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  1. I thought you meant you needed to be able to tighten the knot with one hand ...I wasn't aware you had to tie the knots and do the entire procedure with one hand. Having said that - I can visualize using plastic cables ties with one hand a lot easier than I can visualize tying the knots in cordage with one hand. Maybe you could just use bungee cords - hook at either end, reeve the cords through the frame of the milk cases as needed, then hook to the trailer frame. But yeah, bolting them sounds best. You could make wooden cleats for inside the crates and bolt through those cleats into the trailer bed. That way you won't be cutting or drilling the crates themselves. ...... added to this post 9 minutes later: BTW- what have you got for a bike trailer? I'd like to pick one of them up for myself someday
  2. a wee bit of pistachio gelato
  3. ...oh, and I have a cork board mounted on the wall beside the desk in my office.
  4. oh yeah...them too.
  5. sticky notes on the side of the fridge for appointments.
  6. Why use cordage at all? Why not use plastic cable ties? If you're contemplating simply cutting the cord when you need to get the milk crates out, then it seems a more secure attachment like plastic cable ties would be better suited. If you're set on using cordage, however, maybe you could rig something with some form of a Spanish windlass knot in which a loop is formed in the cord, a lever of some sort, maybe a piece of dowel or a spare screwdriver, is inserted into the loop, and the loop is twisted tight using this as a lever. Once tight, the dowel is tucked behind some part of the crate or the trailer to hold it in place. When you want to loosen it, free the dowel and untwist the loop. But I think the best solution is plastic cable ties. They're not subject to shrinking and swelling with changes in atmospheric humidity. Nor are they prone to coming loose with the shocks and vibrations a bicycle trailer is likely to encounter.
  7. ...and be sure to try the pu pu platter!
  8. Pfft - the seasonal hardships we Yankees endure simply make us more stalwart and shit.
  9. Perhaps the differences you note are more due to the cooking methods used than the particular oils. In Chinese restaurants around here, they use very high BTU flames under thin steel woks. Perhaps it's the combination of the high heat and the oils used and the fact that the oils and steam from the ingredients combine in a particular manner that is peculiar to that type of cookery - and which leaves a different type of residue in their exhaust hoods. Or maybe not....I dunno.
  10. I was born and raised in New England ...why would I want to live anywhere esle?
  11. nothing...dammit
  12. Currently binge-watching "Father Brown Mysteries" My wife and I have made this an interactive process. Whenever something suitably shocking happens in the show, we look at each other and exclaim, "Good Heavens!!" Mrs. McCarthy's award-winning strawberry scones failed to take first prize this year in the county's WI baking competition??? Good Heavens!!!
  13. The neighbor at our old house was a hoarder. Every time we turned around there was some new piece of junk in his yard. Luckily, only one of the windows in our house looked out across our driveway to his house and yard. I put a massive shed on the other side of our driveway so we didn't have to see the junk in his yard. It was kind if handy, actually - because whenever a piece of equipment of mine would shit the bed, I'd ask him if he wanted it...which was a helluvva lot easier for me than having to bring it to the dump. He had one of my old snowblowers, an old freezer, some 55 gallon drums I'd planned to convert into a BBQ, and an old John Deere 48" walk-behind mower that used to burn a quart of oil per acre of mowing before I replaced it with a riding zero turn. I just asked him to keep the stuff I gave him on the other side of his house from mine. As strange a guy as he might have been, he was first to help everyone out whenever there was a problem. He often beat me to my own driveway after a snowstorm - and after he'd helped me, we'd both be off to help the neighbors. It was enlightened self-interest on his part, as I had the bigger and more dependable snow blower - so he knew if he helped me, I'd help him. But yeah, he helped me out with all sorts of things, like using his 4 wheeler to tow my truck out of the mud when I made the mistake of driving across the back yard too soon after the thaw. He also helped us when we bought the house by depressing the value and lowering the cost of course, the same was true when we sold it
  14. The issues mentioned in the linked article are easily overcome by the introvert if they simply choose another introvert to date. I guess I'm lucky in that I tended to prefer introverted women to their extraverted counterparts when I was dating....having learned my lessons early about dating extraverted women
  15. I try to look at things people have said in a manner that might be one interpretation - but I'm certain it's not the one they intended. And then I try to make a joke out of that. For example - the OP asked: how to can i have good humour ? I might reply by saying if you see these guys, wave and they'll stop: