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    Check me out sitting in a dark room with sunglasses. I can barely see anything.

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  1. Best way to deal with bad habits is to make and practice new good habits that compete with the bad habit for your time, energy, stomach capacity or whatever else . Works for diet, drugs, everything. Don't even worry about the bad habit, Just practice the good habit like a skill. If I personally had a diet coke habit I would start practicing a tea habit or a water habit until the tea or water habit eventually out compete the diet coke habit.
  2. I got Ishmael.
  3. I have occasionally considered experimenting with dating because of all the hype around human relationships but I have never really followed through. There are just more compelling things to invest my time in than people.
  4. Tambourine Dreamer Treehouse Royal Merry Maker A whole lot of no thanks here.
  5. Look, what you have to do is approach the person you are interested in and say words at them, concealing your existence is ineffectual.
  6. Okay, we can try this again. I am a male.
  7. Ideally I would have no romantic partner where as I do have parents.
  8. The observation that social media and reddit have put a huge dent in traditional forums is 100% accurate but there will always be people like us who will take this over all that nonsense any day.
  9. Currently my goal is to build up the mobility to do pistol squats. I am pretty sure I am strong enough but I have always struggled with my lower body flexibility. Once I can do pistol squats I will arbitrarily pick something else to build up to.
  10. Are you a guy? If so it just plain old does not happen without you taking a active role or reciprocating interest. There is nothing wrong with you that is repelling relationships.
  11. I too use this strategy and here I am at 27 without ever having had a relationship. But this strategy works for me since I am not interested in relationships. You on the other hand might try actively seeking out a relationship. Maybe you are a weirdo but there are other people out there who are weirdos themselves or just won't care.
  12. I am 100% okay with people assuming my gender. I personally assume peoples gender willy nilly all the time with no consequence. People just don't seem to care about gender.
  13. I used to buy a ton of console games but lately they have just not been making stuff I want to buy. Console devs are just giving us some real weak stuff while the pc is chugging along doing the same old same old.
  14. We went through this before. Mod moot.