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  1. Hello Asivy, hope you're doing well.

    Just passing by to tell you that Nintendo is giving a 50% discount on select games through the eSHOP.

    According to the notification I've received the offer ends on Dec. 5, this year.

    Get well soon.

    P.S. I finally got a chance to watch One Punch Man.

  2. I *finally* hit level 23 XD
  3. Paranoid but I have issues with OCD and intrusive thoughts. I appear too calm...But I actually soak in way too much. But the stuff that builds up in my head turns out to be wordplay which is why I like making silly commentary or short stories. If it's something legit though I just address it to who it may concern, or if it's something I need to address with myself personally. I don't see any reason in pushing problems behind the bush because that will only make the problem bigger long-term. But I do tend to function from memory depending on the context. Like I can navigate areas easier with Pokemon Go and all the stops/gyms over Google Maps. I stress a bit driving in places I haven't driven in before until I've driven through the area at least once, then I can usually do it all by memory assuming I was paying attention. I really do struggle with being present though. It is a constant practice.
  4. Have any of you used this to promote your business, and were you able to get legit customers out of it? Was it a reliable thing for your business long-term?
  5. hiii o/

    1. asnivy


      Ahoy~  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  6. - Making myself good Kung Pao Chicken as my Thanksgiving dinner (another uncle came down with cancer and I wasn't invited to Thanksgiving) - Uplifting J-Rock/Pop songs - Steam sale
  7. I can hear them up in the attic at night time ._. Perhaps they are running amok. My winter boots sure are cozy though. Thanks for your input! Strange animals get stuck in my house a lot so I wonder sometimes. I've even had a bat come in and perch itself on me. I would try to put it out the window and it would fly back inside and perch on me.
  8. This maid with red hair who is secretly a ninja and kicks ass being a ninja when not doing maid stuffs.
  9. <.<... I don't remember why we were friends in the older INTJf. Although among friends and family I am well known for my terrible memory. 


    Let me (try) to start over.

    Hi, I'm Morzy.

  10. Thanks Walter my friend I know you have my best interests in mind! (Thinks of Fuji as a badass butler)
  11. *steals @Fuji* Miiiiine~
  12. I keep finding acorns in strange places. My laundry basket. In my winter boots (wtf). Near the trash can. Piles of laundry near the dryer. Could this be mice or something more advanced?