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  1. Perhaps some of your ancestors were silk worm herders.
  2. I do believe that is an oxymoron. Have you tried the infjs forum?
  3. Dominant Ni: Only the smartest of INTJ can properly use induction as the rest rely solely on deduction, case in point @Moonheart's post. For further reference see the works of Isaac Newton and other renown INTJ. Auxillery Te: I read it in a book so it must be true. Have you spoken to an ExTJ? This is totally how Te works. Tertiary Fi: When talking to INTJ every problem is a people problem. Inferior Se: Here is a crowd of people, can you spot the INTJ reading in this loud and noisy place:
  4. Understanding proper functioning of a door is such a special psychological trait that the Greeks even worshiped this ability and claimed the god Janus, keeper of doors demanded such. So if you don't want your janus sodomized close em fucking doors!
  5. And what of the women in your life are they too just friends? Is there nothing unique about them and their roles. It seems to me that is just his little quirk, he has a penis. You provide something of worth and only then can someone be your friend. People are very valuable and difficult to maintain, one could say almost priceless. Holli do you cook much? If a guy wants a steak is it not more well received if its beaten, marinaded, and paired with an excellent potato salad or side of greens. Sex is very important, very delicious, holy, an intense experience. That generally means you have bad taste, and once again I refer back to my cooking analogy. So how bad is your lack of taste? Are you a vegetarian or do you eat off the floor? Ruling out bad providers as mates is an evolutionary imperative. But do you also have allergies or other systemic flaws at the genetic level? Does your skin fall off when the blessed food giving sunlight hits you? These are all very important checkboxes for men. It is difficult enough for a guy to understand how a woman bleeds every month and does not die so I can't imagine there are any more surprises! You are haggling right now. Your life is a mess as you have stated so going into a relationship right now you would not be equals. You would feel indebted to this man. So how about you quit skimping with this concept of "just only exactly sex". Oh hell no its about you getting down on your knees and shouting thank you jesus for this dick you are about to receive and blowing him like your life depended on it because it does! Completely toss out this shitty feminine ego play about equality and just show some respect for a guy trying to salvage you from such destructive impulses. When will the bridge burning stop? How many babies must be tossed out with the bath water? Are you going to keep on hen pecking until someone ends up dead?
  6. If you did not watch the informative video you have already broken the fourth wall and declared these actions of courting improper so wifehood is out of the question. That leaves you to basically have 3 outcomes for this courting process. Danger - One of you cracks and out pours some emotional baggage of insecurity. This is all about those daddy issues and other super imposed bullshit. Dating - This is when you want to see all the what ifs and what could possibly ever come out of you two being together. You will both play house and do other hypothetical shit like get a pet and pretend its your child or some other condescending tedious view of the world and society at large for pathetic power tripping, like a juvenile teen. No Go - You both fuck like ugly savages eating raw potatoes then never look at each other again. For 10$ I will write you a beautiful break up letter, just absolutely gorgeous.
  7. The college courses for fields predominately composed of men have a needless amount of math and force you to work around women. Asceticism is the culprit there. Likewise the college courses for fields predominately composed of women are full of revamped victorian era ethics fashioned in the form of smut magazine psychology that no straight guy with half a brain stem would dare touch. What is the inverse of asceticism yet just as damning? Of course you don't need a college degree to get anywhere in the world certainly not, you just have to put up with the gender bender peanut gallery that got one is all.
  8. Fallout 4 is the best game ever and the reason behind it or rather should I say in front of it is this:
  9. Since we are discussing the more morbid and dark literature how about this smut. I have a cheat sheet I use for when an INTJ happens to say something weird/stupid. Here is a system of fail, everything I will show you is a lie and wrong. This is what Philosophy and proper observation has denounced, refuted, and straight up annihilated over the centuries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positivism <--- Beware reader this text be wrong/incorrect, an education hath not prepared thee.
  10. Do the bare minimum cause gotta go fast! Long as there are no dead bodies its a job well done! If safety is a concern protect only yourself and push your coworker into the danger zone to rub their nose in it until they realize there is in fact danger there. And whatever you do never discuss a bodily function or act of attaining any evidence. You just magically know things and happen into existence like a fucking WIZARD. And when approached by an inquisitive ENTP drama-baiter please adhere to the following advice:
  11. I would call this the most savage post I have read in the dating section yet. The guy is courting you! Here let me explain this process further about what is going on right now:
  12. When you are chasing after something so too can it be said that you are running from something else and therefor I must ask why? What is this point A you hail from in order to get to point B that would entail you postulate a philosophy with death as a key axiom? My advice to you would be to take your most precious books and burn them. Their plots are far too contrived and boring to be anything but a silly prank. Obviously that must be the case seeing as you do not cite any examples. My thoughts exactly burn those books. That Confucius quote was quite refreshing. I also recommend Socrates as well. He clubbed more death mongers than Jesus Christ.
  13. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite online publishers the best silent actor since Charlie Chaplin. This dude whose name I don't even know and would prefer to keep it that way over at Primitive Technology channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAL3JXZSzSm8AlZyD3nQdBA It is rumored that he first built the camera with his own two hands and his end goal is to put a rocket on the moon.
  14. Winner winner chicken dinner considering you got me right where you want me! I actually did not see that coming!
  15. Like a phat sack of bricks.