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    Born in the slum that looks for Jesus but only finds his features on diamond encrusted pieces
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    I'm on a roll like Asian students and got Holy punches that I Promise Land. So get flagrant, this left a try ya chin, ko u dafuqout - try again But Christ the 2nd coming if u rise again
  1. On a related note, today I saw fresh footage in from Turkey where the Police were water cannonning gay pride event participants that were holding up rainbow flags. To the OP, I just don't need to see everybody's naked ass and I'm just leaving it there. But I'm fine with the events, we have a major one in Toronto every year, brings in tons of money, if you don't like it do what everybody else does and don't go. It's not in my face if I'm not there. Dafuq is more simple than that?
  2. If I was in your shoes, I would wish to be mentored by the only INTJ Enneagram 8 Tritype 358 ("The Solution Master") user on this entire board named "EndGame". Like So the only question is, what is in it for me? A question I would hope you would want your mentor asking. Na'am saying?! I'm the only logical choice. And I also happen to take Credit Cards. So whenever you're ready to graduate to big pants people club, and you want to sit on Daddy's lap, then you know the digits to dial. So riddle me this dear mentee candidate number ENTP...is it life that gives meaning or meaning that gives life?! Or do you not like lollipops?
  3. 5-7 pretty much are all in my current range. However I remember vividly my state at a level 1. I would say that journey from 1-7 took me approximately 15 arduous years on actively working on self development, but it is possible. Recognizing a higher spiritual power can really help that journey along, and something that level 1 me/you may not accept or have the capacity to understand WHY that's important but nonetheless...hear this from a level 7 and save yourself some of those years in the least. It's not a pleasant experience to live in the state of a level 1, believe me. Your life sucks, you are lost and a pointless unproductive human being.
  4. First you must die. You will then know. And keep getting to know. Forever.
  5. First, it would be awesome. Promises. 2nd. the dick will be extra extraordinarily great. 3rd. LOTS of bubbles. 4th. I'm all class, all the time, even when I'm nasty. 5. I'm also a borderline narcissist with massive mood swings and a violent temper. So as it turns out, that last one is kind of a big deal Apparently women don't like it when you put your fist through walls and call them cunts. Fucking go figure eh?!
  6. One of the things that I see a lot of "soft" people miss or misinterpret when they see a "tough guy" is they think that guy is putting on a show or he is insecure or he is trying to climb to the top of some social heirarchy. When it could just be that guy gives zero fucks, he just killed someone, he WILL kill you, and he has no qualms if he dies. Why? Because that's his reality, man. Not yours. See, life is not an "act" for everybody. Like Monte said, all of life is a contest of dominance, and you are employing a strategy by hiding meekly in the corner just as much as Bigfoot Silva is stomping smaller human beings inside a cage for 15 minutes. Whose is more moral? Who is right and who is wrong? There are an infinite number of ways to interpret reality. That said regarding respect: A) Most people don't even respect themselves, so I wouldn't truly worry. B) Respect starts and ends with you. You're the one looking back at the mirror every day, worry what that guy thinks. C) Nobody is obligated to respect you. Even Jesus didn't get respect. Dafuq is YOU?!
  7. I'd nut all up in your Eye. Look at my earthly balls homey. Keep your eye on my earthy balls baby. I bring it raw to you. All day.
  8. When I was 16, I thought they got together and fingered each other for hours and had pillow fights. By 20, I realized that it's not that at all. I've been sad ever since. Fun = Controlling a man Adventure = Cock surfing E = Mc2
  9. You want someone that will challenge you. I found an ISFJ. It has been well you know, challenging. As it is supposed to be. Growth cometh with paineth. OTOH, "compatible" for someone else might be "bring me sammiches, suckmadiq, and don't talk too much". I recommend shooting for a challenge, someone that will call you out on ALL of your bullshit, throw you against the wall, and kick you in your nuts, and spit down your throat"...did I lose you?
  10. I apologize for words uttered or left unsaid, actions/inactions. Not feelings. Feelings is what makes robot human a human. Human yummy.
  11. "Other people" are a mirror into your self. To fix problem, look in to self.
  12. The coolest thing about England is it's Muslim population, and historic Architecture built on the backs of slaves from distant lands.
  13. Yes. Sensors bullied me. So I became an Enneagram 8.
  14. As if I've already fucked them, but I'm such a gentleman that I'm now asking them out on a date (or whatever diabolical plan you have for her). (It helps if you bust a fresh nut right before you see them). Don't tell her you love cats. The thinking is something like this:
  15. #1. Become Financially independent, ... lest you serf your life.