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    "I came; I saw; I conquered."-Julius Caesar

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  1. Texas Regulars - Third party from the 1940s who tried to prevent the re-election of Roosevelt. Plus, it's been my first work in an archive, which has been fascinating.
  2. Frankly, that price sounds like a bargain. Just get into the astronomically high IQ range for 10 million or so, then proceed to invent like mad. Your money should be made back in a few days.
  3. the hair change looks great!

  4. 29975-top 0.12%
  5. Get Overwatch and Halo 5. Maybe Elite: Dangerous if you're into space sims. Far Cry is pretty fun.
  6. This is really random, but every time I see your name I want to say "Holli-lujah!" for some reason... :P

  7. If you hear anything, you gotta let me know! I'll let you know too :hug:

  8. So, apparently there's going to be a WoT TV show of some sort. There's not really any details out yet, but I figured you'd be interested. :nice:

  9. Wow thanks didnt know that.

  10. When did Julius Caesar used that phrase?