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  1. This will be a long post. I fear I've become a bit too insensitive. Lately, i've realised that I spend most of my time completely alone. It doesn't make me sad or anything, I actually rather enjoy it but it was just a sudden realisation that hit me. I realised I've grown distant from my group of uni friends (3 people) mainly because they're in a different major now and all we seem to be able to talk about is our deadlines and I don't need more anxiety. I'm still in touch with my best friend since kindergarten and we are extremely close but days can go by with us not communicating and in these days I'd literally just be by myself, in my room with the internet. This sounds depressing, and while it is to a certain aspect, but I've really gotten used to it especially I've been doing this all my life AKA introvert but it's increased lately (not alarmed, just a note). But the thing is that it's made me become increasingly insensitive. When I was still in high school, I had another group of friends (also 3 people) who I was close with but when we entered different universities, I drifted away entirely and call them every now and then and they've grown accustomed to it. But in the past year, 2 of those friends have had one of their parents die and when the first death happened, I would check on her every now and then but when the second one happened (about a month ago) I visited her, attended the funeral, called her once and haven't called her since. I tried calling her last Friday but she didn't pick up and I'm assuming she's upset and the reality is ... I don't care. I really don't and it's very weird because I always thought I did. If I were to never call her again, It'd be fine with me. Earlier, my conscious would eat at me saying I'm a bad friend but now that very same voice is saying we don't even need to be friends anymore. And I kind of agree. Another girl from that group is obviously going through a rough patch but I just can not bother being emotionally invested in this. My best friend lost her grandmother about a month ago as well (during the same week of the second death) and when I rushed over because she was home alone when she got the news I just held her and didn't saying anything. I really and seriously don't know how to react or what to say in situations like these. I see people calming grieving people down and I just don't know how they do it. Is it another language? probably. My very same best friend recently got a boyfriend and I've gotten so used to us being introverted single ladies it was just a shock to me and I still haven't met him or asked her to talk about him much because I don't know how to even deal with his existence. And finally, last Friday a situation happened that really is the reason I'm writing this post. My parents are getting a new living room which I had been too busy to give my opinion on. I went with my mom to the store to pick up the fabrics and when I saw it, I was appalled. It didn't match the room's colours and I hated what they were going to exchange the couch with and so on and so forth and I made it very clear, very quickly and brutally honest. I didn't mean for it to be mean but apparently it was because my mom yelled at me on how my words resemble "bullets", how insensitive I am and how I don't think of the consequences of the things I say to people and how it could affect them. But I really didn't mean to hurt her and she still hasn't talked to me since. It just made me realise that well fuck, I really am an insensitive bitch. Sorry this was super long, but it was sort of a rant to people who could relate and I also wanted to know your opinions, is this typical INTJ or other personalities? If you were to read this post not knowing I'm an INTJ, what would you type the writer? I took the test again a few weeks ago for the first time in months/year and I twice got ISTJ, INTP and a couple of times INTJ. I fear I might've been biased though with the INTJ one. Fuck, I'm talkative. The realisation just really got me thinking about my type.
  2. that's neurotic as fuck. Chill out, life isn't going anywhere.

  3. One of my university instructors is German, the semester started in October and she's really stubborn, she quickly assumes what I'm going to say or what my idea is before I even finish and begins to ridicule it or completely break it apart so it becomes 'perfect' & I found I won't be able to change that, so I simply began to treat her the way she wants but not in a weak personality kind of way, in a more 'I'll tolerate you' kind of way if that makes sense. Basically, I understand how she works now and what she expects of answers so I give them to her like she wants them. It's annoying but I'm getting used to it since she's not a terrible lady.
  4. To be honest, he just sounds really depressed with low self-esteem.
  5. It's a bit creepy but nothing inappropriate. Assuming the person is the one who asked me out for example, I wouldn't immediately say no. I'd then ask them why they got it and their response would probably be the deal breaker. However, I wouldn't really pick that person from a crowd to date as intriguing as the tattoo is. I think he only added sexual orientation in the title so that he can see everyone's opinions on the matter. Maybe he's wondering whether a gay person would prefer it on the other sex rather their own for example. Don't think he means to offend anyone :)
  6. After some thinking about why I never finish things I realized it's because I'm always worried and scared I won't finish it properly or how it is expected of me. For example, I have tons of drawings just laying there incomplete because of me not liking how it is so far yet too scared to actually go through with it till the end. This also causes me to be to afraid to commit to anything as beginnings always terrify me because I'm too burdened with how this might end and how to make it up to my expectations and satisfactions. As if "it" never commencing is better than it not being done well. Anybody here feels the same?
