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  1. I understand. I have what seems like every cooking gadget known to man. People buy them for me all the time. I hardly use most of them.
  2. I'd apply. Its likely you will love some things about the new place and hate others, but you won't know until you take the plunge. Do it!
  3. Well, I'm no Kinsey 0, but @Kprog is much younger than me. I don't think I was lusting for her, I'm pretty sure she just has nice boobs. I admire other women all the time. Men too. Just because you think someone has nice features doesn't necessarily mean you are attracted to them.
  4. Maybe she just likes your boobs. I mean, I couldn't stop looking at @Kprog's boobs and I'm married. Sometimes people just have nice boobs.
  5. I always have to look to spell your name. My brain calls you Sea Ideas ALL the time.

    1. AesSedai


      LOL I see why!

      It's from a book.

      How old is that little one of yours? I had baby in my mind, but if already a wheat allergy has been diagnosed, maybe  I am mistaken?

  6. Ok, first of all you do realize I'm joking, right? Second, we moved tables because the kid was begging for French fries, and the Mom was flipping out, not because a toddler popped up. I thought the kid was cute, and if the parents were paying any attention at all, they would have heard their kid yelling over our table for a French fry. If you are sitting right by your kid while he or she repeatedly begs for food, you can't get angry when someone feeds them. I honestly did think the mom said it was ok, but apparently I was wrong. We moved because we could hear her complaining about us, and didn't want to deal with it. Selfish, yes. Petty, maybe. I never claimed to be perfect. Come on, you've seen those parents before. The ones who pay no attention to their kids. Now if random strangers just come up and offer food, yea, that's odd. I take food for my kids everywhere, and I have been approached by dozens of children for food. Most of the time, the parent is right behind them to give consent, or not. It's hard for a stranger to give your kid food if you are watching them. Don't turn me in to some kind of witch living in a candy house. Hansel and Gretel shouldn't be wandering the woods alone.
  7. LOL of course it was selfish! I am a teacher. I fuss at other people's kids all day. Don't I get to ogle the cute little ones and give them crackers? I know you have a little cutie too. Bring that adorable sweetheart over here. I have a lollipop and goldfish crackers in my purse at all times, just for this opportunity. I have some excedrin for you too, just in case you get a headache from reading this post.
  8. Well, that sounds crappy. I don't want to follow that one if all I get to do is yell at them, and I never get to see their cute little smiles. When I'm old, I'm going to spoil all the babies just so young mothers can bitch about me on the internet. Then I'll bitch at all the teenagers just so slightly older mothers can bitch about me on the internet. Actually, maybe I'll start now. Bring that cute baby over here @Brynja. I know you have one... #forumstalker
  9. I agree. The only families that I have known where boys were competitive with fathers and girls were competitive with mothers were not healthy examples to follow. The healthy families I've known have wanted their children to surpass them. There have been tons of news articles suggesting that the upcoming generations might not do better than their parents, and I've not heard anyone express happiness about it. That having been said, I've known well meaning parents who disagree with the choices of their children for terrible reasons, but that is old news as well. I never fought my daughter for dominance, not my mother. What makes you think this is true? I am not assuming anything, I just saw the article, presumably reported for Father's Day. Do you have a source for this information? I'd be interested to see it.
  10. Are you having problems getting dates, or converting the dates you do get into a relationship? From reading your title, it seems like you think your profile isn't getting chosen, but then in your thread, you say that women have told you looks aren't a problem. Did you meet these women online, or did you attract them in another way? Maybe your profile isn't the problem?
  11. Is it possible you are just attracted to this type of woman?
  12. I agree. But then there are women who think it's so sexy. (Think Matthew McConaughey) Both my parents are high school dropouts (my mom has since gotten her GED and associates). They live in a trailer. They both curse and use the F bomb every 3rd minute. I had more success with outlanders than I ever did with people I grew up with. People will feel sorry for you if they think your family is dumb, but I've never had the experience of someone rejecting me for my family.
  13. This is so different from my experience. The mothers of my suitors always hated me. The dads didn't dislike me, though, I guess. It was so hard to tell because the mom's hated me so much. My dad hated all the boys who even looked at me, but he hated my brother's girlfriends too. He likes my husband now, though. And my in laws mostly like me now as well. It took a while, though.
  14. Because it doesn't make as good of a story!
  15. No way! The machines wanted us docile. It was the easiest way. It's easy to see why machines would think that time period was the pinnacle of our civilization- they didn't exist in those times. It was the machines' interpretation, not humans'. Machines tried to destroy Zion all the time. They are evil! Didn't you swallow the pill? That's because people are stubborn idiots. Also inevitable. I didn't see Dark Angel. I don't know, I think the fact that I managed to turn the event horizon into a love story might just be a tiny bit subjective. Yea, as the movies go on, that kind of changes. You get the vision of the fate we were unable to escape. That's why they weren't as good, I think, or rather why people didn't like them as much. The machines couldn't kill Sarah. They also couldn't escape fate. For all the scheming, on both sides, both were only able to delay the inevitable.