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  1. What if reality is a prime number?
  2. Sometimes, I do this.
  3. Lorn - Sega Sunset ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Lorn - There Ain't Nothing It's Just Pain And Then Yer Gone
  4. Prefer the paper book experience for fiction. Don't mind digital graphical support for other types of content. No audio.
  5. Rather some of the processes implicated in what people might refer to as "falling in love." Namely, bonding (oxytocin and vasopressin), infatuation and whatever emotional adornments make, you know, young couples go Bonnie and Clyde against obstacles and such. Exciting, but maybe just a persuasive mindfuck. Oxytocin and vasopressin facilitate bonding (attachment) in multiple contexts. Bonding being apparently critical for actual long-term emotional connections. Better decision-making ("love" declaration) when onset is sober rather than infatuated. Feelings may come after the conscious realization, in which case, initial attraction isn't necessary. Less false positives, albeit less fun. No fucked up libido. Didn't watch the video. Too lazy.
  6. Velly Joonas ‎- Stopp, Seisku Aeg! ...... added to this post 32 minutes later: Gabor Szabo - Dreams
  7. Not really conceivable in this day and age, unfortunately. The wild could offer a close to authentic experience, I guess.
  8. Just wanted to point that out. If it's in your nature, it's more of a risky predisposition (but common to most people). Not qualified to offer better advice than what has already been given by some users above.
  9. "Quality" as in a trait present in an individual or a declaration of 'good' trait? I see the first among OP's descriptives. The second seems misguided and naive judgement.
  10. Not afraid, although I have an idea of what I could be missing.
  11. Does not compute. Not at all clear in this post how you can argue for the value of randomness in this type of decision-making (unless the goal was to honor the principle (pre-judged as 'fair') that all students should experience the same learning environment, but then many students' specific strengths/needs would be neglected). Your post suggests that this is about planning the best learning environment for each (or the the greatest number of) student(s), not about granting some students more privileges or better learning quality than others (is this an unfortunate consequence of grouping students in your specific situation?). In which case, how could using a few potentially valuable metrics to guide your decisions possibly hurt? You complain about potentially wasted effort. Well, you can't know until you try it. Nothing here suggests that the academic costs of not honoring your professional obligation are likely to be lower or even neglegible compared to honoring. Arguably, not every single variable requires consideration to achieve some degree success. If student group organization is too great of a task for a single teacher to execute alone, maybe you could legitimately justify your inaction on such an argument instead. I think you know all this deep down... so I suspect that maybe you're not telling the whole story? Is it the fear that such a task could reveal jarring demographic divides among students? Fear of "discrimination"? If the ultimate consequence in the classroom is a potentially more profitable learning environment for the students, what exactly is wrong with this type of "discrimination"? Or is it something else?
  12. Preserves some spark, though. Still an interesting and intellectually engaging community despite all.
  13. Affirmative. Special place in my heart too.