  7. This is something I've been wondering about for some time. Ever since I found out I was an INTJ after multiple retakes of the test, I kept seeing that my type are more likely to become engineers, doctors, mathematicians and scientists which was super baffling for me because in my entire life in school I have completely sucked in Maths and hated all mathematic subjects. To be honest, I'm not sure if: I didn't like them but was capable to understand them but didn't try to. or I was just bad at them because my brain didn't understand them. I'd say it's the first one because when I was forced to study an entire Maths OL syllabus like it's almost new just one month before my final because I never studied during the year, I ended up with a B and it was one of my greatest accomplishments. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I am generally more attracted to subjects that do not have any Maths in them like languages for example or Art or social sciences like psychology or sociology .. etc. In high school I chose these subjects: English Literature, English as a second language, French as a second language, Arabic as a first language, Biology OL, Arts & Design, Sociology, ICT (one of my favorites because I love computers), Maths OL (forced really), Accounting (Dropped it in the beginning of the year after a couple of months). While Chemistry was an obligatory subject, I managed to convince the principal to not let me take it because I was convinced I'd fail in it and I was the only person in my entire year not taking that subject. (I regret that now because I have absolutely 0 knowledge about the subject atm). However, I am choosing to study Graphic or Media Design in my first year of university and I personally adore graphic designing and drawing and want to become a comic book artist or animator . My dream is to be a psychiatrist and still is but I can't stand 7 years of medical school, like I'd rather die than spend all these years in university studying chemistry and related topics. Anyway, is this common? Does any INTJ feel the same (as in hates maths)? Everyone's answers are welcome! A bit lengthy and detailed I'm sorry but I wanted to lay down all my interests to see if there's still INTJ in them somewhere but I'm too blind to see it.
  8. Yeah exactly! Not only are they difficult, but they're also so stressful. Generally when I'm in any group, I begin stressing over the stupidest things to be honest. I just don't enjoy big groups. All my life I've been struggling with friends because I don't like to be in groups I only like just having another friend and then I'd get mad because she's talking to them and stuff. Making me a bit of a loner lol.
  9. I would say I have 3 best friends and only 1 that is super close to me because I have known her for almost 14 years now. And I'm not even that close to the other two, like they get upset because I never call to check up on them and I'd stay an entire week out of touch. But my "close" friend understands. That's about all the friends I have. They were actually 4 but I just recently lost one lol.
  10. I absolutely despise being late. And if someone tells me "5 minutes and I'll be there" and doesn't show up exactly after 5 minutes I might just punch them. I'm so punctual it's crippling lol.
  11. Another thing to keep in mind is how much freedom is given to girls and boys. In most societies, girls don't always have the freedom to go out/do what they want..etc as much as boys. While a boy will probably not be stopped from going somewhere, a girl might be stopped. Resulting in who has more time on their hand to actually study? Probably a girl in most cases. (Even though my parents are very protective and I spend most of my time at home and I'm anything but an excellent student) I also feel like it really depends on the mindset of the students and its mostly their choice if it's not anything biological. I really value going online and enjoying myself rather than cramming my head with information I genuinely hate and crying over the fact that I didn't get an A* this time when last time I got on A. I'm not bashing anyone, these are simply my own opinions.
  12. I agree. I was intrigued to learn more about DID after I saw the movie "Sybil" (2007) and after reading the book as well. (Regardless of the fact whether it was real or not. I didn't try to read the theories why it was all fake) In the book, she had complete blackouts that she wasn't really aware of until she was faced with a result of an action she did while she wasn't there. So I feel like the actual dissociation and choosing to create a persona are two completely different things. I am not a psychiatrist even though I'd love to be one, but this is very basic information I managed to collect from the book.
  13. I don't smoke but I can't imagine someone who does smoke and is struggling with its addiction not stopping you from starting for example.
  14. I can't blame my friend for not voting though. Ever since the 25th Jan revolution we've been having politics shoved down our throats to a point where you would literally go mad and just depressed about how this terribly corrupt country is going absolutely nowhere until you decide "just fuck it" and you stop watching the news and anything politics related. I used to be so surprised about how someone would avoid the news but now I'm like "yeah whatever" too. Plus, the candidates all suck and you don't know what to do. I'm so relieved I can't vote this year to be honest. Oh wow 2011? Which month? If you visited during January, February and March that's just wow. They were a terrifying couple of months. It is compulsory here and the government is like "you'll have too pay 100 EGP if you avoid/don't voting" and I've never seen them actually go through with it with anyone I know who didn't go.
  15. I'm actually Egyptian so it was interesting to find out. You Scored as Nut You are Nut (Nuit)! Nut is the Mother of the Night Sky. She is said to eat the sun every night and to give birth to it every morning. She carries the dead in her belly as stars. She is warm and caring, and embraces the dead after they die. She is depicted as a nude woman with blue skin covered in stars, arching over her husband, Geb. Her animal is the sow. Nut 80% Ra 70% Bast 70% Amun 65% Seshat 60% Sekhmet 60% Nit 55% Djehuty 55% Heru-wer 55% Bes 55% Aset 50% Heru-sa-Aset 45% Hethert 45% Serqet 45% Set 40% Nebthet 35% Wesir 30% Wepwawet 25% Yinepu 15% Ptah 15%