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  1. A nocebo effect causes the perception that the phenomenon will have a negative outcome to actively influence the result. I try to teach an INTJ reductive reasoning and this is the best I can get. I need to think more meta than simply INTJ got to go fast.
  2. I am pro death and I object to your instant hot pocket Frankenstein incubator babies. That doughy piece of shit needs to go back in the oven.
  3. I get a lot of the same. But usually they are stroking their hips and checking out my shoes. I guess she is just interested to know how the rest of your body is manscaped. Might I suggest this:
  4. I heard you the first few warning shots but after that my ears started ringing and it was all a haze. Let him play with a silicone breast like a stress ball then see if he is ready for the real thing. If you don't like revealing things then learn how to disclose.
  5. If it wasn't for cheating I would probably never get a relationship. The ladies simply fight over me far too much. I am forever trying to cheat some petty social system and find what I love.
  6. Nothing is upfront nor clear about the future. That is why people must be involved some how or firmly rejected. I conclude that a lot of people have a defeatist attitude due to abandonment issues brought on by our modern culture. I would say you are probably better off making a scene leaving like a fucking lunatic rather than quietly slipping away. Curiosity vs worry which will win in the great scheme of being remembered? I agree with your sentiments @Nicoloco90, but as I have seen the INFP way of managing emotions/expectations is often to explode for maximum yield which would be a more pertinent response here. Good/Bad it hardly matters just explode everywhere all over something so they know you are listening and they have made an impact upon you. DO IT and DO IT NOW as some say lol.
  7. Probably so, what do you have to explain if you don't follow what is being said. That is a very interesting point you focused on there. I have heard about this phenomenon before. You will be with someone having a good time right and then you have to leave and if you have no future plans with them then they worry that they said something wrong. I think this process occurs a great deal more in women due to higher oxytocin levels from the estrogen and less testosterone for extrapolating distant relationships. I don't think women can tell the difference between us and the rage quitting little shit in the corner whom gets no dates. Maybe they think we are all cried out which is even more pathetic. That is why I say "bitching" is a gender neutral term.
  8. Everyone feeling the same way doesn't that ever get boring? You are so dependent on how they feel and then when the relationship goes bad you wash your hands of it all independent like. But I tell you its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all so interdependence is the proper course.
  9. So you do want to "handle" this girl? Now we are getting somewhere. Mmm do tell me more.
  10. That is the only way to get in a relationship. I mean you wouldn't just let any weirdo hop in your car with you right first they got to wipe your windows at the very least! Its the same situation here. To be criminal is to be looking for a quick fix. To be single is to be looking for a quick fap. That is why INTJ are so "complicated", its simply criminal for them not to be and going that fast. To think like one is just to sit there waiting for the right moment. The formula for suspense follows the same trend that is why you are found unreasonably lovable.
  11. Well what good is that if they are truly like-minded people then they would be trapped in the same position as yourself. Nah you want someone stranger maybe a brother from another mother? One would usually say such things as, "Get your arms off of me." and "No more of your stuff" or perhaps "I am calling the cops" and if they really don't get the message, "HELP RAPE HEEELP no don't help them rape me! NoooOOOooo ooh" You probably don't find this funny or quite follow me that is because you sir are in love. You obviously care about this person, but you find yourself undeserving. The idea that anyone deserves something is such a silly narcissistic injury a purely religious notion a product of domestication seeing only risk and reward. What a dim witted and draconian concept of fairness. This error all revolves around a philosophy of death you see because there is no absolute called "life" yet for you are still yet living. But are you the same person you were yesterday and are you not growing up in much the manner your fathers before you grew up. For all things that are alive for the most part death is irrelevant. If you see a corpse what are you more scared of the one whom is already dead or that which did it?
  12. Is this the recruitment thread for the next goon squad power grab? Seems the lunatics are starving after politics section was removed. Pour on the salt!
  13. Who do you think you are laughing at?
  14. I don't need no compliment so I throw it on the ground! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