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  1. What do you mean pointing out biases was the point of your post? At no point in this thread did anyone express any bias implying any sort of cultural superiority of cities vs small towns until your post.
  2. Are you kidding? You would have to be blind not to see the cultural differences between New Orleans, New York, San Fran, Washington DC, LA, hell even Detroit, for all it's problems is a treasure trove of art deco architecture and history from the rise and fall of the auto industry, and mo town music. And to say those places don't have some of the best of American culture implies you have your own biases about what you think American culture should be.
  3. Monitors generally offer higher pixel density and refresh rates, are less prone to glare, and IMO are better for gaming than TVs. But they also tend to be more expensive than TVs for a given screen size. Some of the shortcomings of TVs vs monitors are rectified if you buy a newer 4k smart TV, but then you lose the cost advantage of the TV.
  4. I thought they made hapless grad students and post docs do all the administrative work.
  5. Finished up the game. Story does get better but it still feels lacking. From what I hear, it was unfinished and they are patching in more of the plot in a future update. Most of the side quests are pointless as they neither progress the plot, nor offer any reward other than money and exp. Overall it was an ok game, but didn't live up to my expectations for the series. @eagleseven they will probably release the game on PC in a year or so, maybe by that time they will have everything patched and filled in the holes in the story.
  6. Who are all of these admin staffers and what do they do?
  7. HTML can be learned in a month, JavaScript and python can be learned in 6 months working intensely. But those are just tools, learning how to build a house (ie, learning full stack development) takes more than just learning how to use tools. Since you said you had a background in digital marketing I assumed you would be more interested in web development skills, since that is the technical skill set that digital marketing firms are often interested in. Mobile app development, business systems/software, and analytics have different skill set requirements.
  8. HTML is easy and a requirement for anything web based. After than you can learn JavaScript, which will also provide an intro to programming, then get a little deeper into programming with Python or Ruby or PHP, and then start moving towards full stack development.
  9. A little further into the game now. The plot has picked up a bit and I'm finding driving around in the Regalia is actually pretty fun. Still hate the terrible side quests, but I'm starting to enjoy the game a bit more.
  10. I'm about 5 hours in and I'm not really liking it. Biggest beefs are the shitty side quests, boring characters, and lack of dungeons. I thought I'd like the battle system, but it's a lot less skill based than I thought it would be. Go to a warp point, warp attack an enemy, try and do a combo, repeat. You don't so much dodge attacks as just constantly hold the evade button when you are not attacking. Haven't gotten very far into the story though so hopefully that picks up, but from what I've heard the plot is also pretty lackluster.
  11. Wait, what? I just got my copy and will probably play a bit over the new year break.
  12. Maybe it could play waterfall noises when someone approaches it
  13. I'll get my copy in a week or so. Little disappointed to hear that the story is weak, I was a fan of the game growing up in large part because of the storytelling. I like action RPGs though, so I don't think I'll mind the new battle system.
  14. I'm a control systems engineer, I'm good until the robots learn how to program themselves.
  15. I have a few reddish/copper hairs in my beard too.