a foundation you'll also need in-depth knowledge of computer science, unless you aspire to become a disposable workforce who accidentally caught a few bits and pieces from multiple fields. Whatever you choose has a critical symmetry with computing, you must be able to manipulate a computer like you're able to manipulate your own thoughts.
  8. Your precaution makes sense, after all you're qualified for your job, but generally I'd take note of BoydBros' message, that most contaminations dissolve naturally without your constant attention. Routine cleaning seems like a more viable option, that avoids nitpicking your every movement.
  9. This is OP's responsibility, and only OP's responsibility. Everyone has cruel tests lying ahead, and if you can't foresee them, then naturally you must pay for them, apparently OP is ready to do this, otherwise she would tell her family.
  10. Try the Schutzstaffel if you need explicit examples. Black, black and black.
  11. Only the mold-ridden ground is worthy of black. Black shirts or trousers, they are certain outliers of sadism.
  12. Apparently its time to purge your lie, to make room for another lie, behold hormones. Your mood plunges because your body is conserving energy, to aid the unborn. The mention of "hate" is a poor way to transcribe this condition, it doesn't correspond with your contributions so far, which appeared relatively care-free.
  13. A dagger the wizard dared to betake, Now the champion is back, no mistake, Pen intact and no repose, Victory is imminent, I shall brew another dose, Cursed be me, Melody contested by syntactic perfection, Judgment is pouring, unstoppable complexion, Rhetoric befalling through exposition, The elixir be nigh, Flush the opposition. "INTJ"
  14. Quora has plenty quality content by certain users, but the "be nice, be respectful" policy sounds very redundant, an underhanded way of discouraging interpersonal contact and encouraging academic backstabbing, not my kind of place.
  15. What is this beggar screaming so bane, For I hear chivalrous banter, Its all the same, Surrender the stage and behold the virgin master, All forsaken peasants, your entries are a disaster, The duke is coming, may he purvey excellence and emote your sight, Typological bastards repent, Next time you do it right. "INTJ"