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  1. So therefore you are inefficient? ToPkEk
  2. Walking behind fat people playing fat people music. You just love the tunes right. Walking behind lord farquads and playing lord farquads theme song. You also love theose tunes.
  3. Hire internal hackers + lawyers and setup honey pots. In the case of competitors hacking your system catch them then sue them/ask for settlement.
  4. Look at "going viral" or "viral infection" Also look at "cult" or "dogma". Let's say certain people who are exposed to certain things in certain ways become infected. With increased exposure you have increased infection.
  5. I use 1 button on my mouse because I'm an apple mac leet pro gamer.I use my mouse for everything and click on the on screen keyboard. It leaves 1 hand free to finger my butthole and Jack off during dank meme moments and when someone's crying delicious gypsy tears.
  6. I disagree since wolves can rip another's throat out, And I don't think anythimg would punish a younger wolf sibling for doing that in retaliation.
  7. Jealous there's now another person in the equation and get upset you don't get all the attention. And you probably get away with it/ suffer no consequences/are spoilt.
  8. Say this, "no way, get fucked, fuck off". Then ask them to buy you a car.
  9. The greatest con every pulled was by Mr. Bean and that was to convince everyone he is dumb as fuck.
  10. Put it this way if people weren't lazy and didn't want to walk around there would be no cars. Lazy is good. Lazy is life.
  11. Perhaps you should say everyone is entropy
  12. Are you training your son to accept shit deals? If you are already doing work for no pay then why would you accept minimal pay for extra work. You strike still you get the base pay for the already allocated work then demand overtime for extra work. If he wanted to he could strike until you start denying basic human rights then ask you to settle or he will sue you and contact child services. I mean if he wanted to he could go knock on everyone's door down the street then offer to do the same work he does for you and explain that he wants to buy something but you don't pay him. Then accept the best offer he gets. Assuming he is a cute kid and there's at least a few old couples around its an easy score and better more efficient way of getting what he wants.
  13. lawyer up in case he tries to make you pay him to provide him service.
  14. tell them to get fucked. send them a link to wikipedia then finish it off with
  15. spelling/ grammar check.