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  1. My family used to go out to eat every other week and that stopped. We also stopped going on drives for the heck of it, gas was too expensive. But we never got stuff throughout the rest of the year anyway, other than Christmas, unless we earned it ourselves. I do remember less people wanting me to mow their lawn around that time, they started doing it themselves. Which was annoying. So I started going to flea markets, buying old nerdy stuff cheap and sold it on eBay. How I afforded video games. I'd also skip lunch and just pocket my lunch money at one point.
  2. I'm sure that plays a hand too, being married makes you live longer, but I was referring to a study I read in college where people who belonged to a religious community lived longer because they felt part of a support system, even if in reality, they might have had no one to care for them. The belonging strengthened their immune system. I'm sure feeling a part of any group or community would be equivalent.
  3. Luckily my read/write, followed by kinesthetic is my highest. I think school must be really hard for people who primarily learn by kinesthetic. My audio/visual suck so I skipped class a ton in college. Prefer teaching myself with the lecture slides, internet, text and some blank paper and pens. Although classes with labs are amazing to me. Probably why I picked science in the end. Love to read about something and then go apply it. Maps seem very visual and getting directions seems very auditory. Maybe if your read/write is high, you'd benefit from printing out the written directions. And directions always get very specific when you get off whatever highway. I like to use google street view to zoom around and see what my destination is next too. Like I'll always remember the left at McDonald's and then the brick building but I'd forget the street very quickly. Zoom around with google until you find it.
  4. I sometimes have trouble figuring out maps but I can usually find my way around pretty well on intuition. I prefer landmarks. If someone says by the church with the red roof, I can find it easy. We once spent 45 minutes driving the wrong way on some back dirt roads in the middle of the night when we realized we were lost. No GPS or cell signal. I was in the back seat and get car sick doing anything but staring out the window. Was able to reverse us out of the backwoods on my memory alone back to the main road. "We took a right at that crooked tree so make a left . . . I remember those Christmas light so turn here" Etc., etc. And I'm not a visual learner. I am kinesthetic so having done something once before helps me a lot. I pick up stuff easily when I experience it.
  5. Not having people lowers your life expectancy. Oddly enough, it is more about perception. So if you perceive yourself to have a good support system, even if you don't, you live longer. That is why religious people tend to live longer. Their sense of community acts as a perception of belonging and being supported. I also only feel attached to family who I will probably outlive. But I don't worry over it. I'm sure I'll find people to be close to eventually. I just need to make it more of a priority.
  6. I don't usually have a lot of calories to throw around in a day. So I eat the best and nothing else if I'm treating myself. If I'm going to eat something, I go all in. Rather not have it at all if it is not super good. Sort of like how I'd never eat some packaged pie or cake or whatnot but if it was homemade and super good, I'll indulge.
  7. I tend to go to everything I'm invited to so sometimes I socialize several times a week. And sometimes I go weeks without anything. That's outside of work/school. I'm around my classmates a lot. And I like getting out of the house, even by myself. Hiking, gym, movies, window shopping, park, etc. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: I get sort of stir crazy if I'm indoors too many days in a row.
  8. Visual 2 Aural 2 Read/Write 9 Kinesthetic 7 Read a description or do it myself tend to be the ways I learn best. I make my own diagrams and pictures too but can never learn from someone else's diagrams nearly as well.
  9. If I was the parent, "Very nice of you to offer but I'm teaching them not to accept things from strangers." That's if it was a complete stranger. Sad fact is we live in a terrible world and even wolves can hide in sheeps' clothing.
  10. I've low key had an interest in plastic surgery since I was a teen. Watched a ton of documentaries and used to want to be a plastic surgeon. But except for accidents and birth defects, my career being centered around something so cosmetic made me think I'd feel unfulfilled. But I don't judge people who get stuff changed. As long as it doesn't become some obsession where they end up worse. People spend money on dumb stuff all the time. But this might vary person to person. I could see some INTJs being really against it. I personally would prefer smaller and more natural but also get that people get the surgery done for themselves, not others.
  11. When I go on trips, I like to have a good/general idea of what we are doing on each day of the trip. I hate when I miss out on potential fun because everyone else is too indecisive. But I also dislike the whole day, every day being jammed packed. I like to have a little time here or there to be alone and recharge. Like when I went on a cruise with my family, I would spend a few hours by myself everyday exercising, swimming, reading by the pool and then meet up with them for activities we agreed upon when they occurred. Although if your son is younger, I wouldn't leave him alone in a strange country or something. Tough luck. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: If you're in a relationship, I suppose that is different. I've never been on a vacation with a SO. But I'd probably get up an hour or two before them to go run alone and have a cup of coffee before I get stuck with them the whole day lol.
  12. It pisses me off and I will tell them to cut it out if they keep doing it.
  13. All the differences between a developing child and one that is born are entirely an arbitrary opinion based on arbitrary parameters. Although I agree that the woman is in full control of her uterus, and should be allowed to abort if she wishes, it is still murder in certain points of view. Especially from people who deny the differences between a developing child and a born one. Just not a murder one can punish by law, as it is debated if they are the same.
  14. Activities we share as a family are more common ground and just a way to spend time. None of us would go play tennis on our own but when we get together as a family, we go play tennis. We might go see a movie or go out to eat at Olive Garden. No one is forcing you to keep in contact with your family but if you love them and wish to, and don't have a ton in common, you need to explore shared activities everyone might enjoy. And to keep in mind each others' sensitivities. And give each other room for mistakes. I occasionally have to remind my mom that she's being too sensitive and no one is falling for that melodrama crap. And I'm reminded occasionally that I'm acting like an insensitive asshole. Very frank. When you know someone your whole life, you should be honest with them. If you are honestly trying to meet them halfway and they aren't reciprocating, then yes, time to sever ties until they try. But the whole stop breathing thing is not very indicative of a meeting halfway personality.
  15. I can't handle people in my vicinity 24/7. If I can't get some alone time, even people in the room who are quiet are not enough, I get moody and irritable. I assume my female counterpart can be the same.