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  2. Admittedly I'm only on Season 2 so she might about-face and become a terrible character, but I had some thoughts on Sheila- Whoever wrote her character actually did a great job. Yes she's annoyingly gullible when it comes to Frank (I still think she knows more than she lets on), but she's also a strong female character and really progressive IMO which is nice to see in a 'stay-at-home-mom' role. Examples-
  3. I think I'm going to add lap swimming to my rotation. I've always enjoyed it and it's a good calorie burner with minimal strain. Hoping to do half an hour of laps 6 days a week, in addition to 3 running sessions (usually about half an hour), 1 weight day for lower body, and 1 weight day for upper body. Tonight's lower body, stacking plates has really helped my form on deadlifts.
  4. Would you rather write a book that sells or a book that's great? The two are not mutually exclusive obviously, but in library world we see a lot of rubbish (for lack of a better word) that people read, and read anything by that author, because it panders to the lowest common denominator. These will never be considered classics or great literature, but there's no denying that they sell. Then there are plenty of authors whose works are now considered classics and literature that weren't widely known until after their death. So, which would you rather?
  5. I've never had anyone tell me they're going to dry cut my hair. I always have to ask or they just automatically do a wet cut. If people tend to do dry cuts to avoid mistakes it seems they'd be trying to get me to agree to a dry cut. Also these same people have never fucked up a wet cut :) if I have someone fuck up my hair I don't go back to that person. It's just a matter of preference. I like the way it lays better when it's cut dry. Also for some reason when they do wet cuts they always try to diffuse my hair and omg it looks like shit when it's diffused! I think diffusers are a lie and a marketing scam. Maybe they work for some people but my sister (whose hair is way curlier) and a couple of way curlier co-workers all cannot stand diffusers.
  6. Dry cuts work better with my hair for that reason as well. Parts of my hair are definitely more wavy than curly and some parts have ringlets while others are soft spirals, so a dry cut definitely works best for me.
  7. Down one pound! Ha! I usually don't keep track of my weight because it fluctuates a lot and I care more about how I feel fitness-wise than what I weigh. Let's see.. Wednesday was upper body day and I have trouble getting my shirts on and off now we did 10 each X 3 rounds: KB swings, rows, reverse dumbbell flyes (I totally suck at these! 5 pounders!), and dumbbell overhead presses (rocked these). Today was cardio day, I ran a little over two miles, still averaging slower than I used to but it'll get back up there in no time. Being able to pick up after 4 months and run 2 miles without any walking is good enough for me
  8. To be clear I don't go days without showering, I shower daily. I just don't wash my hair every time I shower which is sometimes a pain since my hair is getting long, but still less of a pain than waiting for it to dry. I tie it up in a really loose bun to keep it out of the water and leave it up until it's completely cooled again. This has the added bonus of the steam/bun combo giving my hair a bit of a volume lift. Haven't tried shower caps yet, some people swear by them.
  9. Finally after years of heat damage I'm getting my nice soft curls back! Here's how I broke the bad heat habit: I switched to a sulfate free shampoo which is nicer to my fine, curly hair. I stopped shampooing every day. I shampoo 2-3 times a week and touch up greasy spots (usually bangs) with dry shampoo in between. I paid attention to what I was putting on my face (for me this meant I stopped using face products that have sulfates and alcohol). I threw away my hair straightener. This was honestly the hardest part. I started letting my hair air dry. This was tough because it was damaged and looked like crap when it air dried so I used some product to help and I learned how to rag-roll and pin-curl my hair while it was healing. I also invested in really good blow-dry cream and heat protectant for when I didn't have time to wait and had to use my blow dryer. Now it looks best air dried and I don't even need product, pins, or rags to coax the curls. I still blow dry straight occasionally. I found a different hair dresser because my old one didn't do dry cuts and didn't take curls into consideration. I didn't know dry cutting was a thing but it really does work better if you want your curls to lay nicely. This whole thing took a lot less time than I thought, a few months, to reverse years of heat damage and I'm super happy with the results. What are your curly hair tips and tricks? How did you learn to master your curls?
  10. Can someone explain what TDEE is? I went to this calculator thing and am trying to figure out what it all means. My understanding of BMR is that is the number of calories I need in a day to maintain given my usual activity level? ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Oh also I don't know what IIFYM is or if I should select something else there, again just trying to make sense of this calculator :)
  11. ouch my thighs are killing me! you should see me waddling up stairs. we did upper body/cardio today so that'll be killing me tomorrow. i think friday is going to be a strict cardio day for me, and then another lower body/cardio day sunday. still feels great, and having a gym within a 5 min driving distance has made a huge difference in motivation. still eating more sugar than we were pre-christmas but that'll keep going down the more we work out. i find that healthy eating tends to follow regular exercise in my case (and we are eating mostly healthy things, just also eating sugary snacks occasionally).
  12. My oldest friend do you recall when My fingers just spanned your old thumb? When we walked those roads past forest and plains Four of my steps to your one? And sunny days on the shore of that lake Where the biggest catfish you knew Murked in the water while I skipped away To pick wildflowers for you. My oldest friend, remember how I Reached in your pockets for sweets? And grandma got mad for the sugar I'd had But you laughed and just kissed my cheek. And you liked to garden and I liked to hide But somehow I ended up found For grandpas eyes aren't old as they seem As long as grandkids are around. My oldest friend I'm glad you were there Because my dad was long gone. Through heartbreaks and homework I wouldn't have come, Would never have made it this long. And now I'm grown too and wondering why Our time has to come to an end. But dearest friend I know you'll be there Waiting around the next bend.
  13. No, I can't at my gym, sadly. I have seen them at other gyms though. I wonder if they'd find it odd if I bought some larger diameter small weights and brought them with me I may try the stacking under the bar.
  14. Part of the issue is with deadlifts- I use pretty small weights with the bar right now and because it then sits so much lower to the ground my form suffers near the bottom. Any tips for that? ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: *needs light weights with larger diameter*
  15. Another January band-wagon jumper here proud to report that while I definitely didn't lose inches, my measurements did not change over the holidays (still at 42 hips, 29 waist). Fiance and I got back to the gym Wednesday, I went Thursday and we just got back from our session today and holy crap have we lost progress! Weights sucked, we did deadlifts and squats today and I was doing about 60% of what I was doing at my peak fitness last summer, and even running sucked but I managed a 10 minute mile before calling it quits for the evening. Despite sucking it felt great. Baby steps and we'll get back on track. I really did not stick to my goal of no added sugar over the holidays though the cutback prior to the Christmas season I think helped me not eat as much sugar as I would have because everything tasted super sweet. I'm wondering if I should switch to dumbbells til I'm back into it so I don't get burnt out on the bar and give up, any suggestions for hitting all major muscle groups with the little guys?