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  1. Akin to scratching those metallic boxes off lucky draw coupons and see unpredictable prizes underneath*. * of course if those are McDonald's coupons the prizes are kinda predictable
  2. Some of my jobs require lots of talking (construction site meetings, presentations to clients, factory visits on building materials, discussions wherever meetings are set ~ can be in the offices, coffee shops, even airport lounges where drawings for e.g. needed to be signed and i meet up with whoever's bringing them and sign there and then multiple hundreds of pages et al). But the same max talking jobs also have their own quiet isolated moments ie when i withdraw into seclusion to either ideas or solutions; simply heading into my own private moments are one of my favourite things to do. I often always interspersed them with leaving the lone space by reimmersing myself among the crowds, usually in places where related to the current jobs I am dealing with. I get inspirations that way. More than several instances, strangers approach and we have conversations and at times I come across people from similar professions and definitely hitting it off until solutions manage to be derived just from those unforeseen encounters. The power of minds integrating together. Hence why I value brainstorming and discussions with like-minded individuals. My husband and I go out everytime we get to be in the same cities. We both have interests running from similar to the opposite. But somehow we always converge and find the middle ground. I do enjoy listening to live bands and there is a place where they play The Eagles songs, David Foster, Neil Diamond etc during the weekends. My husband while he adores the music genre I like, he won't be able to sit for hours listening to easy-listening-songs. They must be mixtures of slow rock as in U2, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi etc - all which I like as well. Therefore we always reach a compromise, and we still get to listen to the live bands we like albeit in various places. *** Do I ever feel compelled to go out just because I am forcing myself instead of letting the need (to go out) arrives naturally? Never. Whenever I am in that mode where inspirations and creativities are flowing and I am so absorbed in completing the entire work, I can work for days and not even sleeping. Of course coffee helps. And having a very supportive spouse who makes sure you at least partake of something while not even disturbing you working has always been one of my blessings in life. ...... added to this post 12 minutes later: I consider my work events (see para1 above) as all-in-one including socialising. Because after those meetings, discussions etc it's very common continuing or proceeding to other venues if we are not pressed for other appointments (if in airports I just order coffees while doing the signing and conversations flow outside of work more often than not). If defining socialisation: by attending parties, dinners, etc, I do attend the events hosted by professional boards. More so to collect the CPD points (professional licenses renewals end of the year require certain accumulations of CPD hours), and to meet up with those within the similar industries. I am not a social person, neither does my spouse. But at times when you treat events like these as all-in-one purposes, it's rather satisfying and yet paradoxically ~ something that can be dispensable too. Meaning even without those socialising, we don't miss them such interactions or activities too. Nothing is missing from our lives because we don't place our happiness on such interactions or activities.
  3. Wet, certainly. From crying. You crashed the hired boat!
  4. Not about dating context but more on friendships ~ While I can accept situations where men opening up as much about themselves to the extent of airing every one of their dirty linen, it really makes me walk/run the opposite directions when they then rationalise every one of their negatives as if those are all other people's faults and never theirs. While introspections are admirable, the piling of muds in front of other people's lawns is truly perplexing to me especially in some of the situations they themselves are completely at fault. Either that or they know if they improve they can start the attempts to remedy things, but the mud-piling become so ingrained they get concretized and cemented as their play-victim mentality reaches its peak.
  5. My father has always treated my older sister differently as in more favourably. In order to impress him, my mother followed suit (more than she could tolerate). It was well known among the families (and very obviously in front of me and her) how he adored her for being the female "clone" version of him (facial features, skin colour, heights etc), and how perplexed* he was of me when I was born (*not in a good way aka: almost the opposite of him except for the eyes, nose and hair colour). It took him many years later ie when i was in my teens when he admitted to me that he wished he had acted differently/far better towards me growing up. But anyway it wasn't all that bad. It was a blessing to be far removed from my parents' ardent attentions for tons of very good reasons.
  6. And play "let's see who make the longest lasting lovebites"
  7. Not too cringe-worthy considering I received this when I was in my mid teens but let's hear this anyway... To love is nothing To be loved is something To love and be loved is Everything *** Shamelessly given, so grab it!
  8. *gaze at the ^avatar* I'll buy you a drink if you agree to drink mine
  9. New playing room :awesome:

    See you there ^

    1. gcarver


      LOL...so my total awkwardness can be on full display for all the forum to see? 

    2. Sarea



      what's king julien and where or which movie he's from?

    3. gcarver


      He's a minor character in the Madagascar movies. But a much bigger role in the TV spin off - The Penguins of Madagascar. That's from the TV show. 

  10. Or Let's watch each other play with each other's strings
  11. Let's have it
  12. yes please
  13. No to both. But there are a number of times when i discern alcohol in certain food or drinks, I proceed consuming them regardless.
  14. Can't say No to Men wearing ^