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    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” -Mencken

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  1. Hot Jasmine tea by Stash
  2. Pappa Al Pomodoro and Sugared blackberries w/ Lemoncello Ingredients: Fresh basil dried oregano salt and pepper 3 garlic cloves EVOO a pint of fresh cherry (i used baby san marzanos) tomatoes 1 red pepper roasted ( I think you can buy this in a jar now though?) 1 28 oz can SAN MARZANO (pay for the goodness!) crushed tomatoes 1/2 -3/4 a load of day old bread (I used a GF baguette I made earlier in the week) Blackberries Sugar Lemoncello Method: Put your tomatoes (whole) and pepper (also whole) on a roasting sheet. Cover with a bit of EVOO, some salt, and pepper. Roast your red pepper and tomatoes @ 400F for about 15-20 minutes. Toss the tomatoes in the pot, peel the skin off your pepper and slice it and throw that in the pot too. Drain in any carmelization with the EVOO left in the bottom with the juices too. THROW IT ALL IN! heat on medium, add in 3 cloves of chopped garlic and wait until it smells ready. Add your can of Crushed SAN MARZANO tomatoes and about 1/2 a can of water then Add Dried oregano by pouring a bit in your palm and crush/rubbing it between your hands, right into the pot Tear your basil right into the pot as well. This is also a good time to taste test and make sure your salt and pepper amounts are to your personal liking. Tear up your bread in large chunks and toss it in that pot. Stir well so all the bread gets tomato. Put in a lid, turn off the heat (that you have had at medium this whole time) and walk away for 15 minutes. Plate in a dish with a HUGE dollop of Ricotta (I prefer whole milk) Viola. Done! Sprinkle some sugar in freshly washed berries, Pour out a measure of ice cold lemoncello. MM MMmm. Red tomatoes, green basil, white cheese, yellow alcohol, purple berries, brown bread.
  3. Arent all oats inherently vegetarian? or is that like saying cheddar is gluten free?? (sincerely curious! Not all oats are gluten free so maybe there is something I do not know)
  4. A hearty laugh, the smarts, fairly hairless body wise, well groomed.
  5. No sympathy.. (I dont know why you would think so?) Encouragement, YES. DOOOO it!
  6. pfft You should enter. DO IT! Color is all about fruit and veg! I cant even participate this month. There is literally too much on my plate (of life). ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: if I SOMEHOW get time, I promise I will, but I am a train wreck in life right now. SORRY!!! :(
  7. Sparkling Tangerine Essence Water
  8. I never underestimate it either. I am acutely aware that sometimes, that is just not enough. We are able to grow organs in a lab now. The day is coming... someday.. That babies born like this will have the option for transplant that wont be rejected. If we had thrown money at it like Kardashian, it would already BE a fact. Our friends daughter Baby Maxine has been sitting in the hospital for 110+ days now waiting for a new heart. Still, it would be better if a perfect match from her own DNA were able to be grown. She would already be on the mend. ...... added to this post 1 minute later: I am glad youre doing well and led a full Life. I AM bent out of shape over it though. We are definitely in the more serious side of it. I am surrounded by other parents who are on the more serious side of it. There is nothing so sad ... as the funeral of a baby.
