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  1. Are you sure that`s a question?
  2. Aren't you chinese though? Asians = add 10 years (at least) to estimate.
  3. it doesn't qualify as such because of the gameplay element except maybe a couple of Adventure games and such. And some RPGs (Final Fantasy and such) But playing in the Superbowl is not art just because Lady Gaga sings in the mid time. It certainly "indulges the sense" a lot better then a game would but it's not art. Also there's the fact that the games with artsy goals tend to really really suck balls as games.
  4. Looks like the most you can aspire to is to be the next Justin Bieber or barbara streisant. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  5. The truth is that if the alt-right/4chan and others stopped caring about the SJWs, No one would buy their shitty games, read their shitty articles and that wouldn't be an issue.
  6. you fucking bellend
  7. It depends on the game. In an FPS I don't think that playstyle really is reliant on personality all that much because the best practices tend to be fairly standard. but in some games Yes because it has to do with how one handles stress. I can see it in hearts of iron. Timid people prefer a defensive strategy in PvP. Some people are like predators. They are very aggressive when they think they have the upper hand but once I achieve a breakthrough, their psychology can collapse making for an easy victory and they are much less agressive the second time around.
  8. http://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Trends/Japanese-robotics-startups-look-to-foreign-talent Interesting given Japan's reputation as being hostile to foreigners/immigration
  9. looks liek the car Homer SImpson designed but uglier
  10. In many countries, it's more or less a straight up family kleptocracy. Amongst immigrants to Western countries, the line "I came here because in my country, my father doesn't hold a [insert relevant rank] and so I couldn't get a job. Now I can simply look at craigslist and find a job" or similar is not all that uncommon. In most Western countries, there's an expectation you can't pass up a competent employee for someone with similar genes. It's not perfect but nepotism is not as blatant as in other places. Progress? I think a case could be made.
  11. What do you guys think of this piece by the economist? http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21648176-success-family-companies-turns-much-modern-business-teaching-its?fsrc=scn/fb/te/bl/ed/
  12. Could you point to useful books or articles regarding this VBB model? Or perhaps come up with an example of its use?
  13. I rarely troll. That would be mean.
  14. Suppose a few years back, I had a low-level job at a given MNC (or maybe at a subcontractor) where I trolled customers and it got written down somewhere. Or I jumped ship early. Or something similar. Suppose I apply to a more technical position a couple years down the road, would that affect recruitment in a totally unrelated role?