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  1. Yeah probably but the group mentality and sjw's who try to get on your case piss me the fuck off. Getting involved in shit that doesn't involve them then complaining when the shit spatters on them.
  2. it seems clear you are making assumptions and it shows really obviously. if i was your friend, id only keep in contact with you in the hopes you grow the fuck up. people get stressed out and don't want to stress over the little things so they decide to just let you win. maybe it was fun to troll you maybe he enjoyed trying to piss you off. and how do you know you weren't the stupid naive person who was also so stubborn that unless he let you win because you read it in some book instead of using common sense he would never hear the end of it? from the sounds of things you probably live in 2 entirely different worlds, and your naivety was a nice escape from his world. but that's just my experience. like arguing that Thomas Edison discovered electricity with his kite, when bad-ass vikings used to stand on top of mountains and intentionally raise their swords and try to get hit by lightning, they even had Thor dedicated to lightning. or the wright brothers reading that its impossible to make a flying aircraft but using common sense to actually make it happen. and its also a bit rude to say someone is depressed, when maybe they were just disappointed. with you. and if your only indication of him being depressed was not arguing with you and letting you win and also not seeing you as often, shit man then half the world must be depressed? (probably more actually you sound a bit like a hermit and really stubborn.) it also sounds like you think he had more common sense than you but couldn't read a book and regurgitate it as well as you could nor could he just straight up believe any bullshit someone with a fancy piece of paper told them. it sounds like somewhere along the way you got too up yourself and the only explanation that could possibly make sense to you is he has some mental problem instead of you becoming an arrogant douche that looks down on others. he must really care about you to keep returning to your assumptions and accusations. and you probably reek of your "condescending wisdom" so much that your inability to keep it in and uncontrolled spreading it to others makes him really uncomfortable and what you are doing really noticeable.
  3. school smart = learning for a test, you know what you have to regurgitate and whose ass you have to kiss like the marker, professor whatever etc. like studying for a physics exam to get that physics qualification, learning to meet attendance requirements, learning there is only 1 way and only 1 "right way" of doing things. street smart doesn't mean just going out there and just doing random shit and hoping you don't get stabbed along the way. street smart involves learning from books/teachers as well, except its more practical everyday knowledge, it is more real world, applicable to many situations. the tests come anywhere and everywhere, and you never really know whats in the test, you learn to identify and what you need to do in any given situation without anyone really telling you or giving you a curriculum. lets take a thief or a con artist, you learn all the tricks of the trade from a master their or con artists, you are more likely to be able to get out of a sticky situation with those kinds of people. the "moral code" is a lot different from others. take Russia, japan or china where a lot of people start on the street and end up as large CEOs bosses etc. i think street smarts is more likely to make a manager string puller whilst school smarts are more likely to make you a good soldier or an asset. though that's not to say some people from the streets cant end up as soldiers or assets, they just wont be as good as those trained from institutions. just look at the managers from the streets vs the managers that come out of school and the different kinds of loyalty work ethic etc that they command. its usually how you end up with mangers who try to manage peoples jobs who they have no clue about. take a look at the blue collar vs white collar workers here... this ones a crack up as well wow. Microsoft Sam is the man that shit was funny lol, the comments are even better i should get this you-tuber into this, thatl really crack me up
  4. when i am out with my mum some people think she is my GF or my Sister, girls have even gotten jealous and thought i was seeing people on the side =). alot of the time people think i am older than i am and my mum is younger than she is... im in 20's shes 40+ though my mates kind of make alot of dirty jokes about my mum.... its mostly about how well you look after your body, if you spend millions trying to look after your body no one is going to give a shit, if you spend millions on drugs and smack and micky dee's and look like a walking corpse no one is going to come near you with a 50 foot pole. and most people will just judge the shit out of you based on how you look anyways. people are going to talk shit regardless, just grow a thick skin, and when they take it too far don't hold back, after a few ruthless encounters people will learn to watch themselves.
