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    59 year old husband and grandfather of three
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    Southeastern Connecticut
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    maker of pornographic lawn whirligigs
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    fixed seat rowing, kayaking, shooting, fishing, sailing
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    Every movement witnessed by the silent vaulting sky.

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  1. It was one of the best movies ever made.
  2. What a lofty aspiration.
  3. Some might find it tedious...maybe even punishingly so
  4. I think that you think that I think that you think that I think you've got another think coming.
  5. Yep - ya did And a dirty minded person you are!
  6. Fuck no! Do you think I'm fucking weird or something?
  7. Pfft - you figured your way around a 14 quote post pretty well.
  8. the raccoons that follow me everywhere are trained pick pockets....so we'll always go to nicer restaurants and my dates will always get a cut.
  9. Thought that might be the case - but be forewarned, the cost of living around here is pretty steep and the taxes are ridiculous. Plus, there's all the guns.
  10. Yeah - but it makes life worth living Think of it as being in the front car on a roller coaster as opposed to sitting in the back row at a book club discussion about a novel you haven't read yet.
  11. Literally? You'd be amazed at how often I hear guns going off around here. There's lots of big pieces of property nearby and we're very wooded and well away from the town police. Some of my neighbors are often out plinking away in their yards. I have a wooded 11 acre lot in another town which is where I do my hunting and shooting - as rarely as that is these days....not that I've never let off a round or two in this yard
  12. Not too hard to pedal, but a tough work out, indeed.