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  1. If you want to get to know him, express you're interest. The cultural difference won't matter much. The racial difference only matters if you're both dating eachother for the wrong reasons. Like you're rebounding or neither of you plan on being sincere. Then it could become ugly if things go sour. I took a course on race and ethnicity that inspired me to change my major (sorta). The class she took was probably interesting if it was taught correctly and really examined topics of race.
  2. Sounds like you had it rough :/
  3. How do you know what I love to do? This is my first time speaking to you. Unless it's not? No, you specified Jamaican for a reason lol. I know what that's about. No worries love :* I don't. Do we have definitive proof that the darned mischievous black youth are up to no-good making memes about the evil whites and their lack of taste? Hahahahahahaha uuuhkay Wasabi isn't spicy. Oh okay
  4. Could you rephrase your assertion? I have no idea what you're trying to get across. You point out your mom is Jamaican. You could've said black or black American then but you didn't. But you're a black American now too? Hmm. I'll keep that in mind. You are not what? A guy? Or talking down about black Americans? It's really not up to you to interpret impact. And that's not what he said at all until I pointed out his tone. Then he just repeated what I said anyway instead of making the initial post less remnicient of a fox news commentator trying to explain the blacks.
  5. Mai is a mixed race black American You'd have to ask an African. I've never had either so I can't even judge on experience. Will have to reach out on other endeavors though lol ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: Then why the hell are you talking down about black Americans? Let me guess- you think you're better than them? Are you a male btw?
  6. What spices Africans used and originate from Africa is a Google a search a way. The idea is that they still knew how to season and prepare their food. In chains or not. You didn't say anything about slavery. You just said black people don't eat quality meats so they learned to season but white people do eat good meat, that's why they don't. Which makes no sense since black people were still the ones preparing their food even with their "quality" meat. Lmao I love being lectured about my history and culture by a white guy. Thank you for repeating everything I just said, all knowing omniscience. I'll give you an 'honorary black' sticker for the vast contributions on the topic.
  7. Because your post rang as (and is) classist in addition to racist. Black people seasoned their foods because Africans seasoned their food. Most cultures season their food. Yet the only thing white people seemed to desire was salt to preserve their foods. I've yet to find any evidence that spices such as turmeric, curry, peppers or herbs actually preserve meat for a long enough time to lay claim to the theory that ethnic people seasoned their foods for these purposes. Not that's not why black people eat chitlins. It's the same reason why white people eat pig feet or skin, have no shame in eating hot dogs, sausages or haggis. Same reason Yulin dog eating festival happens every year in China and the Filipinos eat duck fetuses, or eat blood soup. It's a weird dish most outside those cultures would say are gross but are familiar to eat for those ingrained in them. Not to mention, traditionally black people were allowed to eat what was left over from an animal after taking the other meat off to cook for the lazy white people. I mean, slave owners. I'm sure there's an actual reason why mosr cultures eat and season the way they do.
  8. Well, you didn't explain why Indians season their food. Or Thai. Or Mexican. Just why lowly blacks couldn't access the finer things in life (ie. "Quality foods") and that's why they had to season their gross peasant food. So which black people are you referring to? Africans? Caribbean? American? I'd also like an example of such foods that had to be seasoned and with which seasonings did "the blacks" choose. Chop chop.
  9. You know black people aren't the only ones who season their food, right? Good one though
  10. So, I asked my ex what he thought. The conversation went as follows: *Disclaimer. He told me to fact check all his claims not in reference to American culture. Idk about you but I feel so cultured right now.
  11. Well Britain targeted India for spices (amongst other reasons), no? Seems funny that today it's thought they don't season their food. It really just depends on the family. My ex was from Louisiana and he was very generous with all sorts of seasonings. I also know another family who seasons their meat but skips on any kind of flavor for their vegetables. Just depends I guess.
  12. I can say I've only been truly heart broken once. The only things that helped me feel better and move on are 1.) Making improvements to myself (new hair, start a gum membership) and 2.) Let my ex know how I felt and why. I really just couldn't let it go until I got closure. I'm not sure what kind of relationship you had with him but #2 was key for me. And that took about a year of on and off again communication where I just vented to him via text. Sure he didn't like it but he listened and eventually apologized for how everything ended. Also you made the right decision. There's no reason for you to feel like you're unimportant in a relationship. You shouldn't feel like a burden. Whatever he has going on, let him have it. Let him work out whatever he's got going on. Whatever it is is his problem and not yours.
  13. I think I'm pretty cute. I don't like my chin though. When I smile, it gets a weird shape. So I mostly half smile or only smile from a certain angle. Angeles are everything. I do like my eyes and my nose though. It's very rare that I'll get pimple too so there's that. I could stand to lose 10lbs, imo. Meh. I'm still pretty decent though ^-^
  14. I always try to keep cost of production + profit in mind. If the shirt overall costs maybe $0.80 to manufacture (including labor unfortunately) why is it sold for nearly 39x as much as it cost to produce? Espeically when the quality is low. I think these places get one over on the average consumer but I try to put a little thought behind this stuff.
  15. Kohl's, forever 21, American Eagle, H&M. I dont shop as often as I used to but I always use coupons or follow sales. I shop with quality in relation to the price in mind. Like I'm not spending $30 on a blouse that's only really worth $10. I don't really shop in thrift stores though. Maybe it's just my area but I can find a lot of the items in these places for cheaper elsewhere. Why buy an $8 worn top at the thrift store when I can buy a new unworn shirt at the mall for $3.50?