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  1. Is your daughter underage, tell him your daughter is underage next time he asks. Then every time after that say still underage. After a few times throw in "but I'm available" at the end. Then ask him for smokes, then never buy your own smokes ever again.
  2. The sound made when someone finger pops their butthole during office hours under the desk from the next cubicle when they should be working.
  3. Smoke Crack while shooting up while funnelling booze up your arse while strangling yourself while jacking off while getting your toes sucked.
  4. What if you had a terminal disease and the only way to cure it was with a stem cell created naturally with as much matching DNA as possible
  5. Do you get to become the next fearless leader of north Korea if you do?
  6. Are they Nigerian royalty in need of money/ black market organs?
  7. Did you troll some drunk person in a biker bar. "umadbro?" "fuck off cunt" "hemad" *guy gets all up in your face you see his dilated pupils from being drunk* "YOOOOO MAD BROOOOOO?" *guy punches you in the face, last thing you see before passing out is him turning walking away and his hells angels patch* Sounds about right?
  8. don't be malicious, leave it to the smart people who can actually get away with it. only so many people can fuck people over and get away with it. if everyone was trying to fuck people over and getting fucked up they would have nothing left to offer the people who can do it properly and get away with it. think about the greater good before you act.
  9. By drinking the cool aid. The more cool aid you drink the cooler you are.
  10. Probably as fun as a bear that is used to hibernating being moved to a different climate.
  11. Clowns are out and meme dankers are in. The modern version of the "sad clown" just like how clowns scare some people and stand ups offend some, meme dankers will piss some off. Better question what's wrong with people who are scared of clowns, offended by standups and pissed off by dank memes.
  12. 580 is just a refresh of 480 and same architecture. Difference in performance would only be like ~10+-%?
  13. Did they include albinos in the study?
  14. So therefore you are inefficient? ToPkEk
  15. Walking behind fat people playing fat people music. You just love the tunes right. Walking behind lord farquads and playing lord farquads theme song. You also love theose tunes.