  9. This is my life every day. I confess, I did not know about CHD before it happened to my baby. It is no longer February but I have bolded the part that has hit me the hardest. Besides the picture, I mean. I am petrified of becoming that mother. Jessica Kidd, Contributor Founder of Gracie’s Gowns, Inc. 04/07/2017 09:00 pm ET February is “heart month” as many refer to it. The week of February 7th through the 14th is listed as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week even, but yet so many people fail to understand what that means, fail to comprehend what a child with such a diagnosis goes through, and further more the constant stress, fear, anger, and heartbreak these families go through each and every day of the year. Children with congenital heart defects are more than just cute kids “rocking their scar” once a year in a feeble attempt to attract public attention to their diagnosis. They’re more than a heart with band-aids on it...they’re living, breathing, miracles one heartbeat at a time. It is a life that is not for the faint of heart. It quite literally robs families of everything they’ve come to know and love...including extended family and friends as statistics show that unless you’re living through the battle or constantly immersed in it, you cannot even begin to fathom the complexity of maintaining consistency or routine for other children within the home, juggle medications and doctors appointments, and still remember to care for yourself. The stress level in raising a child with complex medical conditions is equal to that of combat veterans, these families live each day with post-traumatic stress disorder in a way that not even the best television show can produce. Most days, parents survive through an “auto-pilot” mode just trying to get through the day five minutes at a time. Siblings are sometimes forgotten in the mix as there is just not enough energy or sanity to deal with a toddler’s tantrum after spending four hours on the phone with an insurance company. The dynamics of a family are turned upside down overnight, marriages suffer ― even the most rock solid of marriages will still end up with some period of strife. The divorce rate is skyrocketing in families with children who have complex medical needs, some because of the financial burden, some because there just isn’t enough to keep them together anymore, some because it is a necessity to provide for their children. Despite all of this there is something much more soul-wrenching that congenital heart defects robs families of. In the blink of an eye, congenital heart defects rob families of their children. One minute you have a slightly fussy, nothing out of the normal baby with a congenital heart defect, who also has reflux and within minutes of them finally calming down they’re lethargic, and not breathing...just like that, they’ve died. Resuscitation is next to impossible at this point, not because a family waits too long to call for emergency medical services, but because of the heart repairs, the types of shunts put in place, the already weakened heart muscles, the complexities of the more severe heart defects, and the shear fact it is always so sudden and unexpected. Their next photo isn’t taken in the mirror like always with mommy, but rather his mommy holding the outfit he died in, grief stricken and alone in the mirror. Every year 1.35 million babies are diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, and in many cases their heart defect is not diagnosed until after delivery and the baby is struggling. 25% of these babies will require invasive procedures and even open-heart surgeries in order to even stand a chance at survival. Each year 1.35 million families are given a diagnosis that their child, if lucky to survive into adulthood, will have life-long health risks and concerns. There isn’t a single medication, treatment or surgery out there, despite all our gains in healthcare that will cure these children As a result, approximately 182,500 children worldwide will die due to complications from their congenital heart defect. That is an astounding, crushing, and disgusting number to look at. 182,500 families each year will bury their child because research isn’t catching up to the pace necessary to create better medications, treatments, surgeries, or even preventative cures. Imagine if monies were funneled directly into such programs for children like they are for adults. Congress has passed legislation to fund nearly unlimited amounts of funds into studying the reproductive health and well-being of adults, but yet 4% is spent on pediatric cancer research. Do you know that research for congenital heart defects receives a fifth of what pediatric cancer research receives? Less than 1 percent is spent on researching the number one birth-defect related death of children worldwide and yet our attention is more wrapped around which celebrity is dating who, or what new electronic is coming out. This is a problem, because no one care to even understand what a congenital heart defect is until their child is diagnosed with one.
  10. No dog for me. I dont need that kind of annoying obnoxious in my life. Cats have been great. Love them to pieces. There are MANY other ways for your wife to establish protection than having a dog.
  11. If I lived in a 3rd world nation, yes, I would rather be a man. If I lived in a 1st world nation, I would not mind either but I would enjoy being a woman. Since I live in the USA and live in neither of those.. Its too hard to decide.
  12. Making chicken salad with the leftover whole roasted chicken. Some rosemary, dried cranberries...yeah.. Maybe that and some GF hard bread and a cheese board. I have some very nice extra sharp white cheddar from Ireland waiting for the wax seal to be cracked.
  13. When my family gets to wherever it is we are going (The DH is in basic and he doesnt have orders yet), We will leave you an invitation. :)

  14. I love dinner parties with friends. Truly.. I do.
  15. Eggplant Parmigiano with ricotta