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    59 year old husband and grandfather of three
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    Southeastern Connecticut
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    maker of pornographic lawn whirligigs
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    fixed seat rowing, kayaking, shooting, fishing, sailing
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    Every movement witnessed by the silent vaulting sky.

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  1. Every Irish atom in my body is responding to that glorious pile o' potaters and cabbage
  2. That certainly would lend it an air of gravitas that might otherwise be lacking, eh?
  3. Well....I was thinking more along the lines of, say, Alan Rickman reading Tolstoy...but yeah, Dr. Suess will do
  4. @Madden Yep - those long commutes through deepest darkest Canuckistan will be a lot more pleasant with some sonorous celebrity reading you well-crafted lines from some literary illuminati
  5. I have listened to a few books that I enjoyed. Years back, BBC World used to read short stories like A House for Mr Biswas over the radio early in the mornings while I was working delivering newspapers. I enjoyed that quite a bit.
  6. Audio does suck when the reader uses a voice that clashes with the voice you've already created for a given character.
  7. Loves me some bok choy
  8. Construction aggregate or pornography - either way it would have sent my 4 year old ass to hide under the table
  9. Your yard was full of pornography?
  10. I remember when I was 4 years old or so, and my parents had just bought their first house. They were out in the side yard sifting rocks from the dirt and tossing them over their shoulders down onto the lower level by the river. I, like an idiot, walked directly into the path of a rock thrown by my mother - which beaned me on the forehead and sent me fleeing into the house where I hid under the kitchen table.
  11. One does not typically find cabbages and culinary snobbery in combination.
  12. Oh come on! Nobody else has made anything with cabbage yet?
  13. The first thing you'll want to do now is retrofit your bathroom(s) with composting toilets.