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  1. So I propose a theory that a Crow would remember who I was despite being a bear. Or a cosplayer. But would a dog? Testing...Testing...
  2. I must be the stupidest genius there is ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
  3. I don't know. It could be a generation thing. I've reached a level of awareness (probably 0) where I just don't care anymore and walk around in animal hoodies and aggro dogs because I have a tail or ears. It could also be the people they associate with who make comments on their appearance. *Wears black bear hoodie* Mom: "YOU CAN PUT THE HOOD DOWN" Mr. ENTJ UFO: "If you like it, you should wear it"
  4. I don't think I've taken this one before! Says I'm a 9w1. Interesting. I had speculated I was some sort of 9 anyways.
  5. What would have happened that would make you have no ego?
  6. If there's something actually wrong with them, yes.
  7. It is hard to say really. I have the same issue. Except with INTP and INFP. It depends on the tests and your moods I guess. I more consistently score INTP and people have pegged me as INXP for that reason. It is possible to build more Fe or Fi over time but it shouldn't change who you are in your natural state. Is it depression or anxiety you're dealing with? Because the point of being on those medicines is to improve your functioning in life and relations with others (like if you have debilitating anxiety and can't deal with other people). I can say most people irl disgust me with or without medicine. Most people aren't worth extending energy towards to me, they have to prove to me they aren't disgusting shallow tools who can think for themselves and are worth getting to know. I'd say you could gauge if you're trying to fit in with others or not.
  8. I do know that some INTJ's like to tease and neg. Some men are just like that because it is their way of testing the person and because they like them. It actually makes me see them as an insecure %$&*(&#*($&(*@@ but that's why they behave that way. What is your behavior like when he gets that way? How do you approach him and what things are you bringing up for conversation? I'm not sure I fully understand the situation but maybe you should set aside some time with him and say you feel his behavior is immature, and why. Speak straight from the heart!
  9. Drawing, cosplay, gothic lolita, rock collecting, hiking, walking, exercise, yoga, anime, video games, coffee, tea, biking, kayaking, role-playing.
  10. For me NP: 1. auditory 2. reading/writing 3. visual 4. kinesthetic
  11. I started FFRK again because they have raiding multi-player now :D

    1. Fuji


      Does FFRK still depend heavily on which soul breaks you bring to battle?

  12. *hugs*

    How's life? Miss ya. :)

    1. asnivy


      *hugs* I had some depression and dropped off the planet. But I got some constructive things done. I got my yoga teacher certification. I also went on another vacation to NYC. Though there were Trump riots that sort of killed the mood. Also got a new cosplay ready :D Took up Gothic Lolita as a hobby. Befriended an ENTJ too (went to a tiny ENTJ meet-up). Most of my local friends dropped off the planet because they're too busy and stuff. 

    2. Fuji


      Awww sorry to hear about the depression, glad you turned it around into constructive pursuits!

      Was the ENTJ a UFO? :laugh:

  13. I've started a gothic lolita hobby aside from my cosplay hobby. XD It gives reason to keep consistent with being fit! 120 pounds. Cycling places instead of driving has helped as a subsidiary form of exercise.
  14. I'm confused as to why you still wouldn't be ENFP? And what kind of sickness made you withdrawn? Do you want to be withdrawn?
  15. The only issue is I need a new phone and I don't know if I have enough money for something great. Is the game still a major battery drainer? edit: I play my "mobile" games on a tablet and I'm not sure if Pokemon Go would work on a tablet with data.