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  1. Brian Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance
  2. TLC - Waterfalls
  3. PM Dawn - Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine
  4. I love hearing the guy during sex, and I tend to enjoy the sex more when the guy is not completely silent. ...... added to this post 12 minutes later: Lol... In those cases, the guy could be saying so much cringeworthy shit that the woman might feel compelled to shush him before he winds up taking her out of the experience entirely. XD
  5. Can't say if most guys would do that... but I suppose that some guys might be apprehensive about the whole "cling factor" that tends to be associated with the recently "devirginated".
  6. The Free Electric Band - Bashy
  7. Eclectic Subjectivity = 56%, Objectivity = 69% You are an eclectic who is not quite at home in any historical period of philosophy. Your approach to philosophy is generally opposed to that of the Medievalist, and friendly to both the Modernist and the Postmodernist, yet still critical of both. Like the Modernist, you find philosophy to be about logic, reason, and evidence, but like the Postmodernist you find these things ultimately grounded in the experience of what's it's like to be in the world. You apply the Modernist's analytical methods to the Postmodernist's phenomenology. You probably feel that the shift from the medieval to the modern period was a big step forward, but that they still didn't get everything right; but while you agree with some of the postmodern criticism of modern philosophy, you feel that to abandon modernism entirely is to take as many steps backward as forward. You likely have diverse interests in many academic fields, and are probably attracted to philosophy for its overlap with these many areas of interest.
  8. Sarah Manning You're most like Sarah Manning. You seem to always get yourself in trouble and you've made more than a few bad choices in your past - but that's okay because you're righting them now! You work hard to protect those you care about and you'd do anything to keep your loved ones safe.
  9. Trevor Something - Something About You
  10. Eating pholourie with mango chutney, and watching a video on YouTube.
  11. Current Result: Reserved Thinker (I got "Reserved Dreamer" previously...)
  12. Your primary love language is probably Quality Time with a secondary love language being Physical Touch. Complete set of results Quality Time: 10 Physical Touch: 7 Words of Affirmation: 7 Acts of Service: 4 Receiving Gifts: 2
  13. A cup of black tea with milk.
  14. Cashews. Yum...
  15. Watching YouTube videos.