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  1. Then I should be best at auditory learning, since that's how I have been primarily taught for 2 decades, but it's the worst by a mile. I'm not a particularly physical or physically active person, and apart from sports I have never been taught kinesthetically, but even that works better than auditory.
  2. Same here. As much as I love my books, I sometime have the urge to get rid of the shelf to reduce visual clutter and 'weight'.
  3. Also E vs I. N vs S. More a function of E vs I and F vs T. F vs T. E vs I, perhaps also F vs T. Yes, INTPs don't tend to be team loving people with a helper focus who memorise concrete details in their environment.
  4. @Hurricane You are mixing in the other dichotomies.
  5. For me (NP): 1) Visual 2) Reading / Writing (almost the same as visual) 3) Kinesthetic (some distance to the first two) 4) Auditory (worst by a mile)
  6. It's not inherently impossible to get a P to be punctual (or to be tidy, organised,...). My brother (ISFP) and I are both perceivers that are punctual, since we were raised that way. Your best bet is to explain how and why it negatively affects you and try to develop a solution together that you can both live with. It's likely going to be a compromise, though, and just as she will have to learn to be more punctual/less messy, you'll have to learn that being anal about some things is just pointless.
  7. Investigating possible future occurrences in order to be prepared. Very wise.
  8. Yes, these scientific experiments are always important to conduct when playing the Sims.
  9. Doesn't matter as long as I get enough alone time. The higher energy level of extraverts can be nice and stimulating, as can the quietness of an introvert.
  10. I like being single and I prefer it over being with someone I don't find compatible.
  11. I'm not on social media nor in contact with many people, and I like it that way.
  12. I was referring to not having the right to decide what to do with your own body.
  13. Only if you also legally require the consent of the partner for other medical procedures or blood/tissue/... donations, all of which can cause disruption to the shared life or health. The partner has the same options as with every life decision the other person makes in other situations: if it's a deal breaker, discuss it with their partner and if they still want to go through with it, make your decision about the relationship. Not sure why this would be a situation where the law needs to be involved.