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  1. Thanks for the elaborate responses, I might gonna lick some more poles in the public transport
  2. There supposedly exist hundreds of variations of the virus that causes the common cold, and once you've been ill due to one of these, you're supposedly immune for life. Now I'm wondering about the following: If you're in good health and have a good immune system and don't actually get sick by these things, does that mean you also don't built the long-term immunity? If so then it seems a downside of being in good health when you're young, is that when you get older you don't have the immunity that the people who did get colds multiple times a year when they were young, do have (?)
  3. On a side note; essentially every human behaviour is completely selfish. Even people who put a great amount of energy and resources in helping others do so because eventually that's what just happens to make themselves feel better (about themselves).
  4. Isn't it curious how a lot have man have to work full-time because the wife prefers working part-time at most? Isn't it curious how women can wear skirts but men can't without being frowned upon? Isn't it curious how women can carry a baby in their womb and get maternity leave, while men can't? Isn't it curious how if a ship on the ocean sinks, the code of conduct still is "women and children first"? Isn't it curious how dumb hot women have it quite a bit more easy in life than dumb hot men? Isn't it curious how women live longer but pay the same general old age insurance premiums? (if such insurance is provided for by the government) Every gender comes with it perks and challenges, that's just the way life is. Life is not fair and never will be. Yes it would be nice if all people would be judged based on character and character only, but one cannot change human instinct and nature.
  5. Ha, yea I actually thought the same; maybe I was overly rude. Well I guess we're not that different after all. Stereotypes might not always be true at the individual's level, but they usually are at the group level. After all it seems fair to assume that evolution has predisposed humans to making them, because making generalisations based on limited information apparently results -more often than not- in correct conclusion.
  6. What really happened is that you took something personally which wasn't to be taken as such. If even INTJ women do that, that might be a hint to the solution of the riddle you're trying to solve.
  7. Just reread our interaction and then notice I did not anywhere intend to offend you. I simply posted a related thought whilst notifying that I did so based on just reading the title.
  8. Actually, my usage is its first meaning; http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tl%3Bdr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Too_long;_didn't_read
  9. tl;dr If anything women are having it easier than men these days. Be a capable woman, join a big company, and have the ambition to make a career instead of raising children, and you'll be in a top position in proverbially no time. Most companies want to improve their gender ratios and quite frankly there are relatively few women that have the before mentioned ambition anyway, making competition quite minimal.
  10. I think your different opinion / view on things results from you being an extrovert.. Even after time with my family or girlfriend I like alone time to re-energise...
  11. Awesome!, thanks! I like the analogy to the fish; that introversion is a personality trait disposing someone to being more careful, whereas extroversion is perhaps disposing one to be more explorative at the expense of lesss carefulness. Then at first sight it seems my main question (Why can't one be both at the same time?) could be answered quite easily too; because if one is more explorative, you'd by definition be less careful. However I'm not convinced that also explains the difference what energises oneself; Thanks And thanks to you too (-: I agree all humans are social animals, but to me it does seem the "gaining/losing energy from social interactions"-analogy is quite correct. In my job I lead a team and my general approach is that I feel relief when I've properly prepared and steered my reports and they are all working on their things such that finally I have time to work -in relative solitude- on my own things. A friend of mine is teamleader too (and a total extrovert) but describes the exact opposite: he prefers to and is energised by interacting with people and motivating them, not by the working in solitude parts of the job. I think that perfectly illustrates the difference between in- and extroverts, and the gaining/losing energy analogy then sounds fairly correct. I truly feel energised when working a day on my own, and truly need recovery time after a couple of days full social stuff. Why can't I feel energised from interacting with people if other people can? People on the middle of the I/E-dichotomy are about equally energised by solitude and social time, but surely those people are still less energised by solitude than true introverts, and less by social time than true extroverts? Why aren't there people that can feel hugely energised by a week of social events and equally hugely energised by a week of solitude?
  12. Anyone any thoughts on the evolutionary reason(s) for the existence of introversion [= gaining energy from being alone?] and extroversion [= gaining energy from being around others?]? What I most particularly can't wrap my head around is that it apparently is not possible to be both. Clearly there would be an evolutionary advantage to be able to gain energy both from being alone and from being around others? Why is that not possible?
  13. It always baffles me how so many people order and apparently handle an espresso at night after dinner. Surely even very caffeine-insensitive people aren't able to sleep-in within the first 2-3 hours after such shot?
  14. How old are you? Virtually everyone develops all of their functions as time passes by
  15. That is quite a misconception.. Plenty of people reached age 70 already in the distant past. The only reason that average life expectancy was somewhere between 30 and 40 during large parts of human history was that lots of infants would die in their early years of life, greatly pulling down the average. A woman aged 30 would typically only have a very slightly lower chance to make it through the next 20 years than a woman aged 20.