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  1. I got that. What I was asking is why. For example, this is my 23'' 16:9 screen, which I would consider to be "normal" and not "really big", right now. No issue whatsoever having two documents next to each other.
  2. No, it isn't. The toll even a successful pregnancy (and/or birth) without complications takes on a body/health/psyche can be quite substantial.
  3. It would probably be advisable to at least feed your own children.
  4. Completely agree with dala here. I am actually allergic to apples and a whole bunch of foods that are considered to be "safe". One of my most vivid memories as a child is throwing up while my throat was swelling shut, my lung was burning and my circulation was crashing because someone gave me food I was allergic to. I was lucky that I had realised after the first bite what was happening and spit out the second one and that the amount was not sufficient to cause a full circulatory collapse/anaphylactic shock because the adult was clueless and we were good while away from the nearest hospital. It does not cost much to ask the parents if it is safe.
  5. Some people can listen to, focus on and process what is being said better when looking around than maintaining eye contact. Being able to pick up on that and accept it as opposed to clinging to some sort of etiquette when interpreting other people's behaviour is also part of being a good listener, especially when you consider that a particular etiquette is not necessarily universal. This includes recognising when someone is physically tired and thus yawns but is nevertheless fully engaged in the conversation.
  6. Why would you jump to the conclusion that it's from the fat your body is using as opposed to simply your mind remembering the taste and smell of food prompted by being in a prolonged calorie deficit?
  7. Hermit mode and taking a long time assessing the other person.
  8. It seems people interpret "identity" differently.
  9. Tipping is not required because the food server's salary and insurance is already part of the price, and it's generally not a faux-pas not to tip. When you tip, you usually just round up to the next full € or give 2-10% depending on how expensive the meal was, what kind of place, if they are working on a holiday or were especially friendly etc. I've skipped tips in cases where the price was already rounded and rounding up to the next full € would have been disproportionate to the price.
  10. INTP or INTJ.
  11. The body, the psychological traits I find attractive can be found in both men and women.
  12. Same, I don't drink or smoke either.
  13. That does not answer the question. Try again.
  14. Except of course that we don't necessarily want to kill the bacteria, see Sauerrahmbutter (cultured butter), which is very popular here. Also, do you seriously mean 1 milligram salt per 100 g butter is sufficient to kill the bacteria in it? Or did you mean 1 gram salt per 100g butter?