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  1. Odd and probably strange that i have never pondered this question [Lovable] at all before this? It's like ~ of all the questions that permeate my subconscious and awareness, the question of whether I am lovable or not has never been swimming before me therefore nullifying any need to know the answer as priority at the top of my curiosity-pedestal.
  2. The Big Picture Person
  3. Cutleries - same Look at this scene from the movie As Good As It Gets. Interesting concept with regards to associating these regularities with sense of order and balance. I probably lean more on balance, in that weight and pattern-match balancing lead to the inclinations to subconsciously influence the preference for certain patterns, colours and weight [which are not similar case by case basis] together with positioning of seats and views - though they can be mutually exclusive of each other, in that I don't need to have everything from seats to positioning to cutleries to views be all matching in every one single occasion. Meaning, if only one can be achieved, fine. If all, amazing. But if none ~ it's probably disorienting momentarily but then able to be weathered albeit with slight adjustments.
  4. Sorry for your diagnosis. Mine so far hopefully will stay mild. I think it only manifested when I was in my late 30s. I begun to develop fascinations with heavy-weighty fork spoon knives (cutleries and not utensils, lol wrong use of English word in my OP) and using light-weight ones would make me hesitate at first but at least I could still go ahead with the latter if no choice. The must-have-same patterns or colours or balanced weight only affect me when I eat outside. At home I have specific cutleries and heavy....But I have light weight ones as well. Chopsticks of various patterns but if I lose one part of a pair, I can't use that one paired with different colour/patterns ones. Funny one time I ended up just using the white plastic disposable cutleries when one cafe had mismatched cutleries of various patterns and weights. So I bought the disposable ones which were sold at their grocery unit next door and ate with those. Sometimes i just ended up eating with fingers. I hope so. And yes I will seek professional help if something different, out of sync and might become worryingly recurrent and intense start to become conspicuously noticeable. Especially when not following that script can affect me tremendously. Sounds like you are able to control it by now. I hope mine won't exacerbate to something worst. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: I hope mine is more eccentricities and just preferences instead of OCD. I remember I used to be amused seeing Niles (Frasier) wiping chairs before sitting on them (in cafes), only to have me doing the same thing when I was in my 30s onwards. Also if sitting in eating outlets (except for sushi bar), I would request seats facing entrances instead of my back to the entrances.
  5. What language IQ test administered on them? Natives in Borneo rainforest are comprised of no less than 10 races and sub-tribes. They don't speak one similar language but the ones I know of have no difficulty absorbing other languages. On average, people in Borneo speak no less than 5 languages and once they enter primary school they are exposed to the national language of their states, countries, and the compulsory foreign language ie English.
  6. I read @Atamagahen 's post above and the part where he wrote about making small 'fixes' like arranging sugar reminds me of my own weirdness when it comes to eating and the arrangements/what can affect my eating enjoyment. For example:- 1. I cannot eat if my seat faces the eating outlet's toilets - even if the doors are closed and I am many feet away ~ if no choice then I have to position my chair slightly away at least not directly facing the toilet section; 2. Eating utensils - must of the same patterns on them. Even chopsticks. If no choice (for example when eating at village roadside stalls or even certain coffee shops) then I will make use of what they have but at least try to have them of similar weightage (I have even gone to the kitchen washing area - with permission from the managers - and select the utensils myself); 3. There are a few more things but I forgot what they are. Are what I am having above mild ocd or something which some of you have as well?
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  8. In the context of : online friendships. I have gone through a number of near-intoxicatingly and mind-boggling perplexing but (possibly in my pov only) were very intensely fun and fulfilling e-friendships, only to have the few people suddenly stopped communicating and talking to me for no reasons. As in, it's like another me from another parallel universe had argued with them and doomed the friendships - because the current me had totally no idea what had gone wrong. So in all these few situations of 'being rejected coldly', I asked why [no response]; then i apologised (even when I had no idea what I had done wrong) - [still no response]; repeated again asking why and apologising - still no response; then i just simply moved on. The pains did go away gradually. But it kinda removes my ability to let anyone (online) close everytime those happened. I just don't need that kind of perplexed moments wondering-what-had-i-done-wrong happened anymore.
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  10. I like this thread. Now I know who are the screamers and grunters.
  11. Changed schools quite a number of times due to relocations. I never had problems blending in new environments, new schools - probably because I always had some kinds of trades I carried around with me wherever I went, something akin to what Red did in that prison in The Shawshank Redemption, students searched for things I searched for them and they could pay me in kind if they had not enough cash. I never stood up amongst the crowds but there were people who followed me around, so I just let them..all the while my head concentrated on my notebook where I figured out any money savings tips and also money making potentials. Kids talked about gossips, boys, girls, etc etc and I just nodded off and smiled but they knew my head was deep in my own calculations and visuals. I had juniors asking to be my foster brothers and sisters, I just said yes while learning how to be a good older foster sis. Basically I taught them stuff, most of all gave them advices whenever they sought me out. I can still remember several names and faces, even if I am to stumble upon them now I think I can still recognise them. But faces, and maybe not 100% correct on the names.
  12. Quite a number. In order of frequency of language spoken most (on daily basis), in descending order - English has always been the fourth one (unless I am away abroad in predominantly English speaking countries). There are days where I don't even speak out or hear any word in English at all. ...... added to this post 7 minutes later: One language spoken mostly at home happened to be a language I made and created with my best friend when we were kids (started out as 26 symbols and codes for us to write in our diaries since we had so many nosy parkers at our homes), and later I taught that (sans the symbols since there were limits to what i wanted to impart out) to a number of my closest cousins. Somehow that whatever-we-wish-to-call-it has become something passed on to spouses and children. Now has probably spread in a few countries since my best friend has migrated to Europe for the last 2 decades. And my cousins are also all over the place in a number of continents.
  13. It might not necessarily be your job specifically he was after; it could just be him expressing wishful thinking of wanting to be within the profession/field you are in (you did mention he's in a different field). In my second job (in my 20s) I saw how my (former) boss whom I was directly reporting to (he's also the MD) solved one issue we all had been stuck at for days, and I whispered "I wish I have at least 1% of his brain" to a colleague, and the boss heard and laughed "You want my job? Then learn Foochow, forget about other languages in the world. And then be one (a Foochow)".