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  1. Low self-confidence doesn't exist in a vacuum.
  2. I would say exercise as well but there are a lot of fit people who can't out-run their social anxiety.
  3. Andrew Carnegie was a huge philanthropist and left all his wealth to charity when he died, as he believed his children should build their own wealth. Although I'm ignorant to his business practices and wouldn't be surprised if they didn't hold up to today's standards. One of my favorite authors, J.K. Rowling was a billionaire, until she gave away too much to charity to still be a billionaire, and her success is completely due to her own mind. Not crookedness. I'm sure there are dozens upon dozens of examples of people who came by vast fortunes from talents or inventions or ideas that didn't screw people. And they deserve every penny. And I'm also sure there are way more people who achieved it by crooked ends. I don't think they deserve their wealth and am dissatisfied with the system that allowed them to achieve success.
  4. I made a typo and meant to put intelligent and instead put intelligence. And then it was quoted, for posterity. Not even an edit can save me. I'm weeping a tear.
  5. It is what you make of it. Some objectively intelligence people do not use it well-enough to their advantage.
  6. I had a bagel with an almond milk iced latte. I love bagels and the almond milk made a great latte. I saw a trailer for a movie called "American Assassin" coming out in the fall and I got so intrigued, I ordered the first few books in the series. I could use some action/thriller reads right now. I really am enjoying "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix, even if I could be critical of it if I wanted to.
  7. I don't normally ask people for help but it is unavoidable in the format I'm required to study. When people don't come through for me on the few times I need them, it just kills the idea of friendship in my mind. Especially since, if I consider you a friend, you'll probably get way more out of it long-term than me.
  8. I'm pretty sure you're only allowed so many seconds of a song before you get flagged for copy-right issues. Video games are fine, I think, except Nintendo, which requires you pay them a portion. I think there are a lot of rules for videos of movies and tv shows. I know some legit youtubers that review them and don't get flagged so they must avoid it somehow when showing clips.
  9. It isn't the first time he didn't come through for me. And these things are worth a lot of points. Like, repeat the class if you fail sort of points. I might be reading into too much but when the stakes are so high, it just seems very inconsiderate. And it isn't like I drag people down. I probably practiced with four different stranger throughout the year, and three of them said I was the only reason they didn't fail. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: But yeah, maybe he doesn't realize I don't have an abundance of people to practice on. Maybe I'll try to make him aware if that in a casual way like you recommended and see how he responds. If he still blows me off, I think it will be time to drop him.
  10. So I have an acquaintance. I've helped him out several times over the past year. Nothing earth-shattering but he asked for help tutoring a few times. I guess I got something out of it, as I do learn while teaching others. But a few times I needed someone to practice with and he just blew me off because he was just going to practice on his family or spouse. He knows I don't have a spouse and I don't have any family in the area. So I only have my fellow students to practice on. I usually end up finding someone else, no problem, but the idea that he wouldn't help me out after I helped him out leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He considers me his friend, and invites me to do things with him. He invited to do something next week and I'm still sort of pissed I had to practice for last test with basically a stranger. I don't want to waste energy on a one-sided friendship. He considers me a friend. Should I just make excuses and avoid him to end it? Or should I be straight-forward and say what my issue is? ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: These are practical skills which require practice on another person. You cannot solo study, believe me, if you could, I would.
  11. I lock away all distractions except for maybe one, like a book (you do need to take some breaks). Then I look at how much time I have left and all the tasks I need to complete. I divvy them up between my remaining days. Get up early, work until that day's portion is over. If I'm really in a groove, maybe do a bit of the next day. If you have no distractions, you'll be so bored that work will seem appealing. Try to set a few alarms to lead you out of bed. One near the bed, one on the other side of the room, one in the hall. All set to go off at the same time. Don't allow yourself to re-enter your bedroom. The temptation to sleep all day is strong when I'm demotivated. If you can study on a elliptical or something, go ahead and do that. The exercise will improve your mood. And helps kill off some energy that makes it hard to sleep when all you did was sit all day. I like to remind current me that past me did not do all this work to fail out now, and future me will suffer a lot. And before you know it, finals will be done.
  12. If he was twice my size, he'd probably have trouble getting into an elevator. He'd be 12 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 400 pounds. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Beat me to it.
  13. I shrug it off. Being rejected is a normal thing that happens to me in all aspects of my life. I'm not sure how I'd cope if I wasn't rejected.
  14. It sort of makes me feel bad, to be honest. It isn't like I don't want to remember these people, my memory just sucks for stuff like that. I think I was keeping my head down through all the drama and weirdness. So the personal stuff flew right out the window maybe?
  15. I got a good memory for school fights, I remember those for some odd reason. And people collapsing in tears around me. For some reason, anyone who vaguely knew me decided I was the person they want to talk to when anything went wrong. It helped shape my career, actually. But I don't remember any real reasons why. And some of the stories they told me are foggy.