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  1. Whether or not they used to pick on each other all the time, this incident is different from the usual (since this is the first time he was confronted with the fact that she was making fun of him behind his back - something the OP is clearly less okay with). Yes, she does have a right to feel that way, if she considered certain types of insults (or a certain manner of insulting) to be off-limits, and poking fun at her weight/bra size was one of them. You wouldn't buy her argument that is was the manner of your insult that crossed the line for her, because you seem to have an entirely different opinion about what constitutes as "crossing the line" in the first place. But (using your example) in a friendship that I share with someone, even if it is commonplace for us to make fun of each other in that way, I would still see a significant difference between my friend making fun of my body to my face and my friend posting a picture of me on a public platform - without my knowledge or consent - to make fun of my body behind my back and possibly invite others to join in. To some people that difference would matter, while to others it wouldn't. You apparently see no such difference. Whether or not the friend realized that a line was crossed (or even knew about that line) does not negate the fact that a line was still crossed. That is why there is a lot of advice in this thread revolving around him communicating with her and letting her know that she crossed a line in the first place. Sometimes, despite whatever "implicit understanding" you may think you have with a friend, misunderstandings can still happen and people can still mistakenly violate each other's boundaries. People may sometimes think that they have a full grasp of another person's boundaries, when in fact they really don't. Also, people may think that they made their own boundaries clear enough to another person, when in fact they haven't. These thing can happen in friendships - even close ones. At times, one may not even be fully aware of certain personal boundaries they may have until they are actually crossed. Regardless, when you feel like a personal line has been crossed by a friend, you can simply let them know about it - and that in itself does not make you a whiny bitch, in my opinion. For the record, it was not only 2 people who disagreed with the idea that he was being a bitch. There were some other posters who stated that he wasn't being the bitch, but rather his friend was. I guess you must have glossed over them, and decided (for whatever reason) to fixate on mine and Seablue's posts. Maybe it's because of our "posting history" or whatever... but I wouldn't be surprised if you cherry picked your way through that anyway. And while I disagree that he was "whining" about something "frivolous" in the first place, clearly that's how you see it. That could be influencing your assessment of the OP's behaviour as well - not just your perception of gender, but that fact that you see the OP as being whiny because he admitted that his feelings were hurt by something you personally consider trivial. But yeah, based on your posts in this thread, you really don't come across as someone who tries hard not to let gender interfere with his conclusions. I can't say much about your general post history, because I don't pay that much attention to it.
  2. My dream was set in some kind of classroom environment, but I can't recall any classmates that I recognized from real life. The teachers weren't my actual past teachers either - except one of them did kind of resemble a teacher from primary school who I absolutely could not stand... Anyway, in my dream I behaved rather differently from the way I normally would have behaved back in school. For one thing, in this dream, I was a lot more openly rebellious and disrespectful (and even aggressive, at times) in my demeanour towards the teachers. One of the teachers in the dream was about to read something from my notebook out loud to the entire class, and I walked right up to her and yanked the book out of her hands. (From what I recall, it seemed like the notebook contained an assignment that wasn't very well-written because I apparently did not care enough to do it properly.) In real life, I never would have done that sort of thing back in school. Somewhere around the end of the dream, a few of the students were walking around the classroom with trays, serving shots to everyone in the class. There were desserts being served as well. No idea why, though...
  3. Yes, the qualities I listed tend to be negative stereotypes that are often attributed to women... big whoop. Why else would such qualities be given the term "bitchy" in the first place? What do you think the word "bitch" even means? With that said, I've noticed enough men acting that way for it to not be a mere "off chance" (or at least that has been my personal experience). Even if women are more likely to display that sort of behaviour in general, I would attribute a certain extent of that to their conditioning and upbringing (though perhaps not entirely). But I don't really feel like derailing this thread by getting into a nature/nurture argument about this here. I simply do not think that Kant displayed that sort of behaviour in his original post.
  4. Chicks On Speed - For All The Boys In The World
  5. All Kant did was admit on the forum that his feelings were hurt by his friend's behaviour. He specified that it wasn't about her making fun of his hair (or even what she thought of his hair), but the manner in which she chose to make fun of him (i.e. behind his back and on a public platform). If a friend of mine (let alone a close one) made fun of me in such a manner, I wouldn't feel too good about it either. I personally did not see his response to her behaviour as being whinging or indicative of oversensitivity on his part. No complaining just for the sake of complaining, and no pettiness picked up in his attitude... Nor did I see any indications of passive-aggressiveness or vindictiveness in his post (attributes I generally tend to associate with "bitchiness" - and yes, I realize that "bitchiness" and acting like a "little bitch" can sometimes differ contextually). Sure, he admits to being irritated by some of her behaviour towards him (but tolerating it anyway), but I still do not perceive any actual passive-aggressiveness in the way that he apparently chooses to deal with it. Simply being honest and admitting one's hurt feelings is not enough for me to think a person is acting like "a little bitch" - especially if I can understand and empathize, and especially if those hurt feelings are not expressed in an overblown (or passive-aggressive) manner.
  6. Your assumption about me would also be incorrect, Deprecator. There are instances in which a person's character or behaviour would indeed fit the classification of a "little bitch". I notice a lot of it on the internet, especially. Hell, I can narrow things down even further and say that I notice it on this very forum from time to time... But I still wouldn't classify Kant as one, in this particular case.
  7. Dredd (2012) - Well, this was quite entertaining... I liked its dystopian setting, awesome visuals and ultraviolence. Valhalla Rising (2009) - There were moments of intense brutality, as well as some captivating visuals... but at the same time, it was just so incredibly tedious and boring to sit through. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - I really liked Emily Blunt in this. Loved the story and the action as well... Overall a very good movie.
  8. You are presenting what seems to be a very one-sided perspective of someone, questioning why she even bothers to keep breathing (along with many other attacks against her character), and you seem to want us to entertain all of this without you actually giving any examples of her behaviour to confirm your statements. How do I even know that the assessment you're giving her is a fair one?
  9. Maybe you should have had the sense to explain yourself better in your original post, instead of assuming people were just going to understand your perspective from the get-go... Okay... so you didn't find the cheese at the end of her neurotic maze. Get over it already...
  10. And what exactly do you intend to do with her, then? Because "understanding" her doesn't seem to be what you're going for at all... You seem to think you know everything there is to know about her already.
  11. If I were honestly trying to understand the motives of another person, then I would try not to become so consumed by my own personal biases and actually try to see things from the other person's point of view. I would try a little bit of empathy... but I'm guessing that's not really your cup of tea anyway. I'm under the impression that you don't actually want to "understand" her at all. In that case, I can't really imagine what your point might be either.
  12. Even if she actually did fit the description you provided of her, why should she stop breathing just because you think she should? What makes your perceptions of her so accurate, and who are you to decide whether or not her life is worth living?
  13. Kprog... I'm the dessert - any flavour you like (I'm multifaceted like that...) Seriously, though... Ryan Gosling and Tom Hiddleston can do or say anything and I would basically drop my panties for them in a second. And I don't even like the word "panties"... so I don't even know why I'm using it. I must be intoxicated or something...
  14. Split the payment for the utilities evenly... as for the two rooms, the person who gets to have a whole room to themselves should probably pay more than the ones who have to share a room.