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  1. these are nice http://www.maxwellandwilliams.com.au/products/subcategory/spcrck/
  2. with great power comes great responsibility, use it wisely.
  3. do you have a plan and consciously plan every single move you do when you do something autonomous? is it a plan if you don't have to think about it? is a plan just thinking of the best possible choice for a given situation? what if you have trained and developed the skill to make the best possible choice for any given situation without even thinking about it? is that still planning? is planning just an exercise to understand the flow or "the force" and to become a master of "the force"?
  4. maybe they mean having freedom and free will(being alive) or being healthy (not shot, locked up, abused, being denied basic human rights)
  5. i thought he said it wasn't connected to the universities network? are you calling him a liar? though he does then go on to say that he was required to log onto the domain after getting the computer back. have you tried just unplugging the Ethernet cable lol? (note you will lose access to the universities internet and intranet services, so no pornhub.com and no domain login) if its the case of you accidentally plugged in the Ethernet cable when you got the machine back then i don't see how the IT guy is at fault at all... you didn't plug it back in exactly how it was before? or did you just plugin everything that was lying around without considering what they did?
  6. next time shit inside the container and pretend that's how she gave it to you.
  7. just don't become stupid. if you can sit on your arse all day or are capable of expending less effort to make more money than someone who works 40 hours a week do it, don't listen to all the haters that call you lazy for sitting around jacking off for 30 hours a week and make the same amount they do in 10 hours.
  8. 2-3 bites left of a micky dees burger? lol wtf? 1 slice of pie left from a whole pie? maybe she is trying to give your family herpes or something, or she found it on the side of the road etc. if someone has already shown you ill will don't take chances from them, only eat sealed or unopened food from them for all you know they could be spooging into it and you will never realise until you get older and suck you first cock.
  9. since you told them you wanted to do that, the guys probably monitoring you and just waiting for you to pull some shit so he can book you for breach of TOS. were you an asshole to him at any point in your life lol.
  10. why would you invade Australia, you would just be stuck in an endless guerrilla war once everyone moves inland. the navy is also really shit they have like ~50 ships... i suspect "trump" will be a dirty word soon,
  11. telling fat and old people they are unhealthy makes me feel healthy and alive at the same time does that count?
  12. maybe he plans to rip off the scam artist and take them to court. i mean if he cant fool you how is he supposed to fool the scam artist?
  13. well it sounds like you know what you need to do?
  14. use a 2d array? what language/compiler are you using? [6][1] = A [6][2]=B? and so on? fill the rest with null? If you want to use an array like that as a string, then you might have to re-implement any string handling functionality yourself, rather than relying on the standard library.
  15. This has Nothing to do with children, and nothing to do with me. You seem convinced that as long as you display yourself as a happy person and do everything with a smile and say you didn't intend to hurt someone you are not hurting them and you can't be held responsible. You then go on to complain that your relationships seem to end up with hurt people without considering that you might be the one overstepping and hurting them. The fact that you say how much of a nice person you are does not necessarily mean you are. Would you consider yourself someone who hurts others while smileing and telling everyone it's not your fault but the other person's because you elicited a reaction out of them?