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  1. Depends on the relationship and the problem causing behaviour. Their gender is irrelevant for that.
  2. That's why German keyboards have French accents.
  3. Actually, they show that they fall into the range of the opposite sex.
  4. My background is in bioinformatics and I could contribute material on the field itself and various fields associated with it. The next two months are going to be very busy, though, so that I would prefer just reading during that time.
  5. Transsexuality has nothing to do with paedophilia. If you are concerned with an increased push for legalising/normalising paedophilia, why not argue against paedophilia directly? Since you have of course been paying close attention to your own thread, you now know that children are not medically transitioning at any age falling under the age range of paedophilia and that medical and mental health professionals need to approve any medical transition involving minors (nevermind the parents), so that the scenario is not in any way shape or form analogous. Additionally, you are surely well aware that there is large difference between a child wearing clothes it likes and a child being sexually abused. So if you encounter a person making the argument you stated above, you now have even more ammunition to effectively point out how nonsensical that line of thought is.
  6. People being allowed to wear clothes. Gasp. The horror. The world is going to end.
  7. I stumbled across MBTI and took an online test which classified me as an INTJ. The INTJ description(s) didn't really fit that well, though, whereas the INTP one(s) did. I signed up on this forum and the one for INTPs and found that I had a lot more in common with INTPs and their thought processes than INTJs. The following year was spent learning about various related personality theories coupled with introspection in order to examine and eliminate possibilities until the only consistent explanation left was INTP.
  8. In addition to what slade already mentioned, it is also important to pay attention to who is funding a particular study, which can give you some clues where a scientist might clean up his data if he wanted to reach a particular conclusion. Furthermore, check if their references actually support what they are claiming and look at other studies on the same topic to see if the findings are consistent (and if not how they explain the inconsistency). If possible trace the references back to the source paper(s) and see what they are actually saying*. At the end there is really no way around investing the time to examine the study and supporting studies in detail, if you want to be reasonably sure about the validity and what they indicate (and don't indicate). Even then you might fall flat on your face if you do not have a sufficient background in the particular field and statistics to fully understand the study, its implications and place in the greater scheme of things. *Just like on INTJf, there are plenty of "scientists" who look for studies supporting their claims, then only read the title/abstract and then cite a study as supporting their claim, when the actual study does no such thing.
  9. Jeans (grey and blue), t-shirts and hoodies (white, grey, blue, green, blue-green, black, red, all in varying shades), and in summer cargo shorts (khaki and white). It's practical, comfortable and I like the colours.
  10. Absolutely. All of the above if you replace the last one with "listening". I was in such a relationship and I found it miserable.
  11. I was put into an additional class for gifted children in 5th and 6th grade, but found it boring and stopped going. I also refused to skip grades. My maths and physics teacher wanted me to study physics and was disappointed when I decided to study living systems. Some people wanted me to do university lectures in high school. It's strange when other people are more ambitious about your life than you are yourself, and fulfilling their ambition would have been at the cost of my personal development and happiness.
  12. By the same logic you also only know yourself for sure, which means you have no idea what it's like to be a transsexual and if we have an idea, and I therefore don't even get how you can say that we somehow don't feel like it.
  13. I don't mind and just go with whatever they bring up.
  14. People leave me alone, except old ladies who for some reason want to chat with me when buying groceries. If I think someone is likely trouble I'll stay clear of them, though.