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    Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
    It doesn't matter how much you make, it's how much you don't spend.
  1. I've been using the forum less... it's difficult to find things and I just don't want to expend the energy to search :'(
  2. It's a trap, he'll make you love him then he'll get all puckish again ;)
  3. OMG I'm so excited for you! Japan's on my bucket list so I'll definitely be following closely!
  4. As for the infidelity, on his part he was newly married and the lady he was trying to hit on was married as well. I have not seen anybody except you mention it other than mentioning that he'd just been married for three months when this was taped... as if it would be okay had he been married longer. It's as if infidelity doesn't matter anymore or they're avoiding mentioning it for some reason? IDK... it's things like this that make me feel like something's wrong with me because I just don't understand people.

    Humor has helped a lot though I still worry. He's a buffoon and it's easy to say he won't be elected but we really have no idea how many supporters he actually has. I don't give any weight to the primaries simply because I work at the polls and know we had a huge amounts of democrats who requested a Republican ballot and were very open about the fact they were voting for Trump to make Hillary a shoo-in in November. That's a flaw in our system.

    Did you watch the whole debate? If you did you probably remember him answering the Muslim ladies question... That created a Twitter storm of #MuslimsReportStuff

    and of course the TicTac Twitter page. So much humor out there :laugh:

  5. LOL Facebook and Twitter were blowing up a couple days ago. Here's a few of my faves:



    One of my favorite joking comments by a friend was this:

    "Trump supporters be like, who cares if he grabbed that woman's pussy, it's not like he kneeled during the National Anthem."

    And lastly Time of my life (edited. I had the wrong link at first)

    On a more serious note, tho this is supposed to humorous it actually did make my tummy flip flop when it happened while I was watching the debate:


    ...but this one was much more concerning:

    awkward avoiding kiss

    As a guy you may not understand, but as a woman with the experience both for myself and dealing with other abuse survivors, this was a very telling video. It makes me wonder if her mother kept her away from trump all these years because he abused her. Her reaction is very typical of an abuse survivor dealing with an abuser who is family or known to the family and no one wants you to make waves... so you smile and act polite but you avoid physical contact with them like they have the plague.

    I agree about the reasons why people are pissed off are the wrong reasons. But if you notice, it's mostly trumps supporters who are focusing on the "vulgarity" of the word pussy, saying it's no big deal when it's the act of sexual assault about which he's boasting that has most woman up in arms. The majority of women have been through at least one incident in their life, if not many incidents, and it begins at a very young age... usually around puberty, which for most girls is around 12 but for many of us we weren't even in the double digits yet.

    trump supporters have been making jokes about women being triggered but it's true that this has triggered many of us. I'm not normally thin-skinned but I confess this really got to me. I think it's knowing so many, both men and women, think it's quite okay to sexually assault a woman or anyone they have power over. I worry that like the increased bullying and bigotry we've seen as Trump has emboldened the bigots, we may see an increase in sexual assaults.

  6. a colleague showed me this today:


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  7. oh boy! people are outraged and shocked by the video, with a focus on the "grabbing pussy" comment. the image this phrase paints in the mind is explicit and the language is crude, but i actually find trump's desire to pursue a married woman more significant. adultery is the greater offense to me and i feel like the wrong aspect of that video was being focused on by the public, especially in the recent second debate.

    i'm glad that a significant portion of the republican party are starting to see trump for who he is now. a lot of the big name republicans are leaving him and he's simply too egotistical to really go down the path of contrition to try to win them back. instead, he lashed out at his own party members for being "self-righteous hypocrites." ugh, what a horrible person.

    on the bright side, i don't think he's going to win this election, so at least we probably won't have to suffer four years of this nonsense. good riddance. i can't wait to vote for hillary and get this election over with!

  8. After seeing your thumbs up I watched the trailer at the link you provided and it does look really good! So I queued it up to watch :) Last movie I watched was Mother's Day (2016) I actually started the movie thinking it was going to be a mindless comedy, something playing in the background while I was busy doing other stuff. It turned out to be a really good movie, Very touching and relatable. It started off slow but I ended up dropping everything and sitting and watching the movie, which is a rarity for me as I'm always multitasking. Would definitely watch it again.
  9. So what do you think of the latest Trump mess? Twitter was blowing up yesterday after TicTac announced that they respect and support women or something to that effect. I got a lot of belly laughs yesterday :p

  10. LOL i don't think anyone is better than Carlin was.

  11. I try to remember that. Of to Seoul tomorrow lots of time to do relaxing things on the plane like sleep and crochet.

  12. it's hard to pick a favorite. george carlin has amazing satirical observations with a political slant and it never gets old for me. chris rock and bill maher are similarly biting and insightful in their jokes and they are always interesting too. as for sitcoms, the absurdity of seinfeld is just spectacular on another level.

    this is one of my favorite carlin bits, where he really eviscerates


    i told monte i'd like to help with the math (if possible). i think monte is doing most of the writing itself though so the minutes are misleading.

  13. I LOL'd at your defamation comment :laugh:

    Yes, Kathy Griffin isn't everybody's cuppa tea but I find some of her stuff really funny. The one she talks about taking her dogs on a trip with her and one had explosive diarrhea in the really fancy hotel room is so hilarious. I think that one was called "no pants". I find her mother hilarious too... She's always horrifying her mother with comments about the Catholic Church.

    Who's your favorite all-time comedian? When I was a kid I used to love watching the old black-and-white reruns of the Lucy shows... Still do! Last month I watched a bunch of old shows on retrovision.tv (the Lucy show, Beverly Hillbillies and and Bonanza). I have to say Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett will always be my favorite comedians.

    Kevin Smith has two stand up shows on crackle.com right now. I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube, Crackle, Popcornflix and in the apps for the regular TV channels like CBS. There's definitely no shortage of stuff to watch! Regular TV is good for half hour sitcoms. There's a new one called Speechless that, based on the pilot, looks really good.

    I didn't realize you were going to be writing one of the papers until I saw minutes of meeting Shakeel sent out by email. Very nice! I really wanted to sign up for a team lead but I don't want to over extend myself. Data scoring, proofreading and whatever else they want throw at me is plenty this time around.