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  1. Neural networks used in commercial applications have a surprising amount of structure, and that structure is often architected specifically for the application. So it's more like some data enters the neural network through one layer, some data enters the network through some other layer, the outputs are passed through several hidden layers with each hidden layer having some additional structure, perhaps some of the output is fed back into the neural network through another layer. It gets very complicated very quickly.
  2. A cleaning business you say? Well I have a business plan for you. Step 1: Collect underpants Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit Foolproof!
  3. I don't think technological advancement is a problem or destructive to society as a whole, and so long as the pace of technological advancement does not happen too quickly the distribution issues can be dealt with. I still believe that. I also held a belief that the rate of technological change is somewhat self regulating, but I'm not 100% sure about it. My confidence in self regulating mechanisms that limit the rate of technological change is wavering somewhat.
  4. I read a great article on this on Medium that is making me rethink some of my views on this. https://medium.com/@yonatanzunger/what-costs-more-what-costs-less-magic-boxes-and-the-modern-economy-a8ed3fdfac6d#.vfwh9ilg3
  5. I see what you're getting at. I think you should note that I did not specify the specific role that government should have, just that some form government must exist to manage externalities. I'm not advocating for governments to take over means of production so they can produce in an environmentally friendly way, or start constructing buildings themselves in order to make sure sure those buildings are attractive. Those goals are best achieved by oversight and enforcement of regulations. Accountability for those regulations can be provided by elections, but elections themselves are not perfect, and yes, elections (not to mention the operating costs of government) are expensive. However, I'd argue that the benefits of government usually exceed the costs of governments, so long as governments do not overreach to far into the economy. I'd also argue that would be impossible to have a functioning anarchist society that provided it's citizens with much more than a sustenance living.
  6. Perhaps in small farming communities or tribal hunter gather communities you don't need commerce, but I'm talking about any modern society. You don't need a government in a community of 100 people or so living in a sustenance environment. In practice, these types of small communities operate as collectives, because it's the strong community ties that hold them together. Governments don't always do a great job of addressing externalities, but they often do offer workable solutions. I think saving the ozone layer is a pretty good example of a success story. To say government is one large problem of the commons will require some more explanation on your part if you expect such a statement to be a serious point of debate.
  7. I went through a libertarian phase, but I eventually realized that it's flawed in the same sense that pure socialism is flawed. It works well in theory under certain assumptions, but those assumptions are not grounded in reality. The free market is powerful and highly efficient, but can only function if there is commerce. Commerce is not a purely economic force, as anyone who has participated in a complex deal or negotiation can tell you. There are legal, social, cultural, and technological systems that underpin it, and these systems can be messy and require some oversight. Aside from the need to facilitate commerce, the government has a role in maintaining social stability. This is going to be controversial to free marketers, because social stability is linked to inequality. This means that some effort must be put into alleviating inequality, or the poor and disadvantaged will riot and the whole thing will come crashing down. There is also the matter of externalities that anarchists and libertarians don't have good answers to.
  8. You are too much the artiste, Herr Case. I just made the connection after seeing your avatar.
  9. What do you mean pointing out biases was the point of your post? At no point in this thread did anyone express any bias implying any sort of cultural superiority of cities vs small towns until your post.
  10. Are you kidding? You would have to be blind not to see the cultural differences between New Orleans, New York, San Fran, Washington DC, LA, hell even Detroit, for all it's problems is a treasure trove of art deco architecture and history from the rise and fall of the auto industry, and mo town music. And to say those places don't have some of the best of American culture implies you have your own biases about what you think American culture should be.
  11. Monitors generally offer higher pixel density and refresh rates, are less prone to glare, and IMO are better for gaming than TVs. But they also tend to be more expensive than TVs for a given screen size. Some of the shortcomings of TVs vs monitors are rectified if you buy a newer 4k smart TV, but then you lose the cost advantage of the TV.
  12. I thought they made hapless grad students and post docs do all the administrative work.
  13. Finished up the game. Story does get better but it still feels lacking. From what I hear, it was unfinished and they are patching in more of the plot in a future update. Most of the side quests are pointless as they neither progress the plot, nor offer any reward other than money and exp. Overall it was an ok game, but didn't live up to my expectations for the series. @eagleseven they will probably release the game on PC in a year or so, maybe by that time they will have everything patched and filled in the holes in the story.
  14. Who are all of these admin staffers and what do they do?