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  1. I always talk about how stupid other people are. And then I think of 18 year old me. And gee by golly kid, THAT was an idiot. If I met that guy on the street today, I would go home and write in my journal an entry that would reference that creature as yet another example as to why misanthropy. So 13 year old me could look at 36 year old me and point his little skinny finger and judge and say I'm a Bad Man, but little 13 year old me can go fuck himself with the same skinny wayward finger because that little turd has hardly lived a spec of life to know enough TO be able to even begin to formulate a conjecture about ANYTHING that he thinks he might be thinking in relation to things he knows nothing about which is related to my life. THAT said, 13 year old me was wise in his own carefree youthful ways. So I try to carry him around with me everywhere I go. I just don't let him speak for me anymore.
  2. There is no 1 definition of what a family is or how it is structured or how it functions but starting a family is always a huge commitment if you're doing it right. Start by figuring out, in the span of the average day, how much time do you need in isolation, how much time do you want to spend with your spouse, how much time do you need to set aside to do other important things with your life (School, work, friends, family, hobbies, sports, travelling, etc.). Then speak to your partner about theirs. Through that discourse, you work out a schedule that either works or doesn't work for conditions to live together comfortably. If Children are a possibility, you should speak about that up-front as well. I can live either ways, because when I'm in a relationship I stand up for my own needs, I communicate my thoughts and feelings, I listen to my spouse, I think about my major decisions long and hard (I waited 11 years in a marriage before having a child), I make agreements and set living terms with my spouse, we both agree to them and abide by them and when things need to change/improve we again revisit the conversation and make changes and come to new terms and proceed again. There's no 1 easy answer. It's about self reflection, honesty, communication, compromise (or not), and just generally knowing yourself well enough and being able to explain who you are sufficiently to your spouse who will either say ok or go live by yourself.
  3. Communication. I would simply ask or state my concern. "Listen bitch, you've been hanging around eating up all my coco puffs but..."
  4. SFJs They represent 1/8 types but 1/4 of all the people in the world. Around 13% each.
  5. We exist in their blind-spot. They'll never see you. And if they didn't school your ass so hard in basketball you'd probably never see them either. Na'am sayin? Se vs Ni. The former is too mentally blind to see the latter, and the latter is too physically blind to see the former. No ESTP ever picked up Nietzsche and thought "Wow, I would like to spend the next year locked away in a cabin somewhere studying this". Just like how no INTJ ever woke up thinking "Wow, would really love to run into a burning building today."
  6. By traditional definition, a marriage is supposed to be an example of a relationship that is never supposed to end. Some vows even include the ominous promise of the after life in addition to this life, so it covers all the bases. NO END. ETERNITY. No matter what. I advocate communication. Except with hookers. Those end 12 minutes after you slide them $20.
  7. I voted "meh" but I agree that I also automatically picture myself in others shoes and whereas with a woman in the picture I'm neutral 2 men is repulsive to my sensibilities. But that's just because me
  8. Sitting in the waiting room of my doctors office watching the price is right.
  9. All of life is one big lucid dream. The Universe is not only querer than you suppose it's queerer than you can suppose.
  10. I think if the guy was coming off a bad relationship, and expressed that calling him "babe" seems too early, then he's just telling you his comfort level and communicating that with you honestly. In response, instead of perhaps being understanding and considerate of that, you responded by what comes across as a deliberate punishment or defensive response. And if you've already been sexual, to tell a guy that you are going to take that off the table now, sends a much stronger message than you probably wanted to send across. Any right guy in his right mind would likely be running for the fences. "Oh I'm not getting what I want out of this relationship, regardless of the fact that you were honest and fairly reasonable, then I'm not going to give you this, until I start getting what I want again". That's basically the proposition spelled out and passed through a man's ears. And sorry to bash the type, but if you're an INTJ, you're probably not nearly cute enough to be able to pull that off. You have to first have a motherfucker in a state of trance first before any man goes buying that line of bullshit. That doesn't demonstrate partnership. That doesn't demonstrate commitment, or even faith that the guy will come around. It comes across adversarial and selfish. Either that or he started banging someone else and wanted out with you ' Either ways, communication can always clear up everything. But seldom do people really try it tho. Odd.
  11. Is water wet?
  12. Cause hands don't have ears and most guys do 99 percent of all of their fucking with Palmela, and she doesn't have ears either, you follow?!
  13. I don't argue with a wall, trees, or the wind. I also don't argue with Se dims because Ni exists in their blind spot. They can't even see you. And not only do I see it as a fruitless endeavour, I'm also cautious that they don't use what I said during the debate as basis to launch a passive aggressive attack against me later. If you think you can change Donald Trumps mind about ANYTHING I welcome you to try. I tapped out long ago.
  14. Put me down as another vote cast for ESxPs. It's just not something I do. I also don't try to scoop all the water out of the ocean with a dixie cup. Just not things I do.
  15. "Power resides where men believe it resides"