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  1. With vanilla almond milk.
  2. Actions and intention both for me. People can easily act and appear to do the right thing but they can also have an agenda. Things need to be done in balance. It is okay to work hard and devote yourself to people if that's what you want. But there's the saying all work and no play. Sometimes you just gotta let loose and do what feels good for you in order to recuperate your energy. In moderation.
  3. I usually don't eat breakfast but I've started making smoothies with morning coffee in them, protein powder, almond milk, and a banana. I've noticed this has helped with my weight too. I am also cutting back on coffee too. I'll only have the coffee in my morning smoothie and then maybe a cup at lunch or sometime around lunch, but that's it. I talked to my doctor and she said having two cups of coffee in the morning really shouldn't be a problem even though I have anxiety sometimes. The rest of the day I'll drink low caffeine tea. For some reason I felt like I never got enough protein before I started the smoothie thing. I would snack on low-fat string cheese or coconut Chobani yogurt as my protein boost. But stuff still felt off for some reason. The smoothie really makes a difference.
  4. The thing from Deadman Wonderland that attacks the school. And bleeding eyeballs that try to eat me. Set them on fire though.
  5. What I found interesting is there were two enneagram 8 and one enneagram 3. The 3 is the one that became my friend. He was anxiety ridden the whole time. He still is anxiety ridden, but tries very hard to hide it. But he's also going through a divorce. I'm louder than he is! Definitely more of an action person but I wonder if that is an enneagram 3 thing. Are 3's most prone to anxiety? Edit: Also he has a pet wolf :D
  6. I like ENTJ's and social INTJ's. From experience I've found ENTJ's to be the quietest extrovert but this is just from my experience. I mean I know ENFP and ENTP are said to be the most quiet extrovert but from personal experience ENTJ tend to condense what they're saying and say exactly what they mean with the fewest words. I went to a tiny ENTJ meet-up with a few people and they were all ENTJ's. They weren't anything like how people have described them online. But it could also be an age thing. They were a lot older than me and very mature/experienced. Though I can say it felt like my brain was a box of Crunch N' Munch because they all wanted to pick apart my brain, lewl~
  7. 9w1, 5w6, 3w4 sp/sx/so
  8. I thought snowflake was a guy whose wife has sex with someone else. -_-
  9. So I propose a theory that a Crow would remember who I was despite being a bear. Or a cosplayer. But would a dog? Testing...Testing...
  10. I must be the stupidest genius there is ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
  11. I don't know. It could be a generation thing. I've reached a level of awareness (probably 0) where I just don't care anymore and walk around in animal hoodies and aggro dogs because I have a tail or ears. It could also be the people they associate with who make comments on their appearance. *Wears black bear hoodie* Mom: "YOU CAN PUT THE HOOD DOWN" Mr. ENTJ UFO: "If you like it, you should wear it"
  12. I don't think I've taken this one before! Says I'm a 9w1. Interesting. I had speculated I was some sort of 9 anyways.
  13. What would have happened that would make you have no ego?
  14. If there's something actually wrong with them, yes.
  15. It is hard to say really. I have the same issue. Except with INTP and INFP. It depends on the tests and your moods I guess. I more consistently score INTP and people have pegged me as INXP for that reason. It is possible to build more Fe or Fi over time but it shouldn't change who you are in your natural state. Is it depression or anxiety you're dealing with? Because the point of being on those medicines is to improve your functioning in life and relations with others (like if you have debilitating anxiety and can't deal with other people). I can say most people irl disgust me with or without medicine. Most people aren't worth extending energy towards to me, they have to prove to me they aren't disgusting shallow tools who can think for themselves and are worth getting to know. I'd say you could gauge if you're trying to fit in with others or not.