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  1. You think you can understand Hegel in a few days? LOL
  2. I choose to spend my time dealing with more important issues than putting in any real effort responding to these "arguments".
  3. Philosophy done improperly is not really philosophy.
  4. Eudaimonia is a distinctly Aristotelian focus. Not all ancient philosophers wrote on this. Without a good understanding of what it is modern philosophers do (from what you've written I highly doubt you're well acquainted with the field), I don't think it is your place to present what you blindly assert to be the discipline's shortcomings as fact.
  5. The idea of success needs to be reformed.
  6. Bible Belt Republicans should be shipped off to some island far away.
  7. @Continental Op your opinion of modern philosophy is, quite frankly, disturbingly specious.
  8. Introverted female 66 Although there are a few body language gestures that you still misread, for the most part, you are fairly skilled at reading non-verbal signals. With a little more knowledge and practice, you can turn this skill into a strength. You try to be attentive to both verbal and non-verbal body language because you understand the concept that actions can often speak louder than words. This skill will be very useful in your interactions with others and allow you to better understand and empathize with people.
  9. city
  10. Climate issues often play a role in women quitting their PhD programs in male-dominated disciplines.
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody
  12. No and no.
  13. Yeah I'm not talking about stereotypes about Asian people that white people have. I'm talking about stereotypes about white people that Asian people* have. *refers to those family members I have who hold these views, not Asian people in general