  5. probably the worst thing you can do is feel responsible for someone elses lack of caring about you. and its also not your responsibility to cover for them, sure some people will make assumptions about you and try to say its not completely the other parties fault they may even say "forgive and forget" where you do the forgiving for all the things done against you, and the person who fucked you over does the forgetting. whereby they don't have to take any responsibility for the shit they do. and don't worry about it, most shrinks will lie to you as much as you feel you are lieing to them. maybe you just need a shrink with half a brain enough to see through everything not some bullshit artist just going through the motions. don't worry too much if you keep switching. "it is what it is" just try to make the most with what you have. maybe you can reach out to old friends or someone else to help look after you in the meantime. make do rather than make due.
  6. its the same logic with violent video games, if you only murder women and children in video games does that mean you will hesitate to murder a man in real life?
  7. dude this will get you cs sprayed or tasered are you serious lol. don't do that shit wtf. if you do get the shit kicked out of you from an unarmed lady though pass her number my way that shits hot.
  8. by this logic SWALLOWING fluoride poisoned water leads to autism.
  9. there was a popular saying amongst my crowd, full of alcoholics who are high functioning, "anything you can do, i can do better sober" they were rarely sober though. like training the body to operate under different kinds of poisons and toxins that you may be exposed to. riding pushbikes, throwing darts, shooting billiards while drunk then gradually moving onto every day things when their skills were sufficiently developed in operating under those conditions. they really like to mess with people who get drunk though, its kind of funny to watch. and if you drink yourself to sleep every night whilst trying to keep tolerance down and cost down and only hitting minimal doses only drinking a few will probably be more likely to put you asleep. http://time.com/3671777/drinking-sleep/
  10. certain types of personality are more prone to internalising external factors causing increased "stress" and cortisol levels which supress the immune system. i made a thread about cortisol and the effects of it are listed in the thread. its listed under science and health but ill copy some of it and post it here. if you agree on the effects of cortisol on the human body, (the effects on the immune system, mainly suppression) and the causes of release of cortisol in the human body, (say stress, being in danger, etc) it is logical to infer that certain personalities or lifestyles which are exposed to situations which induce the causes of the chemical release are more likely to release more of the chemical and also snowball it, the chemical release and the causes. you may observe someone have a certain personality and a weak immune system (caused by chemical change) but that doesn't mean that one causes the other. for example you can say someone who is sleep deprived and has a weak immune system is caused by the sleep deprivation. when it is actually caused by something else, where stress is causing cortisol to weaken the immune system and also disrupt sleep as an effect of cortisol. in that situation trying to stress someone out and tell them how you think they need to sleep more and harassing them or trying to force them to sleep would only increase cortisol and make it even harder for them to sleep and also make their immune system worse. but you as an outside observer would only see that they are sleeping less and their immune system is getting worse. hence the person "trying to help" is actually making things worse and IS the cause of the weak immune system and lack of sleep.
  11. grow your own natural tobacco without the preservatives and toxins that they add. if you have smoked tailored taxed chem filled cigarettes and switch to this you will notice a big difference. ill let you decide for yourself.
  12. do you differentiate between giving up and conceding? there's a popular saying amongst my crowd, "if there's something i want there's nothing i wont do to get it" if someone has more power and authority over you and forces you to do something, then when they no longer hold power or authority over you anymore and you choose to stop doing it is that giving up? giving up implies that you are doing something you wanted for yourself, and that what you are doing or choosing to not do anymore is the only way to get what you want. Sometimes you can only win once they think you have given up.
  13. sure go for it
  14. all i said was "don't buy something that exceeds what your controller supports" but without making it negative like a negative Nancy, presented facts and specifications related to the hardware specified, and i never stated any of what you assumed, i stated the hardware specification and said anything that exceeds that isn't going to give noticeable difference for the money spent. (to put it even simply) but knowing someone is going to try knock it i gave explanations instead of just relying on people taking my word for it. if you had to say it simply how would you say it? i don't see how any of what you said helped the op at all... maybe you can by making it so people can actually understand what you are saying,