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  1. The guy has mental issues. Seems a bit tasteless to poke fun. What's to discuss?
  2. Lol
  3. We could have whale tails on every side that automatically retract when said side is not in the rear?
  4. Nah, if it were rounded it'd look like a mock UFO. We keep the shape but shorten the length so when we're driving sideways we aren't wider than a duly. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: The engine would have to rotate too, but should always be in the back.
  5. Can't it be driveable from the sides two? And the drivers seat would be in the centre and rotate? Also, maybe multicolored with lots more crome. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: *too
  6. Agree totally with @ParadoxMaven: no booze, no extroverted feeler advice.
  7. I don't even sort of understand your question.
  8. Average of 2 months. Three weeks being the quickest six months the longest, from what I can remember. Generally speaking it doesn't take me long, the two or three that did really brought up the average.
  9. Or if it's your mother "I think all my children are beautiful."
  10. No one is symmetrical, just more so than others. There's an article out there somewhere showing several celebrities face(s) mirrored on either side, displaying two very different faces. For my own part, I've never not thought I was ugly, but I recognize that I'm attractive, and that takes me almost as far.
  11. Forgot nonbinary. Fascist.
  12. Yeah but this is about the reactions of an ESTP, and may not be relatable to